BVS: First Year chap 5

When she rose the next evening Eric was standing there with a glass of blood in his hand for her and a laptop so she could email her friends and family to let them know all was well.

“Okay my lover. The blood is just to get you through until we can go hunting or hit a club for donors. The laptop is so you can keep in touch with your friends and family back in the States. I’ve got my own laptop over on the desk so if you need me I m not far off.” He handed her the blood and the computer and sat down at his own computer and started looking busy. He didn’t want her to feel self conscious.

She took a gulp of her blood, “Ummmm, Eric? I don’t know how to use this thing. I could barely use Hadley’s desktop computer with Amelia there to help me! Help?”

He laughed and shook his head, “Lover, you’re going to get caught up with technology eventually. For now come here.” She went over and sat on his lap, snuggling down and placing a kiss on his neck.  “Put your information in the box here so you can sign in to your own email account. Here’s your email inbox. It looks like everyone is emailing you wanting to know how things are progressing. You sit here and email your friends, and Pam, and I’ll set your computer up for you so all you have to do is turn it on.”

He lifted her off his lap and sat her back down in his seat and went over to the bed to set up her computer.

There were emails from everyone she had told that she was going to turn vampire, they just didn’t know that she was in Sweden since she hadn’t known when she last spoke to them.

Hey everyone: My turning was a huge success! I’m a vampire now and absolutely loving it! Eric’s been great and very patient with me. My newborn cravings sometimes feel out of control but he helps me control them. I’m learning lots of different things from him and soon we’re going to start combat training! Maybe now I’ll be able to take care of myself and not worry everyone half to death because they’re afraid I’ll end up on the wrong end of a pair of fangs or claws.Eric gave up his Sheriffdom! That was a shock. He says it is so he can devote time to helping me through my first years but personally I think he was homesick and tired of constantly having to protect his front, his back and me!We’ve moved to Sweden. I don’t know how long we’ll be here for but I’m hoping it’s permanent. There weren’t many good things about my life stateside but I count each of my friends, and yes, even you Jason, as a blessing in my lifeLove to you all. I’ll try to send individual emails soon but I can’t concentrate enough right now to send more than one or two.



How I miss you!

I miss our chats. Heck, I even miss your sarcasm, wittiness and awesome fashion sense!

Speaking of fashion sense…when are you coming home! I want to go shopping! Yeah, you heard me right, I want to go shopping! Did you ever think I would admit that to anyone? Me, who hates shopping for things not strictly necessary and certainly not spending $300 on a pair of shoes or thousands on a dress!  So please, get your sisterly butt over here and take your sister shopping before she runs out of clothing from training and/or blood!

Love ya sis,


She looked up and Eric was still fooling around with her computer so she sat her glass down and went into the bathroom to wash her face and hands. Something about her felt different but she hadn’t been able to figure it out yet. She was concentrating so hard that she didn’t notice that a force field had gone up around her. Suddenly she couldn’t smell her own scent and her bond with Eric didn’t seem quite as strong. She concentrated a little more and the force field went away. She could smell her own scent again and the bond was back full force.

She grinned. She had a plan!

She peeked around the door frame. He was leaning against the headboard.

She slowly moved toward him, down on her hands and knees, like a lion stalking its prey. When she was close enough she pounced but he wasn’t where he should have been when she landed. Instead he was behind her, laughing.

“Nice try lover but you’ll have to get up mighty early in the evening to get one over on your Master. Care to take it outside and try it again? This time maybe with some pointers?”

“Maybe after another couple of bloods. I’m really hungry and since there are no living, breathing donors around, and no one else to hunt I need something to fill the void.”

“Well, you can hunt me tonight. I’m sure I’ll lead you on a merry chase. The bloods are upstairs in the kitchen. Get dressed in something you don’t mind losing and meet me up there.”

“Clothes I don’t mind losing? Are you kidding? Most of my clothes end up in the bin after I’ve worn them once! They either get blood and tissue on them or ripped by a certain Viking who’s in the throes of sexual lust! I think I might own five outfits which have survived their first wearing!”

“Does this mean I get to spend some money on you?” Damn his smirk! She loved that smirk.

“If you’re a good Master I might let you buy me a few things.”

“Hey now, who’s the Maker and who’s the child?”

“You and I both know that we are more than simply Maker and child. Think back to my speech the night you turned me, you’ll know.”

“I know what you said Lover. Yes, we are more than Maker and child but that doesn’t give you leave to act like a spoiled brat or to take liberties where you should at least ask if I’m up for that activity.”

“I could have said ‘if you’re a good’ boy instead.”

“You could have and that might have gotten you punished. Actually, no might have about it, you would have been punished.”

