The Other Road Home chap 9

Gorging on blood was neither easy nor fun. It required drinking until you couldn’t drink any more and then drinking more until you felt like you were going to burst from your own volume!

It had an unexpected side effect that, given her first few nights, even surprised Godric: Her libido shot through the roof!

She launched herself at him with more force and speed than expected, causing him to stumble back.

He held her still, or at least as still as possible, “I see your libido has finally caught up with you. This is how newborns usually are after they feed.” She hung her head in shame, “Come Sookie, we will resolve this now so you can concentrate when we meet with your brother.”

She dragged her feet as he led her back to the bedroom even though her whole being was shouting at her to take him, to let him take her, to let her new nature have its way.

“Sookie, this is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a normal reaction for a vampire after feeding, especially a newborn vampire. If anything your reaction the last few nights has been atypical.”

“It’s shameful though, wanting sex for the sake of having sex. It isn’t right!” Even as she said the words she wanted to unsay them, take them back. She wanted him in her more than anything right then. It didn’t even have to be Godric, anybody would do just so long as they helped her get rid of the ache that was starting because she was trying to control her urge.

She groaned as the ache increased. “Sookie, until you give into the urge the pain will remain, becoming stronger until you have no choice but to take someone. I would rather it be someone willing.”

She finally looked up at him, “I would too Godric but it still isn’t right, the sex just for the sake of having sex thing.”

“Have you never had sex just for the fun of it? Just for the pleasure it can give you?”

“With someone I loved, yes.”

“Do you not love me, at least a little bit, then?”

Her eyes widened, “I didn’t mean it like that! Of course I love you but you’re my Maker.”

“In the vampire world there is no differentiation when it comes to sex. Sex within the bloodline is quite common. It is not frowned upon. The participants are not demeaned or slandered for having sex with one another.”

With those words she finally let her last argument go and threw herself at him as she had wanted to do all along. He caught her, turned and landed on the bed with her in his arms.

She hadn’t gotten dressed yet so it wasn’t the work of a moment to divest her of Eric’s shirt and himself of his pants. He didn’t even have a chance to look at her before she was straddling him, positioning herself over him, lowering herself onto his erection and screaming with the relief that just having him in her gave.

Many orgasms later, for both of them, she was finally able to think straight and realized that her meeting with Jason was soon. After a quick shower together, which almost lost them more time, they were finally dressed and heading out the door.


A/N:  Next chapter we will finally see what Jason has to say about what has happened and Sookie will make a hard decision.


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  1. Glad Godric is patient with her. Nervous for the Jason meeting.

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