BVS: Pledging chap 3

He stood in the doorway of the den, watching her, knowing she was deep within herself, knowing she knew he was there but giving her the space and time she needed in order to come to terms with whatever it was.

She was naked, kneeling facing his chair, hands palm up on her thighs, legs apart, back straight, not sitting on her heels, looking at the floor, the way she preferred to be for these times. Truthfully, the way he preferred her as well.

He walked over and sat in his chair, watching her, feeling her uncertainty and resolve through their bond. He touched her on the shoulder, “What is it my child? What has you so uncertain?”

She stayed in position, leaving her eyes on the floor, “Master, I wish to train to be a tracker. I don’t want to be in politics but I am good at tracking and I know I can be better. Please Master, once our Pledging is done may I offer my services as a tracker?”

He sat there considering her words and her request. She had done well requesting an audience with him in this way. It let him know she was serious about what she was requesting so he needed to be serious in his questions of her, in his consideration of her request. “Why do you wish to be a tracker my child?”

“Master, I am good at it. They’ve had to put our prey’s lead time up to an hour now at the farm because I find them so quickly. Granted, it’s not much of a challenge there any more but even in the streets I find my prey in less time than most.

Master, I need to feel useful and needed. I know you need me, you want me but this is a carry over from my human days when I had to feel useful, when I couldn’t stand to sit at home and do nothing. Even if it was swimming or putting away the groceries, I had to do something and I’ve reached that point now where I want to feel useful again.”

“My child, I will consider your request and let you know when we come back from Paris.”

“Thank you Master, that is all I’m asking, for you to consider it. I know it will mean being back in politics but I’m hoping it will be different here. I would also want you along with me. There’s no way I know everything I need to know but I’m smart and willing to learn.” She bowed to him from her position on her knees, “Thank you Master.” She straightened up but stayed in position. She enjoyed these times where she could prostrate herself in front of him, where everything was uncovered and out in the open.

He put his finger under her chin, signalling she could raise her eyes. She did and saw that he was ready for her. He nodded at her so she crawled to him, unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them and watched as his erection sprang free. She immediately took him in her mouth. Soon he had given her what she needed, his release, which usually signalled cuddle time. Tonight he signalled that she was to back up and stay in position.

“My child, you have made me very proud tonight. Rather than making the decision for yourself you came to me, your Maker and husband, and asked me to consider something you want very badly. I will consider your request as I said. Now, I have a question for you. Would you consider kneeling this way before the King of France? He is a rather strict but fair vampire and I would love to show you off to him, how well you heel, how much you have learned in one short year. I only want you to consider it. You don’t have to let me know tonight although we do have an appointment with him tomorrow night so you don’t have as much time to consider as you normally would.”

“Master, there is no considering needed. As you said I have learned many things over the last year and the most important thing, in my eyes, is that although I doubted you in my human years, you know what you are talking about when it comes to Vampire affairs, much more than I know. Your millenium has served us well and will continue to do so. If it is your wish that I do this before the King then I will do so, no qualms, no questions asked. All I ask is that you not share me with him, or anyone else, sexually.”

“You have made me very happy Sookie. Thank you for your trust. I can promise you I will not share you although I may allow you to give me a happy ending there in front of him and his court just to show off how well you have learned my needs and wants which will then allude to the fact you have learned other lessons just as well.”

She bowed to him again, “Thank you Master.”

He touched her shoulder again and allowed her to climb onto his lap. He held her close, allowing her to feel whatever she needed to feel. She obviously felt very strongly about being a tracker and about pleasing him by acceding to his request.

These times when she had to go deep within herself were hard on her emotionally. She didn’t show her emotions often but she did still feel them to a much greater extent than she did as a human. It would probably take her until dawn to come out of herself. He was more than happy to be her pillar in these times. She still needed him.



“I need you Master. Master of my heart and soul. I need you to make love to me tenderly, slowly. I need to feel you in me, on me, around me. Please Master, I need you.”

He gave her a slow, tender smile and carried her to their bedroom. He lit the candles and incense and reverently undressed both of them. They made slow sweet love until dawn pulled them under.

As she woke she stretched languorously, enjoying the pull on her muscles. She could feel that he was in the bedroom, probably watching her as she woke.