“Tell you what, give me a fifteen minute head start and if you catch me you can punish me. If I make it back to the bedroom first I get to have my way with you. How does that sound?” She had an evil glint in her eye, she had something planned, something she hadn’t told him about yet.

“What are you hiding Sookie? There will be punishment for hiding things from me, you know this, right?”

“It’s something I just learned a few minutes ago. I’ll tell you about it after I win,” she giggled as she made her way to the kitchen for some blood before heading out to evade her Viking.

“You’re on Sookie but rest assured it is I who will be doing the punishing tonight, not you having your way with me.”

“Let me finish my breakfast and we shall see.”

As soon as she was finished breakfast she gave him a quick kiss and darted out the door to try to evade him long enough to make it back to the bedroom.

She levitated to the roof of the house and then down the other side where she wrapped herself in a fairy veil (her force field) in order to mask her scent. Then she ran to the tree line where she unveiled herself and levitated up into the trees where she levitated from tree to tree until she came to the stream where she landed in the middle and ran downstream for a couple of kilometres, all the while using her senses to detect where he was and how close. Nothing yet as the fifteen minutes wasn’t up yet but it was only a couple of minutes until he would be out of the house and on her trail. She levitated back up into the trees and back to the treeline on the other side of the house where she watched her Maker streak from the house following her scent, at least until he lost it then he stood there concentrating, trying to find her scent again. When that didn’t work he tried to find her through their bond. She didn’t know if it would work or not but it was worth a try. She veiled herself again, hoping it would dull the bond enough that he wouldn’t be able to track her that way. He looked pained for a moment when the veil went up but he calmed again once he discovered he could still feel her life force thrumming in the back of his mind.

She levitated once more and streaked to the house and down to the bedroom and started setting it up for what she wanted to do to with him. She would give him fifteen minutes and if he wasn’t back, or hadn’t contacted her, she would touch his mind to let him know to come home.

“Lover, where are you?”

“I am safe Eric, come and find me.”

“You are quite the little minx. I knew you were hiding something but I still don’t know what that something is. You will tell me tonight, yes?”

“As soon as you find me I will tell you, yes.”

“You have left quite a confusing trail Love. You levitated to the top of the house and down the other side. There I lost your scent. I tried tracking you through the bond but you somehow muffled it so that just the hum of your life force was discernible. I walked around the house and could only smell you at the door, on the roof and on the other side. Where has my child gotten to?”

“I messed up, I should have left my scent till just inside the tree line instead of cloaking it so close to the house. Yes, that’s right. One of my fae abilities has surfaced. I can mask my scent which apparently has the side effect of muffling our bond. Now please come down to the bedroom so I can have my way with you.”

She was no sooner done her statement than he was standing in front of her, fangs extended, smiling wide. “It seems you got a very useful fae ability. It will be very hard for anyone to track you if you levitate and mask your scent. Well done, you have definitely earned your reward this night.”

“I’m glad you approve now please kneel.”

He knelt in front of her and tried to steal a kiss. “Nope, this is my reward and it’s going to go the way I want it to go. No touching without my say so, are we clear my Viking?”

“Oh yes My child, we are very clear but remember who your Maker is before you do something which may get you punished.”

“Believe me Eric, I could never forget the love of my life.” With that she gave him a lingering kiss. Once she had to move his hands down to his side she backed away to just out of arm’s reach. “Okay my little boy in a big man’s body, close your eyes and leave them closed until I give you leave to open them again.”

He closed his eyes and she stripped. His nostrils flared since he could smell her arousal. When she allowed him to open his eyes she was standing in front of him dressed as a Dominatrix. She had on a tight red and black corset which elevated her breasts, giving them even more prominence and pushed them together, a red latex skin tight skirt, thigh high stockings and six inch platform boots. She also held a pair of vampire friendly handcuffs by the steel chain.

His gaze locked on her, his fangs ran down again. He didn’t hear what she said at first, his lust was getting the better of him, so she walked around behind him and smacked his ass hard. That snapped him back into the here and now. She sauntered back into his line of sight and grinned, she had a wonderfully sex filled night planned, the only breaks would be for her to feed.

She stood in front of him, breasts right under his nose, and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She let it fall from his shoulders to the floor behind him. She ran her hands lightly over his chest and stomach, stopping to pinch his nipples or kiss a particularly sensitive area.

Gods I love it when she lets her Fairy side out to play although maybe this is just her letting her vampire side have dominance and not fighting it. She is gorgeous! That corset and skirt! I want to fuck her senseless right now but I promised I would be a good boy (did I just say good boy? grrrrrrr See what this vixen does to me?) and let her do to me what she will.

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  1. Loved this chapter ! Sookie is such a great vampire! Her fae ability to mask her scent has survived her turning! Just great that will come handy when she’s in a bad situation ! Eric is enjoying his wife so much!

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