The Other Road Home chap 6

Tonight you rise my child. I find I am anxious to see you as a vampire. Will you be as magnificent as you were in human form?

What abilities will you have?

Will your telepathy survive?

Will you wish to tell your family and friends that you are still here, only changed? You can if you wish, the choice is yours. The Revelation at least did that for vampires, it has allowed those turned since then to remain a part of their former life, if only for the length of their humans remaining years.

He could feel the rigour loosening its grip. She would rise soon.

A few more minutes and her body started shaking. He could feel her pain as the rigour let go, as her body reanimated for the first time. He could feel her tears as they landed on his arm which she had used as her pillow. He felt the bond burst open, all her confusion poured into him, slowly changing to wonder, overwhelming hunger and happiness.

He tightened his grip on her and felt her hands tighten over his arms. He slowly loosened his grip to allow her the freedom to dig her way out of her grave when she was ready. Almost immediately her hands went up and started pushing the dirt out of her way, steadily working toward the surface.

Soon she was in the cool night air and examining her body, looking for any remaining injuries. There were none, everything had been healed by her Maker’s blood during her transformation. She looked up at him and smiled. She opened her mouth to say something when her attention was caught by a wayward scent. She smiled wider, fangs extended, and took off in search of the scent, following it back to its source: a woman sitting on her front porch, enjoying the cooler temperatures September brought to Dallas and most of the South.

He could feel her hunger as if it were his own but he knew different. He came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders, startling the woman. “Sookie, yes, you must feed. If the woman is willing you may, if not we will find someone else.

Are you willing?” The woman nodded, afraid to do anything else. “My child thanks you, as do I.

Sookie, are you listening?”

She nodded absently, aware he had spoken but not really paying attention. The woman had all of her attention. The blood rushing through her veins was so tempting! She tried to take a step forward, to claim what was hers but she could not because her Maker wouldn’t let her. Her attention was still on the woman. There was nothing which could cause her attention to waiver.

Finally he stepped between the two, blocking her view of the woman. Her eyes flickered to his face for a moment, long enough for him to know he had her attention for a moment. “Sookie, you must listen to me so I can tell you how to feed.” She nodded, giving him a little more attention now but the scent still had most of it. Finally he picked her up and sped away from the woman to where Sookie couldn’t smell her. She was crying now, hitting him, trying to get free so she could get back to her first meal of her undead life.

Eventually she calmed. When she did she felt most ashamed of herself and hung her head as he sat her back on the ground. “Sookie, look at me.” She didn’t lift her head but he knew he had her attention. “It seems feeding won’t be your first lesson, it will be obedience instead.

You asked me the difference between a Maker/child bond and a human parent/child relationship. This is the difference.”

She felt as if a large rubber band was placed under her chin as he said, “look at me Sookie.” Her head snapped up and her eyes fixed solely on him. There was no way she could have not looked at him even if she had bothered trying.

“Much better. I like to look those I am speaking with in the eye when we talk.

I need to instruct you on how to feed. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to. Do you understand?”

She nodded, “I understand Godric.”

“Good.” He continued on with telling her how to feed, to monitor the heartbeat and everything else involved in feeding from a human. “Let’s go see if the woman is still on her porch.” She was, she had been too afraid to do anything else.

Once Sookie had her first taste of blood that was all she could focus on until she had had her fill. They had to hunt to find more humans but hunt they did. He knew there was no way she could have been paying attention to his instructions but he taught her as they went anyway. She might pick up something which would make it easier to teach her later.

Finally she had her fill, for the moment anyway. She did have trouble concentrating on any one thing for very long so her first lessons took only a few minutes, until she felt the need to feed again. Over and over again it was hunt and feed, hunt and feed, a few lessons, round and round until they finally made it back to where they began, the place where she rose for the first time that night.

She finally got a look at the outside of the house. The backyard smelled of sunshine and honeysuckle, causing her to smile. “This was Eric’s favourite of my houses because he enjoyed the smell of honeysuckle so much. This is normally where he would stay when he came to visit.”

“I have a feeling it will be one of my favourites as well. I can smell the sunshine. I can feel it radiating off the ground, warming me a little bit.”

“I have another way for you to warm up if you wish. We both need a shower and those warm vampires up wonderfully.”

