The Other Road Home chap 8

Today, my child, I will tell you about your brother’s capacity to love.

He loved to have fun which never diminished as he grew older. He loved pranks and practical jokes and puns. If there was a way to twist a word or phrase into something new you can be certain he would find that way and much faster than you or I could.

He would only pull the pranks on those he loved though, whether he could voice the emotion or not. If I couldn’t see him I could be sure he would be setting up some elaborate scheme to make me laugh with pleasure or roar in anger. He was only ever punished for his pranks if they injured another, never for simply having fun in an innocent way.

Eric was a big man with a big personality and his capacity to love was even bigger than his personality. Once you got past his defenses and earned at least his respect it was very hard to lose it although once you did you would never get it back again. He had a large capacity for love but his capacity for revenge or defending those he loved was even bigger. If he had survived to see you as a vampire you can be sure he would have defended you fiercely. He would have fought WITH you just as fiercely.

He dearly loved a good fight. If there was a war somewhere and he heard about it you can be sure he would be trying to find a way to get to it before they finished so he could have his hand in it just to say he had been there.

He didn’t want the glory or the props, he wanted the sense of accomplishment that came from doing the job well. He changed in later years, hid his love from others, claimed he didn’t know how or what it felt like. He became ashamed of his ability to love. There were only two that he would consistently show that he loved them: myself and his own child. Everyone else he told that vampires learned over the years to hide their emotions lest they become a liability.

This isn’t true though. I did not teach him to hide his emotions, I taught him to love with all he was, to let those he loved hear it from his own lips. Vampires do have a capacity to love for they love their children fiercely, would face the sun for them and defend them to the last.

The greatest way he showed his love was his love of a good debate. He would argue with me until the sun rose. He didn’t argue just to hear his own voice since he was a vampire of few words. He argued because he truly wanted to hear your opinion, wanted to hear your thoughts on any given subject. If you didn’t know something he would either tell you or help you research it then debate it with you after, even if he had to play devil’s advocate in order to do so.

I feel he was growing to like you Sookie, so love wouldn’t be far behind. He would argue with you, there were few he would do that with, fewer still if they were human since most humans, vampires as well, were scared to give him their true opinion on anything, afraid he would end them for daring to question him. He was enjoying the interactions with you even if they were few and you belonged to another.

His love was all encompassing. I suppose that for a human it would have been smothering. If he decided he loved you there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you. Mind you, if you betrayed him after he let you in, you would not survive your betrayal.

Godric sighed, picturing his eldest, seeing some of the heated battles of words the two of them probably had, the love that could have blossomed and changed both of them into better beings.

Over the last few centuries he had hardened his heart. The only new being he let in was Pam. He loved her beyond all reason. He spoiled her.

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have released him. He knew what he needed to know to survive on his own so he was ready physically and mentally but emotionally he wasn’t. Perhaps he loved too deeply, deep enough that when he did lose a loved one it scarred him beyond anything we can comprehend.

I missed him when he struck out on his own, came to the new world. The only way to communicate then was by regular mail or telegram. Those letters would make my night. They would be filled with bits of laughter and fun, things he had seen or done, other vampires he had met. He did love his existence. He looked for the good, at least until he came here. I still have those letters if you would like to see them sometime.

I know you didn’t see much of it but he was compassionate, always trying to keep others from harm, soothing away their fears, helping them when he could.

The sun is taking me now my child. I will see you when you rise.

He didn’t rest long, only a few hours but with the winter months approaching the days were getting shorter allowing for shorter rest periods. It still wasn’t time for her to rise though so he filled a glass with blood for himself and completed what he could of her registration as a vampire with the humans and he did what he could to fill out the information for her new vampire identification. They had a week’s grace period to get these things done. With this being her third rising they didn’t have much time left to fill it out and send it in without having to face a hefty penalty if it were discovered that she was a vampire and hadn’t registered.

He turned his chair and watched her, his youngest child. There was no need, really. Unless someone infiltrated their chamber while they were dead they were in no danger. Since vampires didn’t flop around in their sleep, their chests didn’t rise and fall with their breathing it wasn’t very interesting but he enjoyed looking at her. He enjoyed her scent: so much like his own yet very much herself. She had the dry smell of the vampire but it was only a slight undertone to her own sunshine and honey.

She was lying there in her death the same way she had been when the sun had taken her from him for the day: curled up on her side, hair splayed across the pillow, a slight smile on her face.

