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The Non-Canon Awards: Out of this World Contest

Title: Over the Rainbow

Rating: 18+ years and over

Genre: Crossover – True Blood / SVM with Doctor Who

Word Count: 4049

Pairing: 10th Doctor / Sookie / Beehl

Summary: A crossover of TB/SVM with Doctor Who. Sookie is busy running off into the woods in the middle of the night (*sigh*) but at least this time she is running away from Bill, only to run straight into a maenad, or rather an alien creature masquerading as a maenad. The Tenth Doctor materialises in his TARDIS who has taken pity upon Sookie and is determined to show her the truth about Bill, who rushes on board the TARDIS just in time as Sookie tearfully tells him they can go back to his human time and stop him being turned… Only thing is, the TARDIS doesn’t take them back to Civil War era Bon Temps as expected. So who exactly is Bill Compton anyway and what is he hiding?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, whether they are from TB/SVM or Doctor Who and make no money from them. I merely love playing with them for my own amusement and that of the fans who love them so much🙂

Over the Rainbow

Chapter 1:

Stupid fucking Bill – expecting her to get back in the damn car. Well he could go find a fucking cliff and jump right off it as far as she was concerned. Of course she took Jessica to see her family – she hadn’t meant for it to get so out of hand but damn it – where was his compassion? The girl had lost everything, been turned by force because of some weird- as- fuck vampire justice to pay for Bill’s staking of Longshadow to save her life – her life! She owed Jessica at least the chance to say good bye and sure maybe she hadn’t quite thought it through, but Bill didn’t have to be such a damn ass about it.

Pfft. Like she was ever getting back in that damn car.

Sookie stuck her chin out as she squared her shoulders. She’d  walk the ten miles home herself – sure, it was through the dark woods, but so what? She was a Southern country girl – a little darkness and some scrub didn’t scare her –

Something rustled beside her on the path. Heavy breathing snorted beside her and she began to pick up her pace. Not going back to Bill, not going back to Bill – Footfalls echoed behind her and she tried to run faster, her breath caught in her throat, her lungs burned as she felt branches and twigs rip at her clothing, the uneven ground making it hard to run faster, her heart pounding against her ribs with fear and exertion  .-

Then a wind blew up on what had been a still and balmy night, a wind that whipped her hair into her face and flattened all the tree branches that tried to reach out and grab her away from her body. A whirring, scraping sound that reminded her of Jason’s fingernails on a chalkboard – he thought he was so damned  funny – filled the lonely path through the woods. Something flickered in front of her, then faded out, before flickering and reappearing – a blue box that said ‘Police’, but it didn’t look like anything she’d seen before.

A yellow light shone out as the door opened, the silhouette of a tall man appearing, and Sookie took a step back before her stubbornness kicked in – how dare this blue box appear out of nowhere, cutting off her path and scaring the bejesus out of her? She hoped it really was the Police so she could complain to the officer in charge – she was in just the mood to tear strips off someone.

Her face filled with belligerence, Sookie stepped forward, hands on hips.

“Who the hell are you?” she demanded.

“I could say the same of you. This certainly isn’t Barcelona – where has the old girl taken me this time?”

“Are you the ranking officer here, because if you are, I’d like to make a complaint.”

“Oh would you now?”

“Yes, and -”

Sookie’s tirade was cut off by the sound of something snorting and pawing the ground with its hooves.

“Oooh, a maenad! I haven’t seen one of them in years! I thought you were all extinct – oh, and out on the hunt I see, all dressed up in your minotaur form – oh yes, very scary. Were you chasing her? Are you sure you even want to? Tongue like a viper, that one.”

He pulled out a small device lit with a blue glow that made a whirring sound.

“There we go – off into the Void with you!”

There was a flicker and the minotaur disappeared.

“What the -”

“Thank you? Oh, no worries, now that you mention it, I always just happen to materialise anywhere and rescue ungrateful women from rampaging alien beasts. I’m the Doctor. And who might you be?”

Sookie looked properly at him in the dim light spilling from the open door of the blue box. He wore a brown pinstriped suit  and had sideburns like Bill, but somehow they suited him a whole lot better, His brown eyes were liquid and she felt herself being drawn into them, drawn to the ship –

“Oh hello,” he said, staring at the metallic object in his hands. “Psychic creature are you? No wonder – the old girl must have tapped into your distress signal and here I am come to rescue you – she always did have a soft spot for damsels in distress – even annoying ones.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“My ship – the TARDIS. For some reason I quite frankly can’t fathom, she’s taken a liking to you. Name?”

“Sookie Stackhouse.”

“What kind of name is that? What is a Sookie?”

“What kind of name is the Doctor?”

“Haha – that’s a good one. Well, now you’re here, would you like to go on a little trip -”


The Doctor raised his sonic screwdriver and it made a sick, half-dying sound as though its batteries were running out.

“You know, you really should lay off the vampire blood – it’s really messing with your head -”

“What? How did you -”

“Come on – come for a little jaunt with me – you’ll feel a lot better – what do you say?”

“But my boyfriend – he’s back in the car there and really I should go home -”

“Oh you mean that vampire – the one that’s tapping his foot impatiently waiting for you to come crawling back to him?”

“On second thoughts, let’s go.”

“Thought that might change your mind.”

He stepped back into his ship and Sookie followed, running back out the moment after she stepped inside, running around behind the back of the box before running back in again.

“It’s bigger on the inside!”

“So it is – hadn’t noticed really…, kind of get used to it after a while – ”

“How -”

“Oh it’s simple trans-dimensional astrophysics, really. The outer hull is made of living metal – don’t be fooled by the wood – and it exists in a different dimension to the interior and -” Sookie’s eyes glazed over, so the Doctor stopped. “But yes, you’re right – it’s bigger on the inside, and that’s all that counts.”

“What are you?”

“Timelord. Alien from Gallifrey who can travel in time and space. Now tell me, Sookie Stackhouse, where would you like to go?”

With a glazed look in her eyes Sookie just stood there for a few moments, running the events of the evening over in her mind, trying to figure out exactly how she had ended up where she was and why she was even contemplating going somewhere with this stranger. Something strange but utterly right was happening as she stood just inside the door though. Her mind was becoming clearer, clearer than it had been in months. In fact, come to think of it, it was clearer than it had been since Bill came into her life.

Suddenly the TARDIS started whirring and groaning just as there was a pounding on the door. There was an almost human sounding groan as the whirring stopped and the Doctor opened the door.


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