The Other Road Home chap 5

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The next night was more of the same, stories of his Eric in his younger days.

Your brother loved a good fight! I have always believed that he was born with a sword in his hands, fought his way out of the womb with it. He gave a soft chuckle. It didn’t take much to provoke him into an attack back then. His temper was short and his memory long. If, by chance, someone managed to escape his wrath he remembered it. If he chanced upon them again his justice was swift since his sword was never far from his hand.

He was a sight to behold in his first battle as a vampire. He was only a few months old when I took on a contract to help then vampire King of Poland in what is now known as the Thirteen Years’ War to help the Prussians gain independence from the Teutonic State.

Eric seemed to be everywhere at once, his sword and body dancing with the enemy. He took down many receiving hardly a scratch.

He had trained from boyhood with his sword so he knew how to wield it. I will teach you to wield one once you have learned to control some of your more base instincts.

Over the years he learned how to use other blades, other weapons, but never was he as glorious as he was with the sword his father had gifted him with.

He could strategize with the best of them. He could see the battlefield in his mind, picture all the different players and where they might be at any given time and make plans to cover the different scenarios.

He smiled sadly remembering his son, his first child as either human or vampire.

What else would you like to hear my child? There are many stories about your brother both before and after I released him.

I don’t know if you knew it or not but Eric could fly, as can I. The night he discovered that he could gave us both a good laugh over the years.

When we could we would practice his skills at evading others, how to hide his tracks so it would be more difficult for anyone tracking him to follow. This night I had given him an hour’s head start and given him the meeting point. I had been following his tracks for several hours when I flushed him from his hiding spot. He hadn’t been expecting it since he hadn’t been listening for me, believing himself to be safe for the moment. I scared him so badly that he jumped, only instead of jumping and coming back down, he ended up hovering about five feet off the ground. When I rose to meet him he took off higher, above the treetops, and shot off toward the horizon. He wasn’t a match for me but I let him believe he was for a short while. Finally I caught up with him. The look on his face when he couldn’t figure out how to land was the real source of amusement, at least for me. I’m sure you can picture the look of befuddlement. Finally I told him how to land. After several tries he succeeded. It didn’t take many days before he was quite proficient in flight. Over the years he taught himself to wield his sword in flight.

I thought he was magnificent when he danced with his sword on the ground! It was nothing to how he was in flight! He was a blur when fighting in the air. He was second to none even to the day he met his true death.

Godric stopped for a time, letting the tears reign for a while. He hadn’t had much time to mourn the loss of his eldest child and he wouldn’t have much time once Sookie rose for she would be demanding all of his attention for quite some time to come, as it should be.

One last story for tonight then you will rise tomorrow night.

I released Eric when he was much older than the norm. Most progeny are released at slightly more than a century. Your brother never did anything the way most did, he didn’t follow the herd, neither do I actually. I released him when he was 300. He stayed with me by choice for another two hundred years, coming and going however the wind blew him but always returning to his Maker’s side before very long, until he decided to come to America.

He always claimed that the reason he made Pam was because she asked him to, even slit her own wrists to hurry along his decision. I think it was because he was lonely. He had been here off and on for close to four hundred years when he met her in an alley and saved her from an attacker. He visited her several times. He was Sheriff in San Francisco in the early 1900’s and helped her with a problem she’d been having with some of her ladies of the night being killed. He banished the vampires from his area. The next night she offered herself to him. The night she rose was the happiest I had felt him since I released him. I believe he loved her just as much as she loves him although neither would ever admit it to the other.

He was silent then, thinking over his long life, reliving Eric’s rising and other marked events in their long lives together.

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  1. So sweet, Godric whispering stories in Sookie’s ear while he waits.

  2. Love it!!

  3. Glad she is interested i the stories.

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