BVS: First Year chap 6

She ran her hand lightly over the obvious bulge in his pants, feeling it twitch in delight at the touch.  She smiled and slid her hand down his pants.  My, my her Viking had put on underwear!  She slowly undid his pants, leaving the belt buckled, and lay her hand at the base of his cock, barely touching his balls, feeling his excitement mount.  She slid her hand in through the opening in the underwear and touched him, light as a feather, and heard him gasp.

Finally she undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down to his knees and watched his face as his thoughts and feelings flitted across it.  She was very pleased with herself.  She continued to play with his erection through his shorts until she felt his balls tighten.  She stopped and continued on her exploration of her Maker’s body.   She ran her hands all over the exposed  parts of his body, nipping, pinching, hitting, biting.  Finally she stood in front of him again and picked up the cuffs.  She went around behind him, took one hand and went to put one of the cuffs on him but gasped in pain.

This brought them both out of the lust for a moment, “What’s wrong Sookie?  What has given you pain?”

“Eric, what are these cuffs made of?  I touched the manacle part and it stung my hand.  Just a little shock, enough to make me let go, nothing like what silver does though.”

“They’re made of iron, made specially for me.  I have some stainless steel ones if you would like me to get them for you.”

“I think that might be best.  Take your pants off all the way while you’re up, but please leave the underwear on.”

“Let me see where you got stung.”

She showed him.  It was still a little red but the vampire healing was quickly taking care of it.  He kissed the sore spot and got up go remove his pants and get the stainless steel cuffs.

He knelt in the position he was in before, “Here you go Mistress, stainless steel cuffs and my pants are with my shirt.”

She took the cuffs and cuffed his wrists behind him, “Now you will have to struggle a bit if you actually want to touch this,” and she ran her hands along her body, stopping to tweak her nipples and then to dip her fingers into her  pool of wetness.  She put a line of her juices under his nose and watched as his eyes dilated with her scent so close yet unattainable and the thoughts of what she was, and could, do to him.

She pulled one of her breasts out of the corset and started pinching the nipple, twisting it, bringing it up to her mouth to suckle it.

My child really is a marvel!  I’ve never had a woman suck her own nipple for me before!  Of course, no one has ever had such perfect breasts for me before either.  What else does she have planned?

His cock was dancing in front of her, straining to be released but she left it where it was, hidden and providing a wonderful show for her eyes only!

She cupped her own womanhood with her own hand and rubbed her palm in her wetness and then spread that wetness over her own nipple then allowed him just a taste of that juicy nipple, only a taste though.

She put her hand back down and worked her clit in front of him, watching his reactions, delighting in what she was doing to him.  She pulled her skirt up to her waist and lay down in front of him, she wasn’t wearing any panties, and made him watch while she pleasured herself for him.  She could hear him moaning her name, begging to be allowed entrance to his own personal Valhalla but she denied him.  “No my Viking boy.  You get the pleasure of watching while your Mistress pleasures herself.  If you’re really, really good, I’ll let you pleasure yourself for my pleasure later.”

She reached under the bed and pulled out what she had hidden there earlier.  A box of toys she had found while exploring the bedroom.  She took the dildo and slowly fucked herself with it, making him watch and listen while she did so.  She took the dildo out of her sopping wet pussy, put it in her mouth and sucked it dry.

She put the toy aside, sat up and removed her boots and lay back down again.  She put her foot on his erection and started rubbing it while she continued to play with herself.

She took her other breast out of the corset and reached into the box.  She pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and put them on her nipples, moaning at the tightness of the clamps on her already swollen and sensitive nipples.  She gave the chain between them a little tug and felt as his already hard cock gave a big twitch.  She smiled.  She put her hand down to her crotch again and inserted one finger while stroking her clit with the other hand, listening as he said her name over and over again.  Another finger inserted, a little harder on her clit, a little harder with her foot, until she had her whole hand inside her and she was rubbing her clit and his cock with vampire speed.  Just before she lost herself to an orgasm she stopped, “Stand up my boy Viking.”

He stood and she got on her knees before him and slid his underwear down to his ankles.  His thick, hard cock sprang out and into her waiting mouth.  She licked and sucked, nibbled and nipped.  She continued playing with her pussy until suddenly they both exploded with a fireworks display behind their eyelids.

