The Other Road Home chap 2

She woke the next night to a clean body, tangled hair and a bladder that was screaming for relief!

When she hobbled out of the bathroom Godric was there in the chair by the bed.  His grief was palpable.  She placed a hand on his shoulder, “I am sorry Godric.”

“Thank you Sookie.  How did it happen?”

“There were men with stakes guarding the door.  He was trying to talk our way through when someone came up behind him.  He heard my warning and turned to stop him but one of the others staked him when he turned.

How are you?  How is Pam?”

“I will be fine once the pain subsides.

Pam is distraught but she will be fine with time.”

“I’m glad.”

Her stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly causing her to blush slightly.  “How long has it been since you ate?”  She shrugged and winced at the pain, “since the morning of the day we went to the Fellowship I guess.”

“I will order food for you then while you clean up.”  She nodded, grateful for the thought.

When she bent to get clothes from her suitcase it dawned on her, “who’s room am I in and where is Bill?”

“You are in my suite at Hotel Carmilla.

If Bill is the young, dark haired vampire you were staying with here in the hotel he dropped off your bag and left a note for you.”  She took the proffered note and Godric left the room to order her food.


My Maker has called me to her.  Do not call, do not write.  I can do nothing about this.  Enjoy your life, may it be long and profitable.

William Compton

He had left her?  Only a note as explanation?

Surely there was something he could do about it?  Something she could do?  Eric had said something about her not being able to understand….

She was crying yet again.  Was any man worth as many tears as she had shed over, and about, him since they met?

The water of the shower felt heavenly and it helped wash away any traces of the tears she had shamelessly shed over a man.

Her food was waiting for her when she emerged.  To her rumbling stomach it smelled like she imagined heaven would smell like.

It was as delicious as it smelled!

“Godric, can you answer a question for me please?”

“If I know the answer I will answer so ask your question.”

“The last conversation Eric and I had he told me not to speak about things which I knew nothing about.  I had asked him if you were his Maker.  What is the bond between a Maker and child like?  What’s so different between a Maker/child relationship and a parent/child relationship?”

Those are big questions Sookie but I will see if I can answer them for you.

Eric was right in that you can’t know what a Maker/child bond is like because there is nothing like it in the mortal world.  It is how a Maker controls his or her child in the beginning.  We can stop them with a command.  We can have them do things, which they may not wish to do, with a simple command.  We can punish our child with the bond, we can call them to us.  We can read their emotions and feelings, some of us can even communicate telepathically with our children, and they with us.

What’s so different is that a human parent really has no control over their child.  They can tell the child not to touch the flame but the child will still be able to unless the parent either puts out the flame or physically removes the child from the flame.  When a Maker commands their child not to touch the flame they physically can not touch it no matter how hard they try to do so.

Why do you ask these questions?”

The note Bill left said that his Maker had called him to her, that there was nothing he could do about it.  I was just wondering how true that was.”

Had he been released by his Maker?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know.  He never talked about her, he didn’t introduce us.  He never really talked much about vampires and their world unless he had to give me information, even then it was the bare minimum he could get away with.”

If he has been released then he had the choice of whether to follow her command or not.  If he had not been released then he had no choice, he would have had to go with her.

Now it’s time for me to ask a question.

How did you know my Eric?”

I didn’t know him very well.

I guess you could say we had a working relationship.”

He smiled at her to encourage her to continue, “I first met him when I had Bill take me to his bar so I could ask some questions of the vampires there.  Women in my home town were being murdered and our local police wouldn’t have checked the obvious place to check to get their answers.  Since my brother was accused of these murders I wanted to help him clear his name.

Shoot!  I need to call Jason!  May I use the phone please?”

Of course Sookie.”  He left the room to give her some privacy.

Jason!  I just got up, how about lunch tomorrow?”

Sure Sook, I just got up too.  I’m heading down to the restaurant now, you want anything?”

No thanks, I’ve got room service sitting in front of me now.”

Okay, call me when you get up tomorrow then.”

I will Jase.  Thanks for last night!  You were totally awesome with that paintball gun!”

Thanks sis.  They’re the ones who taught me how to use it although the marksmanship was all me!”

I know.  I can remember watching you at target practice in the backyard when we were kids.  You almost always hit where you were aiming.”

You ain’t too bad a shot yourself ya know!”

Not nearly as good as you though.

Anyway, I have a couple of things to do tonight so I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

Sure thing.  Night Sook.”

