Disclosure Chap 2

The Queen did leave us in peace as she had promised.

Sookie took her up on her offer and got counselling to deal with what happened during her human life and her feelings with becoming vampire. It took her nearly three years of counselling, once a week, but she came out a better vampire for the help.

At three months she was finally able to tell her story, their story. The Queen was not merciful to her tormentor. Sookie asked for, and was granted, permission to participate in his punishment. I stayed with her during those nights, as did her counsellor. I did not let her out of my sight. She handled it well, all things considered. She participated for two nights then we took our leave. She could handle no more.

Her friends and family were angry at first, understandably, but eventually came to realize that they would rather have her around as a vampire than not have her at all. Once I felt she was safe around humans we would go to Bon Temps once a week so she could visit with them.

Even the shifter came around once he realized she was not a typical vampire. She didn’t have the usual vampire prejudices against the shifting breeds, she saw them as the humans she had always known them as.

Tara was supportive, she even tried dating vampires for a time. Unfortunately she ran across one who was worse even than Compton so swore off dating vampires and stuck with those with a heartbeat.

Her brother, he was a piece of work. He didn’t like it, not one bit, but he hung in there because they were family. Eventually he settled down, had a family, let his kids know their Aunt Sookie but he was never truly comfortable around her.

We did eventually discover who pushed her into that trunk. Sookie figured it out during one of her sessions with her counsellor. It was Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s former girlfriend, who did it. With my help she took the case before the Supernatural Council claiming a blood offence causing human death against one who was protected. She won and was given, and took, the right to take Debbie’s life.

I don’t think I have ever seen a happier vampire than she has been since she learned that her telepathy died when she died her mortal death. I think she even did a happy dance, glad to be rid of what she considered a curse, happy to finally have sole possession of her own mind.

She has a place at court whenever we travel down that way, or when they require her special services. She had a hidden blood lust, one she had tamped down, ignored, in her human years. Once we started teaching her weaponry and hand to hand combat she was in her element. She LOVES combat almost as much as her Maker does. She will go down to guard the Queen when her oldest child, Andre, is sent off on assignment with Compton. She’s good at it too. She can spot trouble coming from far off, sometimes days in advance.

She saw what Katrina would do to New Orleans, and the rest of the state, and we managed to minimize the damage by boarding up and evacuating to other areas until Katrina blew through and dissipated. There was still damage and we still lost a few vampires but the damage was nowhere near as severe as what it would have been without the warning.

She prevented a vampire massacre at the Rhodes summit. She somehow got wind of what the Fellowship was planning and managed to get the dates moved back a couple of weeks.

She helped prevent a takeover by Nevada. She was itching for a fight, we all were, so we laid our plans and set our traps. The night they attacked was momentous, it was her first true battle and she gloried in it! She was magnificent! She sent five vampires to their true deaths, aided in dozens more and saved many of our number simply by being in the right place at the right time. When all was said and done only three of their number survived. We sent them back to their Master with the message that the same would happen again and again if he should wish to attack again and again.

She spent some months with the Ancient Pythoness after Rhodes. The Pythoness believed, and I concurred, that she was precognitive. We were correct. With some training and confidence she learned to listen to her instincts, and her sight.

She and Pam became like sisters, true siblings, and best friends. Once a month they take off to shop and bond and twice a year they visit some fashion show or other.

Sookie rarely uses my money, she has her own. The Queen ordered that since Compton was the cause he could support her, at least in part. Sookie receives one tenth profit from the sale of his database each month, plus a portion of whatever other monies he has coming in. She is also paid well whenever she works at court or when her precognition comes into play. My child is by no means poor now, even without any monies I may give her.

As my child she has shares in Fangtasia as well. Pam handed off dealing with humans to her once I gave the okay to do so. She does the hiring and firing, scheduling and any paperwork although she leaves signatures up to me. She even helped Pam redesign the bar soon after she was turned. She said it was too dark and foreboding, lending itself more to Goth than anything else. She lightened it up, brought in more colour, better employees. She even managed to find a place for Ginger so she could continue working even though her brain was beyond repair from too much heavy glamouring.

She is four hundred years vampire now and I don’t think I have ever seen a happier vampire, unless it’s Pam.

I released her two hundred years ago. She’s free to come and go as she pleases yet she stays with me. I resigned as Sheriff around the time I released her and we travel the world together. It is a true delight being able to see the world through her eyes.

She has businesses and investments of her own which she handles wonderfully. I know she owns a house or two as emergency bolt holes which she rents out to humans as long as they leave an open invitation for her vampire family to come and go as they please. We rarely use these properties but they are there when needed.

Me? I owe fealty only to my children now. I move from place to place, drifting and enjoying the world. Sookie and I spend as much time together as we can but she promised the Queen she would be available to aid her when she was needed so she spends a good portion of her time still in Louisiana. Right now she’s preventing another takeover, this time by Oklahoma.

Oh, there goes the phone. It’s Sookie, the uprising is over and everyone is fine. She lost a couple of fingers but they will grow back. She has a surprise for me when she returns in a month but she won’t tell me what it is. As she says, a surprise isn’t really a surprise if you know what it is, is it?

She and Pam are going to hit one of the fashion shows then she will be home.

The month passes swiftly and she finds me in Greece visiting with old friends. I am happy to see her. I always miss her when she’s gone, no matter how long or short the time is.

We say our good-byes and take our leave to have our reunion and so she can give me my surprise.

What’s this? She has resigned from the Queen’s court? She no longer wishes to travel across the ocean so often. They parted on good terms. Apparently Sophie-Anne is talking of resigning, returning to her homeland of France. It will be good to see her if she should decide to do so. I haven’t been back to the States in a century or more. That is Sookie’s home, mine is here, in Europe.

Even now, at four hundred, she still likes to sleep in the ground when she can. She says that no matter where she is it feels like home as long as she’s in the ground. She especially likes to do this if we’re apart saying that no matter where we are it’s only home if I’m there with her.

She has something for me?

She hands me a jewellers case. I open it. My eyes tear up, I’m close to crying. She kept the bullets I took for her all these years. She had them made into a ring for me. She is on her knees before me now, a familiar black velvet bag in her hands. “Master, Eric. All those centuries ago you saved my life, gave me another existence, one which has been happier than I could have ever imagined. If you will have me I would like to pledge my eternity to you, to not part from you ever again.” She removes the knife from the bag and extends it to me. I take it from her gently, reverently. “Sookie, my child, my pledged. I will gladly take your eternity and give you my own.”


  1. Awww how sweet. Together again. Well done! Precog is a much better talent for Sookie, excellent planning there. Impressed with how you had her made vampire. Loved the story from Eric’s POV. Fun story. Thankyou.

  2. HaleWhitlockWinchester

    It’s sweet. Sort of short and to the point, but I love that Sophie-Anne isn’t the bad guy. Precog would definitively hav my vote too, and she would have the understanding to make the most of this gift.

  3. sweet end. I can understand her happiness over the telepathy gone. The precognition could def be more manageable.

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