She stood and grasped his cock, gently pulling so he would follow her.  She let them out of their bedchamber and into his study where she put him up against his desk.  She jumped up and grabbed him around the neck with her arms and his waist with her legs and poised herself over his still erect cock and looked directly in his eyes and smirked.

She lowered herself onto him and rode him with abandon.  When she was near her release she bit him and drank, only a few mouthfuls but enough to satiate her thirst for now.

She turned them and sat on his desk, “fuck me my boy Viking.  I want to feel how well my boy can fuck his Mistress without the use of his hands or fangs.”

She poised herself so they were lined up and he thrust straight into her.  He bucked and pumped, building them both to another release but before he could find his release she stopped him and got down on her knees before him, taking him in her  mouth again, allowing him to fill her with his release.

Finally she released his wrists and bent herself over the desk, “Take me my boy Viking, mark me as yours so all who encounter us will know we belong to each other!”

Immediately he did as requested.  He entered her and rode her fast and hard.  Once they had both achieved another release he leaned over and took a tube of something out of his desk drawer, it was lubricant.  He rubbed some into her ass, “May I Mistress?  May I please fuck your ass?”

“You may my boy Viking.”

He covered his cock in lube and rubbed even more into her hole and gently took the last remaining vestiges of her virginity.  He rode her slow and tender, stopping so she could adjust  to the newness and his size until he was finally in her to the hilt.  He fucked her slowly at first, allowing her to adjust.  As he was fucking her she pulled the nipple clamps off and howled with the  painful pleasure that brought, coupled with the new feelings he was bringing out as he fucked her ass.

“That’s enough my boy Viking.  Would you like a blood?  I’m ravenous.”

“I think that would be best.  We don’t want an accident.”

She went to the kitchen and heated them up a glass of blood each and brought him his.  He was still standing where she had left him.  “I’m not done with you yet Eric but I needed the break so I didn’t do something I might regret later on.”

He nodded and knelt in front of her, gazing lovingly at her.  “I am yours to do with as you will Mistress.  If you would like I have a strap on dildo downstairs.  You could claim me as I just claimed you.  Only my Master has ever claimed that special place.  I would love it if you did so.”

“Go and get it my boy Viking, but crawl as you do so.”

He handed her his glass and crawled away from her.  When he came back he was still crawling, holding the strap on in his mouth, grinning around it.  He came before her, knelt and presented it to her.  “Mistress, would you like me to help you with this?”

“Yes, please.”

He took it from her and rubbed it in her pussy juices and then helped her put it on, making sure the attachment for her was situated deep inside her pussy.

“On your hands and knees my Viking.”

He was immediately in the position she wanted him.  She took the lube and spread a very generous amount in and on his ass, making sure she wouldn’t hurt him when she took him.

She poised herself at his opening and slowly, gently, entered him, centimetre by centimetre until he totally sheathed her cock.  She gently thrust in and out, shallowly at first until she learned their limits then faster and harder and deeper as she gained more confidence.  

The sounds coming from him were absolutely delicious.  “Reach down and stroke yourself my  Viking.”  He immediately started stroking his straining erection.   Gently at first then harder and faster as she rode him harder and faster.  When she was close to her release she pulled out and pushed him to his back and allowed him the privilege of cleaning her cock for her.  He slid his lips up and down her length, cleaning her, stroking himself until she held his head still and started fucking his mouth, moaning in pleasure, pleased that he was allowing her this familiarity.

When she was close to release again she stopped, removed the strap on and lowered herself to his face, allowing him her scent but nothing else except the juices leaking down into his waiting mouth as she watched him stroke himself, fascinated,  “Harder and faster Eric.  I want you to bring yourself to the plateau.”  He immediately increased his strokes until he was at the plateau, “Please Mistress, please let me cum.  Your scent and my own motions are about to undo me.”

“Not yet my Viking. Tongue.”  she demanded.  He immediately stuck out his tongue and she lowered herself onto it and rode it for a few strokes, “eat me my Viking, bring me the pleasure you are so longing to bring.”  He immediately set to work tonguing her clit and slit, sucking and nibbling as she leaned forward, removed his hand from his cock and took him into her mouth, matching her movement to his until they both jumped off the plateau together.

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  1. Wow that was so hot! I think a need a cold shower and a sigarette( I don’t even smoke!)

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