Disclosure Chap 1

Seething! That’s all I feel, WHITE! HOT! ANGER!

Compton. Just the name makes me want to rip him limb from limb! Unfortunately he’s ‘important’ to the Queen so I must leave him intact and still among the undead!

I rip off the trunk lid. She’s unconscious from what looks, and smells, like massive blood loss. What was she doing in there any way?

I sniff, were of some sort. Not Alcide, he’s spent the day looking for her after he found the car in the garage.


I lift her gently out of the trunk, her heart is barely beating, she’s barely breathing, she’s limp and so very nearly lifeless. He, stupidly, follows us. I sniff again and smell him all over her, even in areas that should not have been.

I lay her gently on the hood of the car.

“What have you done!” I roar! Suddenly he’s on the floor of the garage in front of me, my hands having wrapped around his neck and broken it. He will be lifeless now, for a time, until he heals.

I go back to Sookie, evaluate her. Her heart is slower still, her breathing so shallow as to be non-existent, both slowing even further as I evaluate her. There are now but two choices, I want neither.

I can not let such a bright light in my life become extinguished, neither do I wish to turn her. I wish for it to be her choice. I want to know if she truly wishes to die and stay dead or if she would become like me, a vampire, to forever live in the darkness, to never see the sunlight again.

I can tarry no longer, either way she will be dead but one way, my way, she will at least be still among us!

I tear into my wrist and hold it over her mouth, let the thick drops land. I rejoice when I feel the first drop enter her system and start circulating sluggishly with her blood, becoming one with her. The wound closes and I rip it open again. This pain is nothing compared to the pain the world would feel if she were no longer part of it, the pain I would feel.

A third time I rip my wrist open, this time she reaches up and holds me to her lips, sucks from me the best she can in her nearly lifeless state. I will the blood to flow faster for her to make it easier for her to get that which she needs in order to rise in three nights.

I call Alcide, let him know I have found her, where we are. He’s relieved, I am not. She was his responsibility yet he had left her the night before, shifted and left her on the floor of the King’s bar.

That worked out though since the one she had been sent to rescue was still lifeless on the floor beside us. What didn’t work out was her being nearly drained, possibly worse, by the one she had been sent to rescue.

Ah, here’s the wolf now, just as she whimpers. The wound has closed, she wants more. I gladly open my wrist for the fourth time this night and watch as she feeds from her soon to be Maker once again.

I can feel my blood working within her, repairing the damage done to her by HIM!

The wolf brings me bottle after bottle of synthetic. I must remain strong in order to get her in the ground before the sun rises, before I lose her for eternity and beyond.

I instruct the wolf on what to do with Compton, stick him in a coffin and ship him off to the Queen. Wrap the coffin in silver so he can’t get out, escape, before the Queen takes her perverse pleasures with him, not that I wouldn’t mind being involved in those pleasures, but I have other, more important, things to think about for the foreseeable future.

The wound has closed, she is now dead to the world for a time. I gently place her on the back seat and take off for home.

I make calls as I drive, as we fly along the highway, not caring what the speed limit is. I have a time limit, sunrise, or all will be lost.

Pamela, my child, is my first call. I tell her what has happened and to meet us at one of my lesser known homes in three nights.

The Queen. Her anger is righteous! She rants on but I cut her off, telling her he will be delivered within the next twenty-four hours in a silver wrapped coffin, straight from Jackson. She laughs, her pleasure will be immense, I’m sure, after she rises tomorrow night.

We arrive, with time to spare, at my home. I carry her to the back yard. The best I can do for my sun loving child, I could smell it on her each time I saw her, her love of the sun, is to bury us in the sunniest spot of the back yard so she will be able to feel the warmth of the sun in the earth as she transforms.

I get us covered over just as the first rays hit the earth. Even in her death I can feel her longing for the sun.

As death claims me for the day I feel the first stirrings, the first spark of the bond we will share through eternity.

The nights pass slowly as I wait for my child to rise. If our past dealings have been any indication she will be angry. The question will be at whom. Will it be at me for turning her? Compton for draining her? The Queen for her role in this?

I rouse first the third night, the sun is still up, it will be awhile before Sookie rises, probably around midnight, so I have more time to wonder what my child will be like. Will she retain her telepathy (for her sake I hope not), how will she take to my control of her, will she hate me, wish to see, and continue on with, Compton?

It dawns on me that my child will rise on the longest night of the year, the winter solstice. It will be a long night for certain. Sookie will be volatile, unpredictable.

I hear her mental ramblings: what happened? where am i? i feel…different.

