To Forgive and Forget?

Sookie had always heard that to forgive was divine.  It would be IF she could forgive!

There were certain things in her previous life she just could not forgive!  There are certain acts which one should not have to forgive!

If someone abuses a child, in any form, they should not even EXPECT to be forgiven!  The one who was abused should not be expected to forgive their abuser!

If one causes a lot of trouble for another they should not expect forgiveness!

If one causes the death of someone, whether it’s through neglect or something else, they should not expect to be forgiven!

Humans, at least in the Christian faith, are taught to forgive those who hurt them no matter the hurt or how badly it hurt.  Doesn’t the prayer go Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us?

How can you expect to forgive someone when they have hurt you so badly you need psychological therapy in order to even move forward from it?  Sure, prayer may help but prayer does diddly squat for the mental abuse any form of abuse causes.

A young child who is sexually abused thinks they are the reason it happened, the abuser even TELLS them they are the reason.  They are told that someone they love will be hurt or they will never see them again.  How does one recover from something like that and move forward without dragging it through the rest of their lives with them?  Without believing, at least a little bit, that what the abuser said was true, that it could happen?  That they were the reason they were abused?

Sookie wasn’t working on forgiveness for it wasn’t in her to forgive any more.  Her Uncle, her cousin who blabbed to the Queen about her abilities, Bill:  none of them deserved her forgiveness.  Now she was working on letting their trespasses go and moving forward with her existence so she could be happy and thrive.

Isn’t success the best form of revenge?  Right now that was her goal, to succeed in whatever she set her hand to, to prove to all of them that she was better than they ever thought she was!

Her Uncle had never lived to see her succeed but she could be sure he was watching from one of the levels of hell.  She could be sure he was NOT happy with either where he was or the fact she was better than he ever was!

Hadley, she didn’t survive to see Sookie succeed either.  Her own petty jealousy is what had her meeting the true death just a few months ago.  She always had been jealous of what others had, except for Sookie.  Sookie she didn’t like being around, she didn’t like having someone read her thoughts.  She only mentioned her cousin to the Queen, her Maker, to keep the Queen’s favor, not because she wanted to do a favour for someone she didn’t like!

She knew Bill was seeing her success!  She heard reports occasionally of things he said about her, about how she should have been his, about how he would never have turned her, instead letting her die her mortal death.

Her own sarcastic laugh brought her out of her reverie.

Yes, she thought, they will all be jealous of me when they see how I succeed, how I take this second chance and run with it!


  1. I could never understand how CH and TB made Sookie forgive Bill over and over again! In real life how could you forgive a person who has manipulated you, lied to you,abused and raped you? instead the person that always helped her ; made her feel beautiful and let her be herself in every occasion and simply loved her was always treated badly….Thank goodness there’s FF where everything wrong done in the books and on the show gets fixed! Thanks for sharing this.

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