BVS: First Year chap 2

A/N: Italics are them talking to each other mentally.

About an hour after dusk on the third night he felt the first stirrings of life but they were different. They weren’t physical movements, they were mental awareness. He could hear his Lover going through the differences mentally.

“I can hear you Lover, can you hear me?”


“Who else Lover?”

She opened her eyes and could see the lining of the coffin, she could see how blue her beloved’s eyes were, the smile on his lips. She reached up to touch his face and was startled by how quickly her hand moved. She stopped and examined her hand. It looked the same but different. There was a little glow to her now, more so than when she had had blood during lovemaking.

“Eric, I’m glowing. Does this mean…?”

“Yes Dear One, it means you are now a vampire. Would you like to get out and get something to eat now or would you like to stay in here and get a little more accustomed to things?”

“Stay in here a few more minutes I think.”

She moved her arms, her legs, her feet, her neck and head. Every movement was super fast, like she was Super Woman on steroids!

“Are there any mental signatures around us Sookie?”

She stopped what she was doing and closed her eyes so she could concentrate better. ” I can hear voices but I don’t know where they are or how close they are. My range wasn’t very far before, only a couple of hundred feet, but these feel like they’re much further than that.”

“Good, can you tell what they’re thinking?”

“They’re wondering when Master Eric is going to rise and why is he in such a big coffin. Are we home?”

“We are my love. Would you like to meet the help?”

“I guess so. They didn’t know you were bringing me with you?”

“They knew, they just didn’t know we would be sharing a coffin. We’ve been here for two nights now. Come, I want to see you in the moonlight, how lovely you are.”

He unlocked and opened the lid and rose. He got out and helped his wife, and child, out and they stood facing the people who were bowing to them, well probably just him, but bowing just the same.

“Everyone, this is my wife and new child Sookie. She’s not ready to be around humans alone just yet but I will make the introductions once she is.”

They all bowed and left the room, not willing to risk his wrath or the bloodlust of a newly risen vampire.

“Eric, can we go outside? I want to try moving and I don’t want to break anything while I get my vampire legs under me.”

He turned to look at her and, if he had needed to breathe, his breath would have been stolen. She was absolutely magnificent. Her skin was pale now although she retained a faint hint of her tan. Her hair was thick and lustrous. She was perfect.

“Of course my love,” and he opened the French doors into the back yard which was covered in snow. She took off her shoes so she wouldn’t ruin them (couldn’t have Pam mad at her on her first night) and took a step toward the doors. Suddenly she was outside. The surprise on her face was something to see. She’d never moved so fast. It was kind of fun but disconcerting just the same. She felt kind of dizzy from moving so quickly.

Eric was right there moving with her, steadying her when she looked like she needed it, leaving her to her discoveries when she didn’t.

“Eric, I’m out here in the snow with no shoes and no coat and I don’t even feel the cold!”
He smiled at her and let her lead the way to more discoveries.

“Race you to the fence!” and she was gone, taking him quite by surprise. He just barely beat her there but met her with a smile on his face and kiss on her lips.

“You are a delight my love, and a surprise. I don’t think Pam could get that close to beating me in a race for about twenty years. One of your gifts may just be enhanced speed.”

She smiled, “Take me flying please? I want to see your house from the air.”

“It’s our house now,” and he bent down so he could piggy back her, “hold on love.” Up they went into the air. It was exhilarating. It started snowing while they were up there and she could see each individual ice crystal in each snow flake! She could see the snow on the ground glittering in the light from the house. She could see for miles and it was all glittering in the moonlight.

“Enjoying yourself Lover? The night is young yet, lots to explore and you haven’t eaten yet. Let’s go find someone for you to drink from and then we’ll explore some more.” He landed on the roof of the house and she ran to the edge and jumped. Instead of falling hard and fast she slowly lowered herself to the ground, laughing from giddiness and pride in her accomplishment.

“Did you see that Eric? I levitated down to the ground!” She sounded so happy and proud.

“I saw, you are quite a marvel. Let’s go get you something to eat.” He took her hand and led her inside where he had already arranged to have some donors ready for her first meal as a newborn.

“Sit down lover. I’m going to explain the mechanics of feeding then I’ll help you until you learn how to stop on your own.” She sat and looked at the men and women in front of her. She held up her hand to let him know she wasn’t quite ready yet and she listened to them. They were all shapes and sizes but the three things they all had in common were they had never been bitten, none of them had been glamoured and they were all here willingly. For some reason this made her very happy.

