Tuesday Toss Up

Robin Williams! Hands down! No Contest!
If you haven’t seen Bicentennial Man you are missing a big chunk of what makes Mr. Williams the best at what he did!
Who else would be able to play a sentient robot turned almost human so believably?
Brent Spinner you say? He was an android NOT a robot :D.

Kelpie's Korner

Hallo darlings! So last time there was actually some variety in your answers, which is actually awesome. 🙂 I think there will variety in this week’s this up as well.

Admittedly, this post is bittersweet (you’ll see why in a sec). I saw this on Facebook last week and knew I had to fair at least part of it. So-who would you bring back for one last movie?


My Choice
This is an extremely hard decision for me. Note I’ll start with the two I know AREN’T my choice.

Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman went before they should’ve-not arguing that. But apart from some general ‘awwww that sucks’ kinda feeling, I didn’t have much more of a reaction. Yes their deaths were sad. But they just kinda passed me by.

Now my other two options-those hit much harder.
I fell in love with Heath Ledger in 10 Things I…

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About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Glad you reposted this. Me? Heath Ledger. (Sorry!) but his Joker was genius. He just got better and better.

    • Ahhh, but I didn’t like Dark Knight! The movie was too bloody long with no intermission! Plus, really I wasn’t interested in the first place but tagged along with the b/f.
      But yes, he did do a good job 🙂

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