The Other Road Home chap 1

A/N:  Starts at the point where Eric is trying to talk his way past the so called guards at the FoTS church in Dallas.


Stake!”  Sookie managed to shout as the so called guard was sneaking up behind her current escort through the madness.  He managed to turn and disarm his attacker thus leaving his back open, allowing another to put his stake through his heart, ending Eric’s millennium long existence in the blink of an eye.

She heard a howl of pain as she ran forward, tears in her eyes, “how could you!  He wasn’t here to hurt you!  He was here to rescue his Maker and his sister!  He had been commanded to shed no blood!”  She knelt down in the midst of his ashes, sobbing uncontrollably, hands over her face.

She felt hands on her shoulders, gentle hands, but she tried to fight them anyway, “it’s Godric.”  He sounded so sad, in pain.  She looked at him as he sank down beside her, tears staining his cheeks and linen top.  They cried together at the loss of the one they had loved unconditionally.

Rough hands grabbed them, pulled them to their feet, uncaring that they were in mourning for one they had loved.

They were marched into the sanctuary to face their accusers, the ones trying to say they had done wrong.  They were silvered back to back in front of the room full of fanatics, the most rabid of them, Steve Newlin, standing directly beside them forcing them to turn their heads to the extreme in order to see him.

She could feel Godric vibrating with his grief, longing to verbalize it, to hold the one sent to rescue him, to comfort her, to share stories of his long, long life with her.  She could smell his bloody tears.  She longed to hold him, have him hold her.  She managed to find one of his hands with one of hers and twined their fingers together, giving what comfort she could with the small gesture.  She could feel his thumb rubbing against hers, offering his own small comfort.

Finally Newlin decided to pipe up in that nasally, twangy voice that grated on her nerves, damning them!  Godric because he was a vampire, Sookie because she consorted with vampires.

How can you damn us!  It was not Godric that tried to rape me in YOUR basement!  It was not Eric who put all these bruises on my body!  It was not a vampire who gave me broken ribs or ripped my dress!  It was HUMANS!  Those beings with beating hearts and lungs that breathe!  Vampires have been nicer to me in the few months I’ve known them than humans have in my 25 years of human life!  If you want to damn somebody damn yourselves!

God loves all his creatures!  He sees even the smallest sparrow fall from the sky just as he sees the horrors humans commit on HIS earth!  Vampires have done nothing wrong!

There is good in vampires just as there is good in humans.  There is bad in vampires just as there is in humans.  Vampires are just more forthright about it.  They will tell you they are going to kill you then do it!  Humans will tell you that you’re their friend to your face then put that stake through your heart as soon as you turn your back then claim the devil made them do it!

Yeah, they need us to survive but think about it!  We could survive together!  How many of us have ever had trouble opening a pickle jar?”  She heard a few titters through the crowd.  “How about cleaning cobwebs from the corners high up?”  She heard a few amens.  “How about someone who can track a lost child?  Someone who doesn’t need scuba gear for underwater rescues?”  Some were actually leaving the sanctuary now, under their own power, leaving with something new to think about.  Maybe they weren’t all pro vampire but they certainly weren’t filled with hate!

People!”  Mr. Twangy Nasal voice was speaking now, “Don’t listen to her!  They’re all murderers!  They murdered my family!”

Someone from the crowd shouted, “and what are you planning Mr. Newlin?  To invite them for a midnight picnic?”

I am planning retribution!”

Another voice in the crowd, “then have your retribution against the ones who actually did the killing!  Leave the innocent alone!”

There was a soft pffft sound and Newlin went down, hand to his head.  When he looked at it it was covered in… paint?  Another pffft, this time his cheek was covered in yellow paint!  “You let my sister go!  She ain’t wronged you!  All she did, well I don’t know what she did but I do know she wouldn’t have done anything to hurt you!  Moron!”

Newlin stayed where he was, glaring at the newly reformed, and reformed again, Jason Stackhouse.

At this point the Dallas vampires finally made an appearance, Stan bellowing to kill them all.

Bill finally made an appearance as well, “Sookeh!  What have you done now?”

What have I done now?  Surely he isn’t serious?  

NO!  There will be no more bloodshed here tonight!  There has been enough with the true death of my child.  Enough is enough!  Let us go Newlin and there will be no retribution.  Her attacker is dead, rightfully so.  Your group is the only one who has shed unnecessary blood here tonight, let it be enough.”  Godric, even with the true death of his child, he was talking not about retribution but about living in harmony together.

It will never be enough until all the damned are sent to hell where they belong!”

You are planning to go there yourself then?”  Another follower.

Of course not!  The good Lord says an eye for an eye!”

Those were rules for magistrates!  Not for personal vendetta!  

If you were truly a God fearing Christian you would have let the law deal with those who killed your father instead of taking it upon yourself.”  With those words most of the rest of his followers filed out to go home to a hot breakfast and a warm bed.  There were a few die hards left, and Jason.

Let.  My.  Sister.  GO! or the next round will be a real gun with a real bullet!”

Newlin stayed where he was.  “Godric, is there any way to get your vampires to hold the few remaining so Jason can come down here and unchain us?” she whispered.  He gave a barely perceptible nod and the few remaining were suddenly held back by bands of steel, vampires.  Newlin himself was being restrained by Stan who had one of the most eerily scary smiles on his face she thought she had ever seen.  Bill was beside her now, hand on her face, a faraway look in his eyes and gone just as suddenly leaving her bewildered.

Jason, get your ass down here and unchain us!”  He was there as quickly as humanly possible.  He tried to be gentle with the chains on Godric but they were stuck to his skin so skin and blood were coming off each time a piece of chain on exposed skin was removed.  She took over once she could wiggle out of her chains and ripped the rest off Godric as quickly as she could.

Godric turned to Newlin and caught his gaze, “It is possible to coexist peacefully but not with hate mongers such as yourself.  You will go to the police and report your part in this, how one of your kind killed my child, how one of your minions beat up a helpless young woman, how she was nearly defiled, how he was killed by me in order to spare her life.  They can find both myself and the young woman in my suite at the hotel.”

Steve Newlin finally got up off the floor, nodded, and walked away to do as bidden.  Those from the congregation who were being held were finally released by the ones holding them and chose to walk away.

Young one, what is your name?”


We must leave if I am to beat the sun.”

Of course Godric!

Jason, I’ll catch up with you later?”

Yeah sis.  Just call me.”

She gave him a hug, “I will Jason.  We’ve got a ton to talk about, not the least of which is just what in the world you were doing here in the first place!

Okay Godric, let’s go.”

He led them not to the doors to the outside but back into the main building, to the spot of his child’s last stand.  Understanding what it was he was wanting, needing, to do she searched the offices until she found an old, clean coffee cup.  When she returned she helped him scoop up Eric’s ashes and place them in the cup, tears staining both their cheeks as they worked at their task.  She left and came back again, this time with a piece of paper and a rubber band to put over the mouth of the cup to keep his ashes from blowing away.

Her adrenaline was starting to wear off.  Her eyes were closing of their own accord where she stood.  She felt the pain coursing through her body like it had just happened instead of being several hours in the past.  She whimpered as she felt herself being lifted, fresh air, the wind ruffling her hair as she held tight to the cup with what was left of Eric.


  1. Wow, a dead Eric, very different,

  2. Interesting start. Don’t know that I’ve read one like this when E has died.

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