Night Jase.”

She put her cart in the hallway for room service to retrieve and went in search of Godric.

He was in the shower so she sat in the livingroom to wait for him, thoughts forming about everything that had happened over the last few days.

It hurt that Bill had just dropped her and hadn’t tried to explain why.  It did hurt but she found that she was more distraught over Eric’s final death, truth be told.  Why was that?

She thought back to the first time she had seen him.  He had been sitting on his throne, fingers steepled, looking deadly and sexy at the same time.  She had been attracted to him but things with Bill were just getting started so she wanted to give that relationship a chance and now that Bill had gone with his Maker she didn’t have that chance!

Eric had been kind to her.  In fact he had been kinder to her than most of the humans she knew, even after she told him about being a telepath.  He hadn’t doubted her although he had tested her.  Maybe the difference was that she couldn’t hear him, except that once, so he had no reason to fear her?  Did Eric fear anything?  She was sure he did, everyone had at least one fear.

Double entendres and innuendos aside he had been kind to her, even had the doctor called, and arranged for the blood, after the maenad attack.  He had even agreed to hand any humans who had done anything wrong over to the human authorities after she read them for him.

She was startled from her reverie, “Sookie?”  She looked up at him and tried to smile through the tears that were falling, unnoticed until then, but it just wasn’t in her.


Why are you crying?”

I was just thinking about Eric.  I only knew him for a short time, worked for him a few times, but what I saw I liked.  

When I met him I was with Bill but I was attracted to him immediately.  I wish I had the chance to know him now.”

We must meet with Nan Flannigan soon but I will tell you of his young years afterward if you like.”

I think I would like that, very much.

Why do we have to meet with Ms. Flannigan?”

So she can try to make the public think last night didn’t happen the way it did.  So we don’t go after the Fellowship for revenge.  Who really knows with her.

I will give you some advice about dealing with her though.  Speak only when spoken to and only answer the question, don’t embellish, don’t offer information.  Just sit there and look pretty.  I will protect you the best I am able, as will my nest.”

Why would I need protection though?”

You are a beautiful young woman who works for, and willingly spends time with, vampires.  Any vampire would think themselves lucky to have you on their arm.

You are currently unattached to a vampire.  With Bill’s leaving without you and not telling you where or making arrangements for you to meet up with him it means he no longer has a claim over you, he can no longer make decisions on your behalf, his claim can no longer protect you.”

She could feel her temper rising.  Godric had done nothing to earn her wrath, he was just telling her what was going to happen and what could happen.

Godric, I realize we haven’t known each other long at all but there is something you need to know about me, two something’s really.  One is that I’m a telepath that can’t read vampire’s.  The other is that I really, REALLY hate being thought of as property.  Some of the worst arguments I had with Bill were about his claiming me, telling everyone I was his.”

You are a telepath?”

I am.”

We will discuss this later then, we must get to the meeting.

One last thing before we leave.  Would you object to at least smelling like me for the evening?  It would help keep the other vampires away from you.”

Would I have to drink your blood?”

That would be the best way but there are others which are not as long lasting but they aren’t as sure as having some of my blood.”

What are the other options?”

He smiled at her and winked, “we could have sex but, alas, we don’t have the time.”  Her face turned crimson almost immediately.  “I could rub some of my blood on some of your worst bruises which would heal them almost instantly and you would smell like me or you could just give me a hug which would transfer my scent to you and yours to me.”

I like you Godric but I’m not ready to drink your blood, or anybody else’s, right now.

How about you heal some of my bruises AND I give you a hug?”

That would be fine.”  He pricked his finger with a fang and rubbed the blood over the bruises on her neck and wrists.  When she gave him the hug he got to smell her.  Sunshine!  Honey! and something which was tickling the back of his memory.  He would have to think on it later.  “Are you ready then?”  She nodded so they left to go back to the nest for their meeting.


  1. theladykt: Yes, scumbill is gone :). The only other time he shows is in the epilogue so he can’t screw with her life any more than he already has :D.

    meridiean, it was weird WRITING a story where Eric is no more. It is only his physical presence which is gone though. Next chapter you will see that he is still in their thoughts even if he isn’t with them personally any more.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the story :).

  2. Honestly, it feels kinda weird reading a story where Eric’s dead, but I do like the G/S premise. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. Glad Scumbill is gone. Liking the story so far.

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