BVS: Pledging chap 4

A/N: I forgot to mention this last chapter: Sookie is using the Master title because she is in slave mode. It helps her to differentiate between wife, child and slave.

Thank you to Ms. Harris for these wonderful characters since most of them belong to her.


Once they arrived they waited in the antechamber for their turn for His Majesty’s attentions.

Sookie was kneeling in front of her Master as she should be at this moment but her pose was slightly different. Her back was still straight, she was still looking at the floor but she was sitting back on her heels and her legs were together. He had already told her to use this pose except with him or in audience with Monarchy and in his presence.

Soon they were granted entry and he helped her from the floor. Once they entered the chamber, “Master he is to our left hiding behind someone’s human pet, the coward. I’m ok though. I can go through with this and it might actually be good for him to see that I’m not the girl he thinks he fell in love with.”

“Very well my love.”

He and Pam bowed to the King and Sookie sank to her knees and bowed to the floor.

“Your Majesty, I am Eric Northman, this is my progeny and wife Sookie Northman and this is my progeny Pam Ravenscroft. We came to visit your fine country and do some shopping.”

“Why is your wife kneeling as a slave?”

“Your Majesty, she is but a child in our world and is still learning her place.”

“Very well. Is there anything else she does well?”

“If it pleases your Majesty we do have a demonstration ready.”

“A demonstration you say? Wonderful! Will you need any volunteers?”

“Yes your Majesty. It seems one in the court is a former neighbour of Sookie’s and she would like to use him for her demonstration.”

“That’s an excellent suggestion. Who might this former neighbour be?”

“Your Majesty it is William Compton.”

“Mr. Compton step forward.”

No one came forward, “Are you sure he’s here Northman?”

“Master, he’s still here, still hiding behind someone’s pet to our left. If His Majesty would like I can start the tracking demonstration now by finding him and bringing him forward.”

“Your Majesty, my wife has offered to start the tracking demonstration by finding him within the court and bringing him forward.”

“So be it, bring him forward then Mrs. Northman.”

She bowed to the King and gracefully got to her feet, “Thank you your Majesty, this won’t take long.” She turned toward where she sensed he was and walked right to him and grabbed his arm. He tried to resist her but she flipped him over her shoulder. He landed on his back right in front of the King.

She walked over to him, put her foot on his throat, turned toward the King, gave a deep bow and said, “Your Majesty, may we present William Thomas Compton. Former suitor and neighbour.”

The King looked at Bill who, as usual, had a bored expression on his face, “William is it? Why does this not surprise me? You told me your name was Erasmus and that you came here from England.

Northman, how much lead time should we give Mr. Compton?”

“Thirty minutes please Master. I need a couple of donors now and I’ll probably need four after and I need to get my weapons from the front door for the combat demonstration.”

“Thirty minutes your Majesty. My child requests two donors now, four after the demonstration and she requests her weapons from the door guard for the weapons demonstration.”

“So be it. Mr. Compton, you have thirty minutes to try to evade Mrs. Northman. There is a field about three kilometres distance from here, to the south, where we will watch the hand to hand and weapons demonstration. If you reach that field before Mrs. Northman finds you then we will find another volunteer for her. If you don’t, then you will be the volunteer.”

Bill bowed, “Your Majesty, may I request that her Maker give the command to not end me?”

“You may make all the requests you like but that doesn’t mean I will grant them. The three of you obviously have some history between you. If she wishes to end you that is up to her and her Maker. Any restitution will be upon her as well.”

Bill bowed and exited so he could take his lead time.

Eric and Sookie bowed, “Your Majesty, his maker was killed seven years ago by Sookie so unless he’s got a new Master there won’t be any restitution required. May I send Pam to the guards to retrieve Sookie’s weapons so I may take them to the battlefield for her?”

“Of course, of course. There is a room just off the ante room where she may go to feed. There are already some donors there waiting for her. Will the three of you stay the night and tell me the story of how his Maker was ended by one so much younger than her?”

They bowed, “Your Majesty is too kind. We would be honoured to tell the story although we will need to be back in our hotel an hour before sunrise. She hasn’t shaken the newborn aversion to staying awake yet.”

They bowed again and took their leave so she could feed before she went to find the thorn in her side.

She wasn’t ravenous but she knew she would make mistakes if she did get hungry during the hunt. Once she was done she checked her weapons to make sure everything was as it should be, it was. Everything was still balanced and sharp as she could make them.

