Coming Home

She was finally coming home after a week in Dallas, several days more than what was originally planned for.  As they pulled into her driveway she saw all the people she cared about standing in front of her house, waiting for her.  She started to smile but caught some stray thoughts.
She sighed, Sam and Tara were NOT happy!
“I don’t get it.  I’m home less than an hour and already the drama?  What am I?  A drama magnet or something?  I’m starting to wish we had stayed in Dallas!”
“Sookie, the human gossip mill has nothing on the Supe gossip mill.  The shifter probably had someone call him once it was confirmed you were on your way home then someone probably alerted him when our flight landed which would have given him the information he needed to figure out what time you would be here.”
She crossed her arms over her chest, “Hmpf.  You would think they didn’t trust me or something.”
“My child, I think it’s Eric and myself they don’t trust.”
“I knew at least Sam and Tara would not be happy about my being a vampire but this is just ridiculous!  Does he really have nothing better to do than keep tabs on my doings and whereabouts?  How did they even find out, any way?
I’ve had it with busybodies getting up in my face because THEY have no control over MY life!  Even when I was human Sam, especially, tried telling me who I should and shouldn’t see.
At this time there are two people I even want input from!  My Maker and MY Lover!  That’s it!  If they don’t like it they can get the hell out of my life!”
Eric smirked at her possessive term, remembering a time when she fought tooth and nail against just that terms.
“Please stay in the car Sookie while Eric and I take care of the trouble makers.”
“I’m listening Godric but I want to hear what they have to say.  I want to know what they know and how they know it!  I want some sort of control over my own life!
“You have plenty of control over your life Sookie, you just haven’t learned yet how to pick your battles.  This isn’t a battle you need to fight.”
“Who said anything about fighting?  I simply want answers from them!”
“Not until you calm down child.  Going out there and confronting them when you are angry and hurt won’t do anyone any good, especially you.  Your anger only makes you hungrier and they are living, breathing beings with beating hearts.”
She stopped her ranting, listening to the unspoken words from Godric.  He was telling her that if she didn’t get control of herself she was chancing draining one of her friends.
She wasn’t happy about it but she conceded the point.  “Alright but can they meet us some other night?  I want the chance to at least explain myself, not that they deserve it the way they are acting right now.  I want to know how they already knew I was a vampire since we didn’t tell anyone!”
“That sounds like a better plan Sookie.  Fangtasia, two nights at 11:00.”
“Good, thank you Godric.
May I borrow your phone please Eric?  Mine’s dead.”
“Making a call now?”
“Please just give me the damn phone.  You’ll figure it out when you hear the conversation.”
He handed it over, intrigued.
“Jason, put me on speaker phone!”
“Sook, I demand to know what’s happening!”
“Jason, right now I don’t give a damn!  Just put me on the damn speaker!”
She watched through the windshield as he did just that.  “Alright everybody, listen up!  I’m going to say this once and once only!
I’m angry, I’m hungry and I’m hurt by y’alls actions tonight!
Right now, since I would rather have you alive and breathing instead of corpses in the ground, we are leaving.  You can meet us at Fangtasia in two nights at 11:00!  If you’re not there, or I haven’t heard from you, I will assume you no longer want a part in my life.”
All four of them tried talking at the same time, she simply hung up and returned the phone to Eric.  “Let’s go Eric, they’re not going to listen tonight and I’m in no mood to be nice about it.”
As they got under way she climbed into her Maker’s lap and felt his arms embrace her.
She cuddled up to him and let him hold her, this was what she needed, to feel safe and loved.
She sighed and let the tears flow, “Child, you knew this was the type of welcome we were expecting, yes?”
“I know Godric but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.  Tara and I were sisters through everything our childhoods brought us from chickenpox and measles to dance dates to prom dates.  She was there when my parents died, through everything I went through with my telepathy.  I was there through everything with her Mom.
I was hoping she would be able to see past her anger and see that I’m still Sookie, still the same person I was a couple of weeks ago but none of them would even give me a chance to say anything once I told them to meet us at Fangtasia.”
“I’m sorry I brought this on you my child.”
“You didn’t bring it on me Godric, I chose this life and I’m happy.  They’ve always been this way but since I was human I chose to ignore it.  Bon Temps isn’t exactly a hotbed of tolerance, it’s not even a third cousin to the poster child!”
“You’re happy?”