Her senses kick in, smell first: mmmmmmm, earth, something comforting, like home and Gran’s pecan pie, something sweet

Hearing: traffic, electric sounds of power lines

Her eyes snap open: dark, but not dark, granules of dirt.

I wrap my arm around her, hold her tight, as we dig our way out of the earth, her grave.

I observe her as she searches within herself for the answers she is seeking, monitor our bond. She is in turmoil, as expected. She expected not to wake at all yet here she is, awake and undead.

She is finding her answers, still in turmoil. She looks to me, her Maker, her friend?



Her fear spikes.

Where is Pam? She should have been here several hours ago.

“Come, you need to feed.”

Fear spiking higher. She’s shaking her head, her body is trembling. She takes off but stops, looks back at me, returns. I hold my hand out to her, not commanding, offering. She takes it. I hold my free arm out to her, she hesitates but comes to me, buries her face in my chest, cries.


“Sookie, my child.”

“Why Eric.”

“The world would have lost too much if I had let you meet the final death Sookie, I would have lost too much.”

“I want to talk, I do, but I can’t think straight. I’m dizzy. My throat’s on fire. Please, what’s happening.”

“You need to feed Sookie. Your thoughts will become clearer, you will feel better and the world will right itself.”

I hold her tight and take off into the night sky, fly her to my main residence. She struggles at first but calms a little. I let us in, lead her to the kitchen. She speeds for the refrigerator, opens it and drains all the blood I had stored there in her need for blood. She looks to me, a question in her eyes, lust and horror? coming through loud and clear.

She lunges for me, her arousal evident even though the blood was not warmed. I wrap her in my arms, hold her tight, “Sookie, if you truly want this I am willing. If it is the lust I am as well but I will not take you without hearing it from your lips that you want me in that way.”

I hear her fangs run down, I feel them bite through my shirt, into my skin, feel her drinking my blood. My own arousal is evident now, painful in its confinement.

She stops drinking, looks up at me with blood on her lips. “Sookie,” I groan. She knows not what she’s doing to me, or herself. Control, I must. Maintain. Control.

“Eric, please. I must. You must. Please, Eric, please!”

“As you wish my child.” I take her right there in the kitchen. The sounds coming from her spur me on. She is…wonderful! Miraculous! She knows what she wants, what feels good to both of us.

She bolts up off the floor and straight to the shower. I hear the water running, feel her confusion still, her contentment.

I go to my, no, our room now, and rummage through my closet until I find one of my Fangtasia t-shirts and an old pair of drawstring track pants. They will have to do until I can take her shopping, or have her calm enough to shop online.

I can feel her amusement now. She must be enjoying her shower. I hear the water shut off, feel how she enjoys the softness of the towel, the smell of the soaps and shampoos she used.

She comes out wrapped in a towel, hair brushed, looking beautiful. I point to the clothes and she puts them on, dropping the towel only after the shirt is on, pulls the pants up and ties them tight.

She comes to me. SHE comes to ME! Wraps herself in my arms, “You smell like home Eric, comfort, home.”

“That is because I am your Maker Sookie. I will always, always, be here for you no matter what happens.”

“What happened? Why am I a vampire now?”

“What do you remember?”

“I remember driving back to Alcide’s, falling asleep in the car. I got out and opened the trunk, hearing a shoe scuff on the concrete, a quick thought, being shoved into the trunk with Bill. BILL! He did this to me! He nearly drained me, or did he drain me completely? He…he…he…” She breaks down, shaking from her sobs, crying at what must have happened.

“Shhhhh. Yes, he nearly drained you. If you had been completely drained I would not have been able to turn you for there would have been nothing left for my blood to attach itself to.” I hold her, offering her the comfort of my presence, my embrace, my being.

She has stopped crying. I can feel her hunger. “Sookie, you need to feed again. It will help. When you feel like this tell me, I can not help you find the blood if you do not tell me.”

“O..o..okay. I drank it all though. Where will we get more?”

“Blood is abundant if you know where to look. I will call Pam, who should have been here hours ago, and have her bring more.”

I call her, “Pam, why are you not here?”

“Master, the Queen is here. She wishes to see you and Sookie at the bar.”

“Put her on the phone Pam.”

“Northman, what has happened?”

“I have a new child Majesty, I have been taking care of her needs on her rising night.”

“Who is your child?”

“Sookie Stackhouse.”

“Is this why Compton was sent to me? to keep him out of the way?”

“No Majesty. He drained her and I believe he raped her.”

I held the phone from my ear as she screeched, “HE WHAT?!

I will pay for any counselling she may require. Bring her here so we can both hear the story, she can swear her fealty and we will be out of your hair to train her.”

