After Effects

She had risen.

She was vampire now.

She was nestled in his arms, marked for all time as his, theirs. The thing she had fought hardest against, to not be a possession, had now come to be.

“No my child. You are not a possession. Is a human child a possession of its human parents?

No. The child is the responsibility of the parents until it is old enough, and capable enough, to fend for itself.”

She looked at him, her Maker, confusion colouring her features.

“Did you never ask either of them what it meant to be theirs my child?”

“No Master,” she sighed. “Eric, tell me please, what would it have meant to be yours?”

“Aside from others not being able to touch you, feed from you, fuck you?”

She nodded.

“It would have meant protection to the best of my abilities. The true death to those who tried to touch you or feed from you if they didn’t have permission from both of us first.

It would have meant I was yours as well. I would not have wanted to feed from another, touch another, fuck another if you were mine and I was yours.

It would have meant companionship, love, trust, never being alone to walk through this world.”

“Why did you never tell me?”

“Why did you never ask?”

She was stunned. Why had she never asked? Stubborness? Pride? Loyalty?

She held her arms out to him. He came to her, knelt in front of them, a question in his eyes.

She asked the question silently. Are you still willing to be mine?

He answered just as silently. I am my Sookie. I have always been yours, you just needed to come claim me.

I am claiming you now. You are mine, I am yours, for eternity or as long as you want me.

He smiled, “Eternity isn’t nearly long enough.”

She whispered, “I know.”



  1. WTF?! Why DIDN’T she ever ask? I think Bill told her what it meant (to him) and she assumed that was it.

  2. Ohh so sweet!

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