The Other Road Home chap 3

Nan Flannigan was a BITCH! All capital letters! Sookie had to give it to her though, she was no nonsense and didn’t take anybody’s shit, it didn’t matter who you were! Maybe she should model herself after her? Take no shit or prisoners, leave them quaking in their boots as they ate her dust? Wasn’t BITCH an acronym for something? Sookie couldn’t remember, in the moment, but she vowed to look it up when she got home.

Godric managed to keep his position as Sheriff since he had glamoured Newlin into confessing to what he really had planned although it was a close thing since he had offered himself in the first place. She already had a copy of Newlin’s signed confession. He had even admitted to having already sent the ones who caused his parent’s deaths on to their true deaths!

Sookie even got a word of praise from the woman whom everyone had seen on television, associated her as the face of the Mainstream Movement, the one who was so hard to please and seemed to love the word war between her and Steve Newlin. She requested that Sookie be seen with her at the next public appearance which would be the next night in Washington DC! Sookie turned her down though. She just wanted to go home and back to her quiet, relatively speaking, life in backwoods Louisiana. Turning her down was not an easy decision though. The woman was ruthless and could be very…persuasive but in the end she accepted Sookie’s decision although she did promise to hound her until she agreed. Truth be told Sookie was tempted and promised she would think about future appearances.

Finally the meeting was over. She could relax! She managed to find an empty room so she could be by herself for a few minutes. It was in her solitude that she heard the thought, one all encompassing thought! KILL! KILL THEM ALL!

She was out of that room like a shot, aches and pains be damned, “EVERYONE DOWN!” Without question each and every vampire present was down on the floor, dragging nearby humans down with them. She reached the room just as the bomb went off, throwing her back down the hallway, further away from the blast. She hit the wall and blacked out. The next thing she remembered was hearing people talking from down the hall. When her vision returned she was lying under dust and debris but unable to free herself.

“Godric!” she was barely able to choke out. She started coughing, causing the pain from before to amplify making her wonder what else she had damaged.

Someone was running down the hall now, skidding to a stop beside her. “Sookie?”

“Yes,” she coughed out.

“Are you more injured?”

“I think so Godric. I hurt everywhere. I don’t even know what’s a new injury and what’s an old one!” She was wheezing now, finding it harder and harder to breathe.

He removed the debris pinning her and stood there assessing her damage. It didn’t look good.

“Sookie, one of your lungs has been punctured by at least one broken rib, your spine is broken and your spleen will rupture if we try to move you.

What will you have me do?

I can give you blood to heal. It will take quite a bit, more than a mouthful or two, and you will heal but spinal injuries are not a sure thing. You may regain the use of your legs, you may not. You will require enough blood that there is the risk I might turn you unintentionally.

I can give you enough to hold you until emergency crews arrive but there is no guarantee you will heal completely or I can turn you on purpose and with your consent. We could also leave you as you are and wait for rescue workers but you may just drown in your own blood before they arrive.

The choice is yours but you don’t have much time to decide.”

It was painful but she sighed. It always seemed to be a life or death situation when it came to her and the ingestion of vampire blood. Just once she would like to make the decision when her life, or death, didn’t hang in the balance.

“Godric, you will be a good Maker?”

He smiled down at her, even with the pain she must be in she was still weighing her options like she had all the time in the world. “The best.”

“I will make a good vampire?”

“You will. You seem to have the makings of a first rate vampire.”

“You will still tell me about Eric?”

“I will tell you the stories as we lay together in your grave and any time you wish to hear them afterwards.”

“Then turn me Godric.”

“It will hurt when I lift you child but I will have us quickly in my chambers to do as you requested.”

She nodded then screamed in agony as he lifted her broken body from the floor to carry her to his chambers so he could drain her and feed her in private.

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  1. Wow – didn’t see that coming!! Great twist!!

  2. Wasn’t expecting that… But I love it!! Can’t wait to see what happens when she wakes up.

  3. oh wow Didnt see that twist coming.

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