The Other Road Home chap 7

It is time for another story my daughter. What would you like to hear today?

I will tell you of Eric’s and my love for one another.

Vampire are not known for showing positive emotions. If you see emotion from a vampire it is most often negative like anger or jealousy.

Eric did not deal well with positive emotions. I suspect that even as a human he showed a stone cold exterior to all except those in his close inner circle of friends and family.

He struggled with love immensely. It took him nearly two hundred years to admit his love for me. He could show his love in various ways, most often doing as I wished without the command attached, but rarely could he verbalize it.

I loved him just as much as he loved me. I still love him even though he is no longer here to reciprocate it. We would do anything for each other. Many times he would feel I was in danger and come to me to end the threat before I could even raise my hand in defence. Even more times I would do the same for him, especially in the beginning.

His friendliness and stubbornness got him into more trouble more times than I can count but I was always there for him, at least until he came to the new world. Even after I came to join him I would still be there for him, and he for me. I regret I was not there for him in his final moments my beautiful Sookie.

I think you would have grown to love him, and protect him, as I did over his long life.

Godric’s grief finally took hold of him and he let the tears fall. None were there to witness them other than his new child who was dead to the world for the day so he let them have their way.

He rose before dusk as he often did. After a bottle of synthetic blood he sat beside her and watched as dusk approached, anxiously awaiting her presence once again.

She rose as the sun dipped below the horizon and he first thing she saw was her Maker’s sad smile. “Memories?” she asked. He simply nodded. “I am sorry he met his true death because of me Godric. I never wanted anyone to get hurt, especially because of me. I kept telling everyone I could take care of myself, I didn’t need their help.

I want to hear about him, anything you wish to share, when you’re ready to share it.” Tears were leaking from her eyes now. The guilt she felt for causing the death of someone was soul crushing!

“Sookie, you did not cause his true death, you did not even contribute to it.

There is only one other way he would have rather gone than defending one he loved and that was defending one he loved with his sword in his hand.”

“He didn’t love me Godric! Most of the time we could barely stand one another!”

“We will continue this conversation after you feed. I can feel your hunger gnawing away at you. Do not ignore your hunger. It can make you dangerous to not only yourself but those around you as well.”

She sighed. She did NOT like this having to constantly have blood! “When will I not need to have blood almost constantly? I don’t like the one track mind, the lack of concentration on anything except what’s immediately in front of me or the flightiness.”

“It can take up to a week for a newborn to get to the point where their concentration levels are at a more level place and you’re not feeding almost constantly. You will settle down Sookie, it will just take time and patience. Now get dressed.”

As she took the clothes from her suitcase, “Godric, what were those files, why do I not remember even picking them up, what am I going to do about clothes? The questions are endless but since you mentioned it…”

He smiled, he knew what she wanted. “Come, let’s go find what you require and I’ll answer as we go.

Those files were things Bill had apparently researched about you. We will discuss that further once your concentration levels are up and you can sit still for more than thirty seconds.

You didn’t pick the files up, I did. You died for the day.

A vampire doesn’t get tired as a warning as a human does. We feel the position of the sun and moon. Other than our internal alarm system giving us a countdown until sun up there is nothing to warn us to get somewhere safe.

Clothes isn’t a problem. For now you can wear Eric’s shirts around the house, saving what you have for outside, and we can shop online. I’m sure Pam would be glad to send links for you rather than having to search for what you’re looking for.”

Sookie scoffed, “Pam? Do something nice for me? She hates me. She has since I turned down her advances and told her I wasn’t in the mood for her lesbian weirdness!”

“Pam hates you?”

“She does. She’s nicer to the fangbangers than she is to me and she’s rude to them!”

“Why do you think she doesn’t like you?”

“The only time she says anything to me is in the line of duty and even then it’s as rude as she can make it without crossing over some line Eric must have imposed on her.”

“Pam doesn’t like anybody, Sookie. Other than Eric and myself I don’t think she ever has.”

Her attention shifted as she caught the scent of blood. Blood: The only thing she would be able to think about now until her hunger was sated. She followed the scent into an alley where they found two women. They were sitting on their stoop, pretending the alley was a more pleasant view than it really was when Sookie bore down on them, unknowingly capturing one in her gaze as Godric got the other. She sank her fangs into one and drank until Godric stopped her, forcing her compliance.