“Yes my love?”

“Thank you for last night.”

“It was my pleasure my lover. All you need to do is ask, you know this.”

“I know Eric but when I’m as I was last night all I can think of is pleasing you. It’s very hard to ask for anything for myself.”

“Asking for things for yourself does please me my Love. You can be as you were last night whenever it pleases you. It might even help you when meeting the King tonight since you seem to have even fewer inhibitions in slave mode.”

“I know. I’ll probably start mentally preparing during our flight. When do we leave anyway?”

“In about an hour we need to leave for the airport and we’ll be meeting the King an hour after we land.”

“Okay. I guess I need to hit the shower and pack the things I use to prepare so I can start on the plane since there won’t be much time after we land.” She got out of bed and headed for the shower. Naturally he was coming along to get her dirty before she ever got a chance to get clean.

She gave him a coy little smile, licked her lips, gave his nipples a tweak and they were off to the races. It was quick to be sure but no less satisfying than a marathon night of sex.

Half an hour later they were dressed and packed and waiting downstairs for Pam.

She was punctual, as usual, and had them to the airport in record time.

In no time they were boarding and settling in for the short flight. Sookie listened to her iPod as part of her ritual for going into slave mode. Eric and Pam played several hands of Snap, laughing and having a good time. Thirty minutes out from Paris Eric alerted Sookie. She gathered her carry on bag and went into the minuscule washroom to clean herself and anoint herself with vanilla and lavender. When she was finished she rejoined Eric and Pam who were putting away the cards and preparing to land.

There was something not quite right though, something in the back of her mind was troubling her. Sookie shrugged it off as flying jitters and still being dressed.

“Master, once we land please ask me how I feel. Something’s bothering me but I’m not sure if it’s flying jitters and still being dressed or if it’s something else. It’s throwing my whole headspace off and I don’t like it.”

“I will. Have you ever felt anything like this before?”

“Not since I was human Master but please wait until we’re on the ground. If it’s what I think it is we’re all going to be mighty pissed and I would rather not be in a confined space when any of us goes ballistic.”

“Alright my Love, I’ll wait although you now have my curiosity piqued.”

“Could you please sing some of the Swedish lullabies you used to croon for me when I was really angry? I need to calm down and that has always helped.”

“Of course my Love,” and he crooned some of the lullabies he used to sing to his human children all those years ago.

By the time they landed she was calm again and was able to find that internal place she went to when she needed to be the slave rather than the wife or child.

He put his arm around her and kept humming as they collected their luggage and their rental car. Once they got to their hotel she had totally submitted although that little something was still jumping around at the back of her brain.

Once they got in their room, “Sookie, are you okay? Is something still bothering you?”

“Master, I’m okay but that little undefined something is still bothering me. I’m afraid to say this but I think my link with the thorn in my butt for far too many years has survived my turning and I think he’s here in Paris. As long as he isn’t at court I’ll be fine to give our demonstration tonight. If he is at court though…were you planning a weapons and hand to hand demo? If so I would LOVE to have him voluntold that I wish to use him for the demonstration,” she said with excitement in her voice.

“As long as you’re okay with fighting against him that’s fine although I will have to reluctantly forbid you from ending his existence. I’m not happy about that link surviving but there isn’t anything we can do about it short of ending him. If he’s there but not physically present in court will you be able to do the other part of the demonstration?”

“Yes Master. Now I need some quiet if I’m going to be able to maintain my head space tonight. Please hum some more?”

He started humming the old lullabies again and she was soon where she needed to be mentally. She was on her knees before him, waiting for his signal that they needed to leave and she soon had it. He tapped her shoulder and held out his hand to help her up. Once up he put his arm around her waist and led her down to the car and sat in back with her. Right now she needed to feel safe and loved more than anything else so he continued holding her and humming.

It was only a ten minute ride to court. As they got closer he could feel her getting more agitated. He took her hand with his free one and rubbed soothing circles on her palm, hoping the combination of holding, humming and rubbing her hand would be enough. If it wasn’t he would deal with it then instead of borrowing trouble.

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  1. Wow Sookie wants to become a tracker…I didn’t see that coming!
    Now to the King’s court…..

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