“I’m ready Master. I’ve learned something, too, and it makes me very happy. None of them have been bitten or glamoured and they’re all here willingly and in their right minds.”

He smiled at her, “Pick one of the donors.”

She picked a female, about 27, brunette, natural assets, no enhancements. She waved her over.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Jessica,” she replied quietly. Her voice was shaking a little bit but she really wanted to do this. This new vamp was very pretty.

“Jessica, kneel in front of Sookie,” she knelt.

“Sookie, can you smell her blood? It smells a little bit smokey and metallic.”

“Yes. I can smell it, I can see it pulsing through her veins, I can hear it,” she was excited by this new discovery. Suddenly her fangs dropped, surprising her.

He laughed, “Look at me my love, I want to see them.”

She looked at him and smiled, showing her perfect smile with two tiny pointed fangs where her upper canines used to be. “Beautiful Sookie, my beautiful Sookie. You are a sight to behold.”

She dipped her head in embarrassment, she never had known how to take a compliment. He put his hand under her chin and gently tilted her head so she would look at him, “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You are one of the most beautiful vampires I’ve ever seen. Now, on with the lesson.

The bite will be less painful, as you are aware, the more aroused the donor is. There are numerous ways to arouse someone but the easiest for you right now is to simply kiss where you wish to bite, lick it a little, and gently sink your fangs into the tender flesh and drink. You stop when the heartbeat starts to slow just a little bit. Would you like me to show you first or would you like to try it on your own?”

In answer she kissed Jessica’s neck, kissed it some more, licked where the vein was that she wanted then slowly, almost tenderly, she sank her baby fangs into Jessica’s neck. She took a few pulls of precious blood.

She smelled something new now, something tangy. She heard Jessica gasp and pulled back, afraid she had hurt her. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry.” Her eyes were red rimmed now, she was holding back tears, because she thought she had hurt Jessica.

“No Ma’am, you didn’t hurt me. It felt really good. I gasped because it felt really good. I wanted to go further with you, to have you with your hands on my body in a sexual way.”

“Sookie, you are smelling her arousal,” he said with a smirk. “She smells tangy now, doesn’t she? You need to lick the puncture marks so they’ll heal.”

She nodded and did as instructed. “Thank you Jessica, that was very good. Could I have more please Eric? I’m still hungry.’

“Of course. I figure you’ll probably need three or four more donors before your hunger will be diminished somewhat. I’m proud of you for stopping so soon, too.”

“I wasn’t paying much attention until she gasped, that brought me back to the present.”

“You need to pay more attention Sookie, you need to listen and feel for the heartbeat so you’ll know when to stop. Not all of them will gasp to bring you back to the present.”

She nodded and looked down, ashamed for not paying attention. “Sookie, you are a typical newborn. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. That is one of the reasons I’m here, to help you. Who would you like next?”

She pointed to a red headed male. He was about 30 and well built. He came forward and knelt in front of her, tilting his head to one side to make it easier for her to access his neck.
She looked at Eric and he nodded that he was ready if she should need him. “What’s your name,” she asked.

“Jaymes Ma’am,” was his response.

She kissed his neck, licked the vein and tenderly sank her fangs in, drawing his life giving blood into her body. She listened this time and released him just before his pulse weakened.

“Thank you Jaymes. That was quite good.”

She waved to the blonde female. She was the youngest of the lot at 21. “She smells different from the others. Why is that?”

“Sookie, do you remember back to our earliest conversations when you were human?” She thought for a moment then nodded. “What did I tell you that I was able to tell about you, just from your scent?” She thought for a minute and her eyes grew wide as she figured it out. The girl was a virgin. He grinned at her as he saw realization dawn on her.

“I want you to try the wrist this time. It’s sometimes easier to feel the pulse there. You did very well pulling away the last time. Let’s see if you do as well this time.”

She drank from her and two more donors before she felt her hunger abate. “Thank you all. You were quite delicious. Eric, aren’t you going to drink? There are two left that I haven’t touched.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with my drinking in front of you? How about we partake together?”

“Together would be good, you choose this time please.”

He chose the redhead female. “Do you want the wrist or the neck Sookie?”

“The wrist is easier for me to sense the pulse point so the wrist please.” He sat the girl on the couch between them and they each took a wrist. He took just a sip while she took a few more. They did the same for the remaining donor. When they were done the donors were ushered out of the room, given instructions on aftercare, driven home and had the location of where they were glamoured from them although they were allowed to remember feeding a new vampire and her Maker.