She stopped for a moment after the first one and thought about why Godric had made her stop. She hadn’t been paying attention, she hadn’t been listening to the heartbeat, instead paying attention to how she felt and her own needs above that of the one she was feeding from. If their food source was to continue to supply them their needs then they, the vampires, had to treat them at least with enough respect to know that they needed to be left alive to continue on with their lives, provide for them longer and have their own progeny to provide for them further down the line. If she continued not paying attention, killed someone, they wouldn’t be able to provide for her, or anyone else, any more. They wouldn’t be able to provide another in their line to provide for them either.

She nodded and stepped up to the second woman and looked her over. She might have been considered a looker once but life had been hard on her and it showed.

Sookie lowered her fangs and held her donor close, not too tight, licked the spot on her neck she wished to use and gently sank her fangs in. Once she started to drink she listened to the heartbeat, felt the pulse with her lips and stopped before she went too far.

“Very good child, only your second night and you stopped on your own. What was the pause between the two?”

“I was thinking about the story you told me about Eric’s first punishment, about his draining people rather than feeding and glamouring them so they could continue on with their lives. I don’t want to be punished for something which is avoidable and draining a human is avoidable.”

“Sookie, I told you that while we were in the ground. I haven’t told it to you yet while you were still coherent.

What else do you remember?”

“I remember you telling me about why you chose him, how much he loved to fight, his first flight and learning to fight midair, how much the two of you loved each other. I remember you crying because you miss him.”

“Sookie, all of those were told while you were either dead in the ground or dead for the day. I have not told you any stories while you were alive for the night.”

“Maybe it’s one of my gifts? To remember things even though I’m not aware of hearing them?”

“That’s possible although I have never heard of a gift manifesting while the soon to be vampire was still in the transformation stage. In fact most gifts don’t become known for at least a year, giving the new vampire time to become accustomed to their new state before something else comes along.”

“Godric, why have you not fed since I’ve known you?”

“I do not require as much blood any more, maybe once a week although I can go longer. I drained you the night I turned you so I have fed, you just haven’t been witness to it yet.”

“Would you share one with me? Please?”

“If that is your wish I will share with you.”

“It is.” She caught the scent again and was off and running in search of that which her existence now required above all else other than shelter for the day. She found him walking by the mouth of their alley. When she appeared suddenly in front of him he didn’t even flinch.

“Are you willing to feed me?”

He smiled and nodded so she took hold of his arm and led him back to where she had fed from the two women, “This one Godric? Will you share this one with me please?”

He sighed, “Yes child, I will share your meal with you.”

She heard the sigh, she could feel he was uncomfortable about something, just not what. The three of them sat on the porch the women had been sharing earlier with the man in the middle. Godric and Sookie each had a wrist and he was explaining the intricacies of feeding from someplace further from the heart, a place with small vessels. Once he felt she was ready he allowed her first taste then sank his own fangs in, taking only a sip or two, leaving the remaining sips to his young one.

Once again she stopped on her own so he let her feel the pride he felt in her through their bond, earning him a smile.

The rest of the night went as the previous night had with short lessons between feeding binges.

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  1. hmm Wonder what Godric was sighing about.

  2. I love this. It is a BRILLIANT story and I can’t wait for more.

    • *takes a deep bow*

      Thank you so much :D.

      I rather enjoyed writing this one. I always wondered what Eric’s young life was like, now we know at least some of it 😀

  3. I’m thinking that her telepathy mutated during the change to enable a part of her mind to remain “awake” (focused) even while the vamp magic makes her physical body go down for the day, and that after she learns how to recognize the “pull” to die for the day, she’d be able to fight it and be a daywalker because of her fae heritage.

    • Entirely possible :). I like the theory.

      I don’t think she’ll be able to fight the pull for a while yet though. In my mind, for all my stories, it takes a while for the transformation to complete fully. The vampire traits are there but she needs to be trained in how to use most of them so not dying during the day is not one of those ‘must learn’ characteristics as yet.

  4. An interesting tale – how does she remember those things?

    • As she guessed, it’s one of her vampire gifts :). I’m not quite sure, yet, how she remembered the stories from her transformation stage but it does make for interesting reading :).

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