“Master, he’s being sneaky. He’s trying to shut down the link but his inexperience will be his downfall. I don’t want to kill him but if he doesn’t give me a good fight, as in his all, I might unless you command otherwise.”

“Are you sure Sookie? You are still a compassionate woman. Tell you what, you think about it between now and when you get to the field and if you want me to give the command I will, otherwise I will leave it up to your discretion.”

“Master, I knew there was a reason I love you so much! That sounds like the perfect solution! My time’s almost up, let’s go so I can thank the King again and so I can embarrass the ass in front of one and all!”

They walked out to the front foyer where the King and his court were waiting for them. She gave him a deep bow of respect, “Your Majesty, thank you for this opportunity to show you how wonderful my Maker is.”

“You’re quite welcome Mrs. Northman, now give your weapons to your husband, Compton’s time is up.”

She gave a bow, handed her weapons to her Eric and took off, stopping at the door to catch his scent and she was gone. He tried to fool her by doubling back but she wasn’t even using scent, she was following the thin thread of the bond they still had so she had him in no time at all. She dragged him back to the field and presented him just as the King sat down, “Your Majesty we are back,” and she gave another bow.

“So soon? Very impressive, impressive indeed. Now for the hand to hand combat. Let him up.”

She let him up and backed off so he could prepare himself. She was excited, both at the prospect of a fight and so she could finally show him that even though he had hurt her she had overcome and conquered! She was a better vampire for what she had gone through as a human.

She was in her defensive stance: crouched low to make herself a smaller target, hands close to her, elbows in, watching his every move. He was circling her, trying to find where to make his first move. He decided to try to swipe her feet from under her. She simply jumped up in the air and levitated, watching as he temporarily lost sight of her, and his balance, giving her her chance. She dove at his legs, taking them out from under him, allowing her to pin him yet again.

“Your Majesty, he’s not giving this his best shot. He thinks that just because I’m compassionate I’ll let him off the hook. If he actually gives me a run for my money I might actually let him live. If he gives me some half assed, mediocre show I’ll request permission to end him as I ended his Maker!”

“The choice is yours Compton, give as good as you get or have her end you and believe me, I will make sure that one and all know that a vampire more than a century your junior beat you in a fair fight. Weapons now. Compton, do you have a weapon with you or do you need to borrow one?”

“Considering who her Maker and trainer is I would like to retrieve my sword from my rooms Your Majesty.”

“Guard! Go fetch Mr. Compton’s sword from his rooms.

Stand down!”

Eric walked up to Sookie and helped her strap on her knives and katana and handed her her gloves so she could handle the knives without any side effects. She had three sets of knives: a steel set, an iron set and a silver set. The audience would assume the gloves were for the silver which is why they had chosen to bring all three sets. One can never have too many weapons anyway.

He gave her a peck on the forehead and stepped back, allowing her room to relax and manoeuvre whenever she needed to.

The guard was soon back with Bill’s sword. He took it and took his defensive stance and waited while she removed her katana from its holder on her back. She took her stance and swung the katana in a couple of warm up moves just to get the feel of it and to take his measure. He was watching the weapon instead of the wielder, this wouldn’t last long at all. She thrust low and to the right and he parried. She brought it up and faked a swing to his right, meanwhile lunging to his left gaining a nick on his forearm, surprising him. She danced back out of the way and he lunged at her but not fast enough, she got a swing in on his left leg, giving him a deep cut. He stepped back but was favouring that left leg. She feinted left, he parried to the right so she took her shot and stopped the feint, making it the true swing. He was suddenly standing on just his right leg, blood oozing from the stump of his left leg. He got down on his knee, lay down his sword and bowed his head to her, “Sookie, please, I have offered my life in your defence before, I offer it again. Spare me.”

She looked at him with a look of disdain on her face, “Your Majesty, Master, the choice is yours. I won’t make the decision about a broken man’s life. If the two of you decree it I will gladly do the deed but I think I have a better solution if you are willing to hear it.”

“By all means Mrs. Northman, let us hear your solution.”