As soon as they were alone she dove at him, attacking him with kisses, pushing him back further onto the couch. “What’s this Lover? Is there something you want me to take care of for you?”

She pouted, “Unless you would rather I took care of it myself,” and she slid her hand down under her dress, wet a couple of fingers, brought them out and waved them under his nose, letting him smell her arousal. She put her fingers in her own mouth and gently sucked them clean, watching at the surprise and delight on Eric s face as she did so.

“We can’t have that now, can we? Let me call Pam and let her know everything is fine and then I’m all yours.”

“Pam? Can I talk to her too please? I want to tell her about my night.”

He laughed, “Of course my love, you may tell her about your night but be warned she’s going to be full of questions and dawn is about two hours off. She’ll keep you talking for those two hours if you’re not careful.” He looked at his watch, “She’s just rising so she’s got all night to talk your ear off.”

“It’ll grow back Eric,” she laughed.

He looked at her, surprised. A vampire joke?

“Vampire jokes already? You surprise me more and more.”

She giggled and attacked him again, “Call now please,” she growled. She really was getting desperate to have him inside her, licking her, fingering her.

He picked up his phone and placed his call, “Pam, I have someone here who wants to talk to you. Please don’t keep her too long, we’ve only got a couple of hours to dawn and more exploring to do.”

He handed his phone to Sookie, “Hey sis. I’m having so much fun! Five donors to myself and we shared two more. I ran through the snow barefoot, almost beat Eric in a race, levitated down from the roof, I can still hear minds, there are servants in the house, vamp speed is super cool! When are you coming home? Bye.”

She handed the phone back to Eric and laughed at the look on his face. She didn’t let Pam get a word in edgewise, that way she couldn’t take up the remaining night. She wanted sex and she wanted it NOW!

She slid down off the couch and knelt between his knees, looking at him with what she hoped was a sultry look. She tapped his leg and when he looked at her she slowly started unbuttoning her dress, slipped one shoulder of her dress, then the other, down, exposing the tops of her breasts. He still wasn’t responding although he was watching her intently. She slid her dress down further exposing her breasts in full. She lifted one of them out of her bra and tweaked the nipple. His cock was semi erect now and twitching. She lifted the other breast out and tweaked that nipple too. Still twitching. She allowed her dress to fall to the floor exposing the entirety of her upper body for his perusal. She reached forward and unzipped his pants, unbuttoned them and reached in. There it was, just the thing to satiate her current hunger, his cock which was made just for her! She started rubbing it gently, feeling it twitch under her touch. She grabbed hold of it and pulled it out of his pants and laughed in glee. She was
seeing the results of her attentions.

She growled at him, low and sexy. He looked at her with one eyebrow raised, “Do you want something Sookie?”

She growled again, “Pam, I want him fucking me now! Bye!” and she reached up and hung up his phone while at the same time taking him in her mouth. She put the phone on the table, grasped him with her hand, and slid her mouth up and down his length. She continued on until he fell over the edge of the plateau filling her with his own essence. She licked her lips while looking him full in the face, grasped his cock, stood up and gave him a gentle tug to follow her. He stayed put and she pouted. “Errrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccc, pleassssssssseeeeeeeeeee. I need you. I want you inside me now!”

“Well, you can’t get much more explicit than that but you can come and get it right here,” and he pulled her down on top of him, positioning her so he was poised at her wet opening and suddenly she was impaled on him, riding him for all she was worth. Vampire speed definitely had its uses. Their hands were all over each other, anywhere and everywhere, touching and feeling, pinching and pulling. Suddenly she sank her fangs into his neck and started drinking which spurred him on to drink from her. The bond sparked and opened even further. She could feel everything he was feeling right now. She could see some of his past, she could smell the scents from his past. He was proud of her, happy they were together, horny as all get out, surprised at her restraint. Yes, he was quite proud of her and happy he was her Maker.

Suddenly she was feeling mentally foggy, she didn’t know what was happening. “Eric? What’s happening? Suddenly I’m not so mentally sharp, it’s like a pea soup fog descended on my brain.”

“That’s the pull of the sun Sookie. Let’s get you to bed. Tomorrow we’ll go hunting, present ourselves to the local Sheriff and do some more exploring.”

He picked her up and carried her to bed, enjoying the sight of his wife and child there in his bed with him. She was dead by the time he lay her down. He climbed in beside her and thanked the Gods for this opportunity.

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  1. I’m so happy Eric gave up his role of Sheriff to be close to Sookie! Her first night of vampire went well…I think Sookie will enjoy her undead life!

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