9-11-01 Remembrance


We should always remember, lest we repeat it.
To all the brave men and women responders.
To all the men and women who were there that day.
To all those who lost their lives.
To all those who survived.
To all those who lost a loved one that day.
I would like to take a moment
to say Thank You to all those who helped in whatever
capacity that day.
I would also like to give my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends
of those who were lost through others intolerance.
God Bless you and keep you One and All.

Time has slipped away from me. It has been 15! years since our world was changed forever.

In a single heartbeat lives were lost.

In a single moment nearly 3,000 lives were taken: never to kiss their loved ones, never to hold those they held dear again.

I was working midnights at the time so I was asleep when the first plane hit the first tower.  I don’t think I slept again that day.

It was hard, and still is, to understand such things, such intolerance, such hatred. I hope and pray that humanity has learned from this horrific event but I have my doubts.

What were you doing that day, at the precise moment in time when our world changed?

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  1. I’d gotten up a little late that morning and wandered through the house, got some coffee, and ambled to the living room. Then I flipped the tv on not knowing that life would never be quite the same again.
    At first in my sleep-dazed haze I thought it was some action movie on tv, although I knew that the usual morning news shows should have been on at that time. So, I flipped through the channels and that same “movie” was on several channels.
    To my shock – I still remember my heart plummeting through my gut – I realized that it wasn’t a movie. It was real life and real death and real heartbreak with real heroes and real courage and real…everything. It was real. And then two more hijacked planes crashed. And it was still real.
    I called my mama. No matter where you are in the world and no matter how old you are, when the world goes dark, if you can, you call your mom.

  2. I was driving to work, when I got there co-workers turned on the TV the owners had just bought and we watched relays and live all day. I am on the west coast.

  3. I was doing a claims audit off site in Connecticut. I had just been in the towers the week before, visiting clients on the 25th floor. When the first plane hit, it was the other Tower. Someone walked into the room where I was sitting with the audit team and said, “a small airplane hit one of the Towers downtown.” I remember that feeling that something was wrong, and then within ten minutes the second plane hit. I lost people I had known for many years that day, some of whom had known and worked with my mother. When she was dying, they came to the house to see her, and I felt a special connection to them that went beyond the usual work relationships.
    It will never make sense to me.

  4. I had just finished baby clinic and was about to start my afternoon surgery in my training practice in Fulham as a GP registrar. The images were playing on a TV in the staff room and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Most of the patients and staff, including myself were shell-shocked for weeks to come. Nothing has been the same since.

    • Agreed, nothing has been the same.
      My kids had just turned 6 that summer. I had tears in my eyes as I tried to answer the question “Will they be able to get us.”
      The best answer I could come up with was that we had to hope and pray they couldn’t.

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