That had her attention as nothing other than blood had the entire night. A shower! Warmth! Clean! She started nodding her head vigorously causing him to laugh. “Very well then, let’s go find the shower.”

She sped off into the house looking behind every door until she found the room she was looking for and what a shower it was! It was large enough to fit four Eric’s and still have room left over for a couple of humans as well! “Godric! It’s huge! Ten of me, at least, could fit in there!”

“Yes, Eric loved his space. He had such a large frame, and a large personality to match, that it was difficult to squeeze him into a coffin to travel.” The mood, which had been light just a moment before, suddenly wasn’t so light.

“I didn’t know him well. We had barely had conversation and most of those I was angry at him for some something or other but I still miss him. He had such a large presence it sometimes felt like he was watching me all the way from Shreveport, an hour away from where I live.”

“The dawn is coming Sookie, if you don’t want to go to bed dirty you need to get in the shower.”

She stood there looking at him, arms crossed, foot tapping on the marble floor tiles, waiting for? Something.

Finally she spoke up, “Godric, a little privacy please?”

He was startled by her sense of modesty. He hadn’t been present for the rising of present day vampires.

“I’m sorry. Of course. I will leave you to your shower while I retrieve your bag for you. Remember, you can’t take too long, dawn is in only fifteen minutes.”

The shower WAS heavenly! She even took a few minutes to turn on the rain head and lay on the floor beneath it, imagining it was a warm spring rain falling on her.

Reluctantly she ended her shower, feeling the nearness of the dawn more distinctly than anything she had ever felt before other than Godric’s command earlier.

She couldn’t find a robe, or anything other than her towel, to go out into the bedroom in so she wrapped the towel around herself tightly, opened the door and found Godric lying in bed, totally naked, eyes closed, seemingly relaxing. “GODRIC!”

He opened his eyes and looked at her, “Yes my child?” He knew what she was going to say but wanted to see her reaction regardless.

“WHY are you naked!?”

“We’ll be dead Sookie, nothing will happen. I am simply more comfortable this way.”

“Well I would be more comfortable if you at least had on a pair of underwear!

Where is my suitcase please?”

He pointed to the chest at the foot of the bed. While she was busy rummaging for what she wanted he managed to put on some shorts, “Just for you my child although I can assure you it won’t be long until you will sleep as naked as I normally do.

What are you getting so frustrated about?”

“My inability to find most of what I brought with me to Dallas! I didn’t notice when I got dressed at the hotel but there are only a couple of dresses, a pair of underwear and a bra, no shoes, no soap or shampoo, nothing else which belongs to me. All that’s really here is a bunch of file folders!

What is all thi…” She crumpled to the floor, dead to the world for the day.

He got up and put one of the t-shirts Eric had left there on her. Since he was so much taller it would fit her as a night shirt well enough. Once he had her on the bed he picked up the folders she had been holding as she died. He read them over as he sat on the bed beside his child. Wonder at what she had been was growing in equal amounts with the anger he felt toward the Louisiana Queen for what she had put the girl through in the last few months.

Apparently she had been part fairy, of the Sky Fae and related to the Prince at that.

She hadn’t been old enough for her powers, if she were to develop any, to start showing. Other than the telepathy that is.

None of this must come to light. Other vampires must not learn of it or he would have a fight on his hands trying to keep their fangs out of her! It was suspected that fairy blood could enable a vampire to walk in the sun again. He thought it was all a load of rubbish but there was no accounting for the number of fools in the world, human and vampire!

He put the folders aside and lay down beside her, holding her to lend his comforting presence.

A/N: I have written the Eric memories because I always wondered what he was like as a young vampire and how he changed and grew the older he got so I let my imagination play with what it might have been like before the turn of the first millennium and on into the present day.


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  1. Meh, I’m not sure how I feel about “disciplinarian” Godric.

    • We may not like disciplining our children but it is necessary sometimes in order to reach them that their actions are wrong, that they could have done things differently and gotten the same, or better, result.

  2. Like that you aren’t showing her as a “perfect” vampire or anything. Can’t wait for Godric to help her get revenge.


  4. Ah, the old switcheroo. Hoist on thy own petard, eh, Mr Compton.

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