Blade Out, Blade In Chapter 2

Blade Out, Blade In Chapter 2

Blade’s fangs slid down as he struggled to catch his breath since the large, very large, blond vampire held him by the throat. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” he gasped, trying to lighten things up before he was ended.

The vampire looked at him and quirked an eyebrow, “No, we’re in Louisiana,” and started singing the words to ‘Pamela’ by Toto as he stood Blade on his feet.

Just then his progeny, Pamela, came out scowling, “Eric! “ They both turned their head to look at her. “Great! Just great. Another one,” she mumbled as she turned around and stalked back inside.

They looked back at each other with curiosity, “Who are you?” Eric asked.

Blade snorted, “I could ask the same thing,” and stuck out his hand, “Eric Brooks but you can call me Blade.”

Eric crossed his arms and widened his stance, “Eric Northman, now what are you?”

Blade looked around, nobody was there but that didn’t mean there weren’t prying eyes and ears, “That is a conversation best had in private.”

Eric nodded, “Come,” and led the way to his office.

Once there he turned to his visitor, “I will give you the same warning I give to all new residents. I do not like repeating myself so when I ask a question I expect an answer, even if it’s ‘I don’t know, Sheriff’ am I clear?”

“Crystal. What is a sheriff?”

Eric looked at him with disbelief, “What do you mean what is a sheriff? You are a vampire, are you not?”

Blade smiled wide, “That is a long story.”

Eric scowled, he had plenty to do and not much time to do it in but he acquiesced with a nod and gestured to the chair in front of his desk.

Blade took the proffered chair but before he could begin the office door slammed open and Pam blustered her way in, put her hands on her hips and stood there with a smirk on her face and an expectant look in her eyes. “Pamela,” Eric growled, “for your insolence you will clean up the loading dock and finish unloading the truck.” Her posture changed instantly to one of defiance as she stomped to the door. “Oh, and Pam,” he said mischievously. She turned back toward Eric and his guest, once again looking hopeful of being able to stay and hear what the intruder’s story was. “Any clothing, shoes, manicures or pedicures ruined will be replaced,” he paused for effect as she grinned widely, “at your own expense.”

Pam’s smile instantly turned into a frown and she rushed from the office in high dudgeon; she hated not knowing something almost as much as she hated physical labour. Almost.

Eric just laughed and shook his head as he turned his attention back to the other Eric in the room. “Now that that’s taken care of,” he said as he pressed a button on the underside of his desk which turned on his personal security cameras and activated the privacy wards so anything which was said or done would not be heard in the main bar.

Eric listened attentively as Blade told his story. He’d heard of dhampir, of course, but he’d thought they were a myth told to new vampires to get them to behave.

Eric was just going to ask some clarifying questions when there was a knock at the door. Eric pressed the button again, “Enter.”

A medium height, emaciated woman with stringy bleached blond hair and carrying a tray with what looked like beer bottles on it entered, “Master,” she said when she stopped just inside the door, “I though you might like a True Blood.”

Blade’s attention was grabbed the moment he heard the word blood and he couldn’t focus on anything else other than the sound of the blood pumping through her veins. His fangs ran down and he had to grip the edge of the seat so tightly the wood was creaking from the stress in order to stop himself from attacking her. He had never wished for his serum more than he did in those few seconds she was in the room.

Eric nodded, “that will be all Ginger.” She smiled, simply happy that he had actually acknowledged her and went the rest of the way in to place the warmed bottles of blood on coasters on his desk. He gestured to the bottles once the door was closed, “I don’t drink those except as a last resort but help yourself. From the sounds that chair,” he nodded at the grip Blade had on the edge of the chair, “is making you need it more than I do although there are more than enough vermin,” Eric grinned, “oops, I meant willing donors to sate both your lusts if you are so inclined.”

Blade gulped and thought longingly of the taste of human blood. Before Blade even realized he was out of his seat, Eric was in front of him with an open bottle of blood. Eric threw Blade to the floor, making his head bounce with a sickening crunch, and knelt on his chest as he forced Blade’s mouth open and upended the bottle into Blade’s mouth.

As soon as the blood hit his tongue Blade started thrashing around, trying to get away from the sludge, but once it reached his bloodstream he immediately calmed.

Eric stood up but remained watchful as Blade drained the bottle. Since Blade remained calm Eric stepped back, still watchful, grabbed the second bottle and held it out; Blade sat up gingerly and took it. He opened the bottle of True Blood and drained it quickly.

Once his ears stopped ringing and the room stopped spinning, he cautiously got up but immediately sat back down, this time on the chair and bent over, putting his head between his knees. “What is that shit man?” He groaned. “It tastes like shit but it works.”

Eric laughed slightly, “That, my friend, is True Blood. It was created as a stop gap for humans who need blood and they are either not near the hospital or their type is not available,  but our vampire government,” Blade looked up. Vampires have a government? This dimension is definitely different from where he came from. Eric continued, “decided it was time to reveal ourselves.”

“Vampires have a government?” Blade asked incredulously.

Eric nodded, “We always have and humans are still oblivious to anything we don’t let them know about. They know less than the basics. In fact, in order to sell ourselves it was decided that the humans would be told that since we had been human once, we simply developed severe allergies to silver and sunlight. Most of them still believe it nearly two years after the Reveal.”

Blade shook his head in disbelief, “That’s hard to imagine. Don’t you have problems with the human population?”

Eric nodded, “we still have our detractors who are pushing for vampires to be fitted with GPS locators and higher taxation even though we do not yet have the right to vote. It’s a battle we will eventually win but for now we have to remain watchful and survive the growing pains.”

Blade groaned again as his stomach cramped, “could I get more of the sludge please? I generally have better control but with everything that happened yesterday and the fight with you…”

Eric nodded and a moment later the door crashed open again causing Eric to groan and glare at his progeny, “Pamela,” he growled warningly. She immediately tried to look contrite, but he knew it was a show for his guest, “I have warned you about crashing into my office, you will pay for the repairs yourself. Now get my guest a case of True Blood”

Once Pam had delivered the True Blood and once again departed Eric reactivated the cameras and wards. “This,” he slid a small sheaf of papers across the desk, “is a list of the rules if you are to remain in my area.”

Blade read through them quickly and nodded, “I can abide by most of the rules, but I do not wish to be known as a vampire.”

Eric grinned, he had anticipated such a request when he heard Blade’s story, “You currently have no assets?”

Blade shook his head, all he had was what he was able to bring with him through the Nexus, “What you see is what I have.”

“Very well then, until you get on your feet and have learned where your place is in this society you can work as a bouncer.”

Blade sighed with relief.



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