The First Time

It was a night just like any other, with one huge, glaring difference!

Eric had had to go to New Orleans for the night and she wasn’t quite ready to be out in the public just yet.  The bar had been left in Chow’s, and Ginger’s, hands and Pam was at home with her.

Sookie was more than capable of staying home by herself for a few hours but none of them was that confident of her feeding skills just yet and there was the sexual nature of all of her feedings!  If someone wasn’t there to quickly remove the human she WOULD end up fucking them senseless.  She didn’t have enough control yet to have sex with humans, that left vampires.  Specifically Eric.

She didn’t know what she would do tonight.  Experience had taught her that the urges which came along with feeding were far too strong for her to be able to take care of it herself.

Sure enough the urge hit fast and strong!  Too strong to ignore.  Too strong for a good vibrator and her fingers to do the job.

Should she?

Shouldn’t she?

Could she?

Would she?

The debate went on for long moments but really it was ended before it even began.  Pam was the only one there, the only other one even allowed there.  It was Pam or excruciating torture brought on by her own stubbornness!

Pam won out.

She launched herself at her sibling and mentor, practically ripped the clothing from their bodies in an effort to start satisfying that urge, the urge to fuck.

Sookie may have started the encounter but Pam took over the starring role in short order.  She had Sookie on her back and her head buried between Sookie’s thighs before her sibling even knew what was happening!  She had wanted a chance to be between these gorgeous thighs since they first met the night she visited Fangtasia in that virginal white dress with the little red flowers that reminded her of drops of blood.

She was truly divine, better than Pam had ever imagined!

She had Sookie squirming and screaming at her ministrations.  She didn’t stop after the first screaming orgasm either, she continued through several of them, even receiving a few from Sookie’s attentions herself!

They took each other in every room of the house, every usable surface, every conceivable position!  Leaning over the couch, lying on the desk, up against the walls, hands and knees on the floor, the beds.

Sookie learned toys COULD help relieve her if they were used correctly.  Vibrators, dildoes, plugs and anything else they could find to help relieve that urge, the pain not fucking could cause in a newborn vampire.

She learned that female on female sex wasn’t the abomination the church had always claimed.  It was hot, it was beautiful and it was hers if she wanted it and she wanted it!  NOW!

Now happened many times over the next 24 hours, too.

Eric even walked in on them during one of their fuckathons.  He just smiled, undressed and sat down to watch the show the two beautiful women were putting on seemingly just for him.



  1. Wow I would have never imagined Sookie and Pam together but that was hot! Great job!


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