Milan chp 2

The fashion show was fabulous, as always.  New skirts, blouses, dresses, shoes and purses!  Their favorite designers, friends and acquaintances, vampire models, donors galore and she couldn’t enjoy it as much as she usually did.  She was just too nervous about how Eric would accept her pledge.

It was their last night in Milan.  Sookie would be going on to Greece to meet Eric, Pam would be going to England then coming back and meeting them in Finland.

They said their good-byes at the airport.  Sookie was sending her luggage home, or at least to one of Eric’s homes, ahead of her, keeping just a small bag with her.

Once Pam was onboard the plane Sookie boarded one for Ioannina, Greece where she spent the day then continued on to Arta where Eric was visiting with some old friends.

As expected he was joking around when she arrived.  As soon as she saw him all else around her seemingly stopped.  She had eyes just for him just as he had eyes only for her.

He quickly excused them, still watching her every move.

Now that she was looking for it, now that Pam had pointed it out, she could see the love in his eyes.  She hoped he could see the same thing in her!

They reached his safe house some hours before dawn.

She told her story of leaving court.  She had him laughing out loud with her story of the Berts learning English and how not to be guards.

He was surprised she wanted to leave her native Louisiana behind.  “Eric, I love my homeland but my home is here, with you, wherever you happen to be.

I told you on my rising night that you smelled of home.  You said it was because you are my Maker, it would always be like that.

I think you were partially wrong.  I think the reason you feel like home is because we loved each other before you ever sank a fang into me, before I tasted your blood, even if we couldn’t admit it to ourselves or each other.  Even if it took us awhile to figure out what those feelings were and how they affected us and our interactions with each other.”

He looked dumbstruck.  He, too, had asked others about this homey feeling she had described.  If the accounts he had heard were correct she was right.  

For himself, and his love of Godric, he knew the love came after his turning because they had never set eyes on each other before the night he was offered immortality.  Godric had never felt like home the way he felt that Sookie, and wherever she was, was home.  From what Sookie described he was sure of it.

Most of those he had spoken with were indifferent toward their Makers at the very least.  He had found a few who loved them but, like him, the love came after.

The few he had managed to find who had known, and loved, each other before the turning were reluctant to talk about it.  He had found a couple of vampire lovers who were willing to talk about it for a few minutes and they had admitted to him that the other had felt like home from the moment the child rose.

She was saying something again.  She had a ring box and a very familiar black velvet bag in her hands.  Where had she gotten the bag?  He had thought it to be in one of his vaults back in the States.

She handed him the ring box.  

He could feel the tears welling.  Once he opened the box he found the ring, beautiful!  “Sookie….”  He couldn’t speak, the feelings she invoked in him were overwhelming, they always had been.

The one bullet he had taken for her centuries before, when she was still human.  She had had it bespelled and made into a ring for him!  HIM!

She is on her knees before him now, the familiar black velvet bag in her hands.  “Master, Eric.  All those centuries ago you saved my life, gave me another existence, one which has been happier than I could have ever imagined.  If you will have me I would like to pledge my eternity to you, to not part from you ever again.”  

She removes the knife from the bag and extends it to him.  He take it from her gently, reverently, kisses it.  “Sookie, my child, my pledged.  I will gladly take your eternity and give you my own.”

They are both crying now.  They are finally able to admit their love for each other!

He lifts her from the floor and carries her to their bedroom where they spend the rest of the night with each other in one of the most passionate lovemaking sessions of their time together!


  1. Finally they are one only took them 400 years!

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