“Majesty, please put Pam back on the phone?”


“Empty the club of all humans. I must bring Sookie in, she needs to feed and can’t be trusted just yet around them.”

“Yes Eric.” We hang up.

“You heard Sookie?”

“I did. Why would the Queen pay for counselling?”

“I believe she thinks at least some of this is her fault and she wishes to make sure you will recover without any ill effects.”

“Okay.” She looks down at the floor, ashamed?

“Sookie, none of this is your fault. You could not have fought him off.”

“I shouldn’t have opened that trunk Eric.”

“Sookie, knowing you you were checking to make sure he was comfortable and not any more injured.”

She nodded. I could feel her sadness but she was angry too.

“Come Sookie, we must get to Fangtasia. The Queen wants to hear the story as well. If you wait until then you will only have to tell it once.”

“One last question: how do I address you and her in public?”

I smile at her, “for now Eric and Your Majesty will do since it will not be full public. It will be just us, Pam, the Queen and her entourage who are there. The rest we will discuss later.”

She nods and holds her arms out so I can lift her to fly. I do and we are landing a short time later in the employee lot behind Fangtasia. Pam is there opening the door for us, saying nothing but leading us to the main bar area where the Queen is sitting on my throne waiting.

I growl when I see who is kneeling before her. Compton. Sookie sees him and rushes at him, anger colouring our bond. “Sookie, stop.” She stops dead in her tracks but I can see her fighting against the command, I can feel her anger at both him and me. I take her into my embrace and Pam is beside me with a bottle of blood, the best we offer, and holds it out to her. She takes it and downs it quickly, relaxing as the haze recedes.

I continue holding her though, both to give her the comfort and to prevent her rushing him again if the mood strikes.

She sinks to her knees, “I’m sorry Your Majesty, Eric.”

The Queen smiles at her, “You are newborn Sookie. It is to be expected, especially when one has been wronged so badly. Would you please explain to us what happened? You may stand if you wish.”

She stands and turns to me, “Eric, before I begin would you please command me to not approach him?”

“Sookie, as your Maker I command you to stay here with me unless I tell you different.”

“Thank you.” She tells her story about how she had rescued the maggot, her words, from Edgington’s compound and driven him back to the garage, how she had opened the trunk in order to check on him and been pushed in when she leaned over to straighten out the comforter he was wrapped in, how she had spent hours trapped in there, frightened, cold and alone. How she had tried to let him know it was her, how he had savagely bitten her, how he had done the unmentionable, unthinkable. Tears were streaming down her face when she was through. “Eric, more blood please?”

Pam is there immediately with another two bottles which she quickly drinks. She wraps herself around me and continues sobbing, not wanting to see Compton, nor even really acknowledge his presence.

“William Compton, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I had been tortured by my maker for days, been denied blood and rest. I was not in my right mind Your Majesty.”

“Despite that you should have recognized her scent, stopped yourself.”

“Eventually I did Majesty, when she pulled my ear hard, when I had forced myself upon her in every way imaginable.”

“Ms. Stackhouse?”

Sookie turns in my arms, looks at the Queen. “I am sorry actions of mine brought this upon you. I sent him here to try to procure you and your telepathy for my kingdom. I told him not to bond with you and not to harm you.

When you are more stable I would like to hear the story of how you met him and the aftermath. I want to see just how badly wrong this thing went even before you were turned.”

“With Eric’s permission I will tell my story when he thinks I am ready Your Majesty.”

“That is all I am asking.

There is one thing left to do. Swear your fealty to me and I will leave you in peace until Eric tells me you are ready to tell it. Meanwhile Bill will be staying at my compound, far away from you.”

“Thank you Majesty.

How do I swear fealty Eric?”

I move her forward and kneel with her, whisper the words to her, “I, Sookie Stackhouse, swear fealty to the state of Louisiana. I offer my skills, whatever they may be, in her defence as long as I live here or until I meet the True Death.”

We remain kneeling while the Queen repeats her part, “I accept your fealty Sookie Stackhouse and offer my protection as long as you live here or until one of us meets the True Death.”

We rise and back away from the Queen’s personal space. “One last thing, have you retained your telepathy?”

“I don’t know Your Majesty. I rose just tonight and have not been near humans to find out.”

“Let me know when you find out then Eric. Let me know how her progress goes and have a counsellor, if she should want or need one, send the bill to me. You should not have to foot the bill for something that was my error.”

She rises and leaves us in peace as she had promised.


  1. Interesting twist. Sookie took it rather well. Always thought Scumbill should die just for that alone in the books.

  2. This was great! I can’t wait to read the second part.

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