“I am Godric.  I didn’t expect to be, I expected to maybe tolerate being a vampire but I’ve found what has been missing from my life, other than from my Gran, for a very long time.  I’ve found acceptance, happiness, a real family who will be there for each other even if they’re angry at each other and I don’t even have to bribe, whine or wheedle in order to get what I need.
I found you, with some help from a certain Viking,” she looked back at him and smiled.  “I found not only a Maker but a great friend, the father I never really had, acceptance, unconditional love.”  She turned around in his lap so she could see Eric, “I found a brother I can really count on when the chips are down.  I found a lover, a protector and one day I’m hoping that more will come of that.  Right at this moment in time, despite what happened, I’m happy.”
Godric hugged her to him a little more tightly.  “I’m glad to hear you say that Sookie.
I found something I wasn’t expecting as well.  I found happiness again.  You’re such a bubbly vampire.  Your enthusiasm for everything you do is obvious.  I am seeing the world through your eyes and I’m seeing that it really isn’t as bad as I thought.  I’m glad you talked me down from that rooftop.”
“I am too Godric.”  He placed a kiss on the top of her head and the three of them spent the rest of the ride in silence, enjoying each other’s company.
Two nights later found them at Fangtasia.  Eric was sitting on his throne, letting his presence be known and watching over her.  Sookie and Godric were sitting at a booth and trying to blend into the background, being on display was so not them.
They were waiting for whoever of her friends and family was going to show to meet with her.  She already had a text from Lafayette.  Apparently Sam had him scheduled to work until closing and had refused to let him switch with someone else.
She hadn’t heard a word from Sam or Tara.  She hadn’t expected to hear from Tara, really.  She would come to Sookie when she was ready to forgive and forget although what there was to forgive she couldn’t fathom.
Her phone vibrated.  Jason was stuck in traffic because of an accident on the highway.  He would be there as soon as he could.  He had actually let her know he was going to be late!?  Was he finally growing up?
Finally she felt his brain approaching the door.  When he appeared she had a huge smile on her face, a real smile, not the Crazy Sookie smile.  She waved him over.
“Yeah Jase, it’s really me.  I’m glad you came.”
“Why didn’t you tell me before I came home?  That’s what hurt, you made such a life changing decision and didn’t even let me know it was going to happen!”   He was hurt?  He was admitting his feelings?
“It happened so fast I didn’t have time.  By the time I rose you were already home and I didn’t figure this was a phone conversation we wanted to have.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.  Are you happy though?  That’s all I’ve ever really wanted, despite how I acted most of the time.”
“I am Jason.  Other than with Gran I’ve never really been happy.  I am now.  It may not seem like it right now because I’m upset about Sam and Tara but I really am happy.
How did you find out I was a vampire anyway?  I hadn’t told anybody.  The only ones who knew were Godric and Eric.”
“Sam pulled me aside the night after I got home and told me.”
“I would have told you myself, unfortunately my human life had a couple of busybodies in it who couldn’t keep their noses out of my business when they weren’t invited in.”
“What are you going to do about the house Sooke?”
“We’re going to get it made light tight and then I’ll live there, why?”
“Just curious Sook.
That house has seen four generations of Stackhouses, I just didn’t want to see it sold or something.”
“It won’t be.
We’ve got a couple of contractors coming out next week to give us estimates on how much it will cost to make it safe for us and improve security.”
He looked at his watch and jumped up, “I’m glad, I would hate to see it pass on to someone else.  Hey, I got a meeting at work in the morning.  I gotta get home and try to get some sleep.”
“Of course Jason.  I’ll see you around?”
“You will.  Let me know when you’ll be in Bon Temps and we’ll get together.”
“Of course Jason.  Give Lafayette my love.  Tell him I’ll see him when I’m in town if he can’t manage to get here before that.”
“Will do sis.  Love you.”  He gave her a hug and left.
“Can we go now Godric?  I haven’t heard from Sam or Tara and I probably won’t for a long while.  Lafayette has to work and Sam wouldn’t let him switch shifts so he can’t make it.  I need to get away from all the bloodbags before I attempt to do something I’ll later regret.”
“Of course.  Let Eric know then we’ll go home.”
She gave a sad smile and texted Eric letting him know they were going home before she did something regrettable.


  1. Only Jason (only – that’s pretty great of him) and Lafayette. Tara’s annoying anyway.

  2. Well i didn’t expect Jason to be so mature…
    Sam is his usual annoying self and at least Lala called her so I guess he accepts her as a vampire.
    As for Tara I think she will never come around…
    Is Sookie still a telepath in this story?

  3. Glad Jason is acting like an adult. Ugh Sam is being a wanker. At least Lala got to call her.

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