BVS: First Year chap 4

They checked in and had to sign a waiver stating the owners weren’t responsible if something were to happen to them and another that they wouldn’t kill their prey, only feed and release.

They were shown a selection of donors and they selected two, both redheaded and female and told to read the rules while their donors took their lead time.

The rules were really quite simple. No killing, no glamouring and no biting or feeding in public. There were private rooms throughout the property which they would be able to use. There
were security cameras for the safety of all.

They were given a scarf with their prey’s scent on it so they would know who to track if there was more than one and a direct line phone in case something happened and they needed help.

“Okay Sookie. Take a good sniff of her scarf, memorize the scent. Now sniff the air around you to see which direction she took off in.” She smelled the scarf and then closed her eyes, slowly turning until she caught a whiff of it on the breeze.

“This way,” and she was off, following on scent alone until suddenly the scent wasn’t there any more. “Eric? I can’t smell her any more. What’s going on?”

“She could have changed clothes, sprayed herself with a different perfume or rolled around in something which could mask her scent. Go back until you smell her again.”

She went back until she had the scent again and looked around. The girl’s clothes were lying on the ground in a heap. “Good Sookie, now what else is different?”

“There are footprints leading in several different directions, broken twigs and a different scent. A scent which isn’t quite so pleasing although it is tolerable, at least for now.”

“Very good. It smells like she rubbed herself with animal dung to cover her natural scent. Let’s follow her some more.”

They followed her footprints and the other tell tale signs that their prey had been this way. Suddenly she heard splashing. When she looked in that direction she saw her, their prey, trying to wash off the dung to confuse them again. She was on the girl too fast for her to get out of the way. Her fangs ran down, “I caught her Master! I caught her!” She was ecstatic! Her first catch!

“I see that Sookie. Bravo! Let’s find a room so you can feed and we can find the other one.”

“There’s no need to track the other one Master, she’s hiding behind that clump of bushes over there. They were silly for going in the same direction. Please Master, I need to feed.”

He laughed, “Yes, that would have been silly if they had actually gone the same direction. They didn’t, they just both ended up at the same place at the same time. I’m proud of you though. You caught your prey and noticed that the other one was nearby. Let’s go feed.”

He waved the other girl out of the bushes and went to the room that was just up the river.
When they got inside,” Master, their blood is simply racing through their veins!” With that she sank her fangs into her prey and experienced the adrenaline high of blood that has been driven hard, forced to flow faster and faster through the veins and the adrenaline of the chase, the hunt, tracking down one’s prey. She was in bloodlust.

Suddenly her head was pulled back, “Enough Sookie. Any more and we’ll have to carry her back. The other one is here waiting for you.”

She switched to her next meal but wasn’t so lost to bloodlust this time and was able to stop on her own.

“That was fun! Can we do it again some time please?”

“Of course Sookie. We can come back some time. I’ll also be teaching you how to hunt in the cities so you’ll be able to find food no matter where you are. You will need to know the local laws about hunting and feeding but that’s a lesson for another day.”

They walked back to the office, left the girls there and left. “Eric, what could I have done differently in order to catch them quicker?”

“Good question. What do YOU think you could have done differently?”

“I could have caught on to the scent change sooner so I wouldn’t have had to backtrack so far. I was so far into the excitement and thrill I wasn’t paying much attention to anything new. I could have also paid more attention to the altered scent. Even though it was covered her own scent was still there, just not as noticeable.”

“You’re right, you could have. Those two minutes could have meant your life or death. You did well though. Once you caught on you caught her quickly. The next time will be even better. Soon I will teach you how to evade pursuers. I also want to teach you how to fight in many different styles but primarily with blades. Your speed could be an advantage if you are careful.”

“I want to be the best I possibly can be at whatever it is I do so you can bet I’ll be driving you crazy for training, especially weapons and hand to hand combat. I spent the last years of my life scared half to death and wishing I knew even a quarter of what you do in order to defend myself. I want to learn how to defend myself. I want to learn how to track those who seek to do us harm. I want to learn how to evade them until we can plot a way to rid ourselves of the threat. In short I want to learn Eric.  Everything you’ve got to teach me I want to learn it.”

“That’s quite some speech Sookie. I’ll teach you whatever you want to learn and we’ll train until you can do it in your sleep. The rest of tonight is for relaxing though. I was thinking about watching a movie while cuddling on the bed and drinking some bloods.

I forgot to mention this before because you haven’t mentioned it and it hasn’t been a problem but for the foreseeable future you won’t be drinking that synthetic crap. It will be only the real thing for me and my child. The bottled is only good for maintaining or for a quick fix between donors. Despite what the government is touting a vampire can not live a long and healthy life without human blood every so often and since you’re a newborn that need is even more urgent.”

“A movie and a cuddle sound great, after we try out that hot tub in the bathroom that is”, she said with an evil smirk.

sigh. Being a vampire is so much better than I ever anticipated. I won’t tell Eric that yet though. He really is enjoying the fact that I’m totally and irrevocably his now. Truthfully I’m enjoying it too, so much more than I ever anticipated. There’s nothing now that can change that. Even if I could change it I wouldn’t. The only thing I might change would be turning sooner than I did.

I hope Pam comes soon though. I want to go shopping (did I just say I wanted to go shopping?) and my idea of fun is not listening to my husband sigh, repeatedly, while tagging along with me in the stores. Besides, Pam has awesome fashion sense.

When they got home Sookie simply stripped down to nothing at the door, picked up her clothes and headed for the bedroom, asking over her shoulder “do you want to pick the movie or get the bloods?”

“I’ll let you pick the movie My love, I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

She went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the hot tub and then went to pick out the movie while the tub filled.

Vampire speed reading! She could have used this as a human! In no time she found the movie she wanted and laid it on top of the DVD player then went and got into the tub.
A few minutes later Eric walked in in all his glory but instead of getting in behind her he got in front of her. He kissed her long and hard, letting his hands wander where they would, almost aimlessly. Suddenly he put his mouth on her mound and they were off having one mind blowing orgasm after another, sometimes her, sometimes him and sometimes both at the same time.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Eric, I think you stole my leg bones again. I feel like they’re made of jelly.” He simply smiled and carried her back to their bedroom and put her on the bed, crawling in behind her.

“Sookie, you are a constant surprise. I’m seeing everything new through you, enjoying living again. I’m falling in love with you all over again. You amaze me. I’m proud to be your Maker and beyond happy that you allowed me that privilege. Tomorrow we’ll start your combat training soon after we rise. Now, let’s settle down and watch Underworld, drink our bloods and relax.”

“That’s the best plan I’ve heard since I asked you to turn me,” she said as she placed a kiss on his cheek.

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  1. Sookie enjoyed hunting and she learnt quick…Like the fact that Sookie wants to learn how to defend herself and the ones she loves…Can’t wait to see Eric training her

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