The sun was almost down now, he could feel the bond sparking back to life as consciousness returned to her. There it was, flaring back to full. She was on her back now, watching him, taking in the air in the room, “why do I smell blood in here?” she asked.

“I have bottled and bagged stored down here. I had a glass while doing some paperwork and waiting for you to return to me for the night so I could complete the paperwork and send it in.”

“What is bagged blood?”

“It is blood from the blood bank. We have an arrangement with them to buy any which is close to expiration and there are one or two which will take blood from those who can’t donate to the general population so we don’t take from those who may need it in a crisis.”

“May I try some please?”

“Of course, what I have is yours as well.” He showed her where it was stored and how to get the bag open and the contents into a glass. She repeated the process several times, noting how different the blood tasted, the difference in how it made her feel and was going to comment about the differences but Godric was on the phone so she left him to his phone call and explored the house a little bit. Since the sun had set the day chamber locks had disengaged so she could come and go at will so she did.

She found Eric’s room with ease. His was the shower she had used that first night. She sat on the bed and looked around. Everything was big, just like him. The bed was a King. The floor to ceiling bookshelves along the walls were filled with books of every size and description. The television was the newest flat screen. His list of movies was impressive and it looked like he had watched most of them as well. She had just gotten up to check out the titles of the books when she felt a gentle tugging.

The tugging wasn’t something she had ever felt before so her curiosity took her in the direction of the tug. She followed it back to the day chamber she shared with Godric who smiled when she reappeared in front of him.

“Well done Sookie. That was a Maker’s call. I called you to me.

You have the slight scent of Eric. Were you in his room?”

“Yes. May I please read his books?”

“You may. Not all of them are in English though.”

“Would you teach me the other languages so I can read them as well?”

He laughed heartily, the first since she had met him, “Of course I will. We can start later tonight. For now we have things to do.

You need to finish your registration as a vampire and for your new identification before we do anything else. I also need to go out and tend to Sheriff’s business.

Since you aren’t old enough yet to be left on your own you will be coming with me.

First though, after the registration, will be gorging you with blood. We will be around more than one or two humans tonight and I don’t want you to suffer because of it.”

He sat her down in the chair he had used earlier and watched as she filled out the rest of the information.

“Did you own your house or did you share with someone?” he asked.

“I used to live with my Gran but she died a few months ago. It’s my inheritance.”

Godric reached around her and pulled up another screen, “fill this one out then please. It is a list of all your assets so they can be transferred back into your name from your estate since they will register you as deceased once they receive the registration. This includes property such as the house and land it sits on, bank accounts, cars, everything.” She huffed but filled out the information the best she could and sent that in as well.

“For now all your assets are frozen which means you can’t access your bank accounts nor even legally enter your home without permission from any living descendants.”

“The only one left is Jason. Jason! I was supposed to meet him for lunch the day after the bombing! Can I call him please?”

“You may but think carefully. Do you want your family and friends to know you are vampire now or do you wish to remain dead to them, start a new life somewhere else?”

“I at least want to let my brother know! He’s all the family I have left now!

Sam and Tara won’t take the news well at all. The others? I don’t know how they will take it but I won’t know if I don’t tell them.”

He handed her his phone and she placed her call.



“Sook? Is it really you?”

“Yeah, it’s really me.”

“I’ve just about turned Dallas upside down and inside out lookin’ for you!”

“I am sorry Jason. A lot’s happened. I need to talk to you in person. Can you meet me tonight?”

“Of course I can! Just tell me where and when and I’ll be there!”

She looked at Godric, “I will send a car to the hotel to pick him up and have him brought to where we will be. Tell him to bring his bags. I have a place he can stay if he wishes.”

“Jase, Godric’ll send a car for you. Bring your bag since he has a place for you to stay if you still want to stay here.”

“Why would I want to stay? Home’s in Bon Temps, with you.”

“A car’ll be there soon Jase. Be ready.”

“I will be. I do love you sis, even though I don’t always show it.”

“I know, I love you too.

I need to get ready now so I’ll see you in a bit. Bye Jason.”

“Bye Sook.”

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  1. HaleWhitlockWinchester

    I enjoy the stories about Eric. It’s nice to see Sookie can learn while she is dead, since she doesn’t have much attention while awake.

  2. love hearing Godric’s stories.

  3. A king sized man, he is like his maker.

    • He is 🙂 but in a different way. Eric had a big personality that was impossible to ignore. Godric had a quiet personality that one would pay attention to only when he exerted his power or he wished to be noticed.

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