Let me tell you a story . . .

It seems I lied in my post the other day because I am posting more on this subject. For once I’m not sorry because this IS an issue in my eyes.
Here is a quote from what MistressJessica1028 said in this post, “As of now, voting is closed. We are debating whether to announce the winners or not, because all the negativity surrounding the awards has disheartened all of us. ”
I am sorry to hear this..
It’s a sad state of affairs when sparkly vampires, and that series didn’t end much better than the SVM/TB series did (I have NOT read it), still has plenty of authors writing stories and it ended in 2005 with three more that ended in 2008.
SVM started in 2001 and ended in 2013.
The Authority is thinking of NOT announcing the winners and NOT continuing next year, especially since they only had a whopping 47 (FORTY-SEVEN!!!!!) nomination forms submitted!
Now I know there are more than 47 readers in this fandom, even without the Witch Hunt known as fanfiction dot net, so why did the rest of them not make their voice heard then, when it counted the most?
If the authors who wanted their stories or specialists nominated didn’t even bother to put forth their own nominations form they have absolutely no room for complaint. If the readers who wanted certain stories or specialists nominated didn’t put forth their own nomination form they have no room for complaint either.
I think the YBA Authority deserves an award. It should be called the Gave It Our Best Shot Award.
MistressJessica1028, 4padfoot, Gyllene, magsmacdonald and Kittyinaz deserve our kudos. A HUGE one! They are human, not robots, not artificial intelligences, not computers. HUMAN. They have spent many hours, both last year and this year, putting together what I think is an awesome thing. They put time aside from their own lives, their own writing, their own hobbies. They work through illness. They work through controversy. For what?
Apparently nothing since the neigh sayers didn’t even bother to approach them, for the most part, with any issues they were having with the awards this year.
Without looking at my own stats sheet I can tell you that I have more than 200 followers and most of them are because of the SVM/TB fandom yet the YBA didn’t even get a third of that in nominations! They got slightly more than 20 per cent! That’s absolutely ridiculous!!!!
After looking at my stats page I have 270 followers (an awesome number considering what I do here so thank you, all of you!) so they had only 17 per cent! That is absolutely abysmal! No wonder they’re disheartened!
If The Authority decides this is syonara (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) I say happy trails and please continue the awesome work you all do behind the scenes, and in front of the pen/paper/computer screen. You have done an awesome job considering what you apparently had to work with.
If you continue I say kudos and I hope the next time has a MUCH better showing.

You Want Blood Awards

Last year, a group of us were sitting in Kittyinaz’s Facebook group waiting for the Fanfic Fanatics (or whatever they are called; sorry but I’m horrible at keeping names straight) winners to be announced. It seemed like every award was won by a Twilight story with the exception of the categories that were fandom specific. It seemed so sad that all these wonderful authors who wrote all these wonderful stories in the TB/SVM fandom were shut out of the awards because of sparkly vampires. (Sorry Twilight fans, but vampires should never, ever sparkle!)

As a joke, MistressJessica1028 suggested that we start our own awards. And it snowballed from there. Five women, Magsmacdonald, MistressJessica1028, Kittyinaz, 4Padfoot, and Gyllene, worked very hard to create the awards categories, banners, website, etc. Hours upon hours of work went into just setting up the damn things. To be fair and try to get everyone, old…

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I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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