“Your Majesty, he must give his services for free for the next century and is not allowed to leave his home area without prior approval of the ruling Monarch for the maximum of two weeks in every six months and at no time longer than three consecutive nights. All proceeds from his database which aren’t earmarked to pay taxes to the Monarch and the IRS are to be donated in thirds to the Descendants of the Glorious Dead in my Grandmother’s memory, to hospices for drained vampires so they can have what they need in order to recover and into research so they can hopefully find a better tasting, cheaper synthetic for the same amount of time that he is confined to his home city . He’s not to try to meet the sun, the sharp end of a stake or the sharp edge of a sword during that time. Since, when we met, he claimed to be trying to mainstream he shall mainstream and refrain from any blood other than Red Stuff or True blood with only a sip from a live donor once in three months, and that may only be one sip. The donor will be at the discretion of his Sheriff and his usage will be monitored by the Sheriff as well.”

“You certainly have a way of thinking outside the box. If it is agreeable with his ruling Monarch so shall it be. I will contact them and make the arrangements. Oh, and Mr. Compton? You are hereby banished from my realm for that same century. Once I have spoken with your King and gotten his approval you will have until one hour after sunset the next day to make your arrangements and leave. I will expect to hear from your Sheriff when you have returned to her area which will be no more than 48 hours after your flight takes off from here.”

Bill hung his head in shame, “Yes your Majesty. May I say something to Sookie your Majesty?”

“Mr. Northman, Mrs. Northman what say you? Shall I allow him to have his words with you?”

Both of them said, “As long as it isn’t about his undying love then he may say his final words.”

“Sookie, I lo…”

Sookie was beyond angry now. Not only would he not give her a good fight but he absolutely was not going to get the message that she no longer belonged to him! “William Thomas Compton! You must have gone deaf in your old age because I could have sworn WE, we being my husband and I, said as long as it wasn’t about your love and that sounded suspiciously like you were about to say how much you love me! Now, since you can’t seem to listen and keep your unwanted words of love to yourself I have a solution. Your Majesty, Master may I please cut out his tongue so I don’t have to hear about his love any more? May I please cut off his ears so hopefully when they grow back he will have learned how to listen with them?” she gave an evil grin, “and since I’m sure he’s fed well since he’s been here his three months on synthetic blood starts now.”

“Mrs. Northman, you are a marvel. You have my permission to do as you will with the worm.”

She gave him a deep curtsy, “Thank you your Majesty. I will give him a choice. I can use my silver katana or my silver knives to do the cutting.”


“I just made your choice for you William. Knives it is.”

She took one of her silver knives from its sheath on her thigh, grabbed hold of his tongue and cut it out of his betraying mouth. She took hold of first one ear, then the other, and cut them off as well. He would have some hell to go through in order to heal but maybe he would learn a lesson, she doubted it though. She wiped her knife on his shirt and put it back in its sheath.
She knelt before the King and bowed low to him, “Thank you your Majesty. May I please be excused to feed and clean myself and my knife?”

“Of course, please go feed and clean up then come to my personal chambers and regale me with the story of the worm’s Maker’s demise.”

With that they were dismissed so they went back to the ante room so she could feed, shower and change.

While she was showering she asked Eric, “Can we discuss what the worm did wrong? I think I know but I want your input as well.”

“Of course Sookie, you know I’m always ready to pick apart battles, especially one as poorly displayed as that one. You were magnificent, unfortunately he was so bad even the newest vampire would have looked like they had centuries of experience.”

“Okay. I think he grossly underestimated me and took into account the mortal he thought he knew rather than the vampire he had never met. His over confidence in himself because of what he thought he knew about mortal me was his downfall. Of course, he’s always been just barely this side of mediocre anyway but that just made him look more pathetic than ever.”

Eric let out a great laugh, “You have quite a way with words my love and you are very correct, his over confidence was what did him in.

I’m curious though. Why did you decide to punish him rather than kill him?”

“Eric, do you really need to ask? You’re the one who reminded me that I am still a compassionate person. Next time I might grant your wish and let you end his life or maybe I’ll have him silvered underground with no coffin and let the worms and maggots have him for a decade or two.”

“Ready my love? The King is waiting.”

“Ready. What’s the protocol for this? I’ve never met a monarch out of court.”

“You’ll be there as my wife so using my name is acceptable as is sitting beside me instead of kneeling. You call the King whatever he requests we call him. As long as you are polite and courteous you should do just fine.”

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  1. Loved this chapter! Billy boy is the usual annoying asshole…he just can get used to the “new” Sookie…But bill Sookie has changed in every way…
    Loved her punishment for him!

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