Updates: 5-20-15

Holy Crap Batman! I’m all caught up to the morning of Suanday, May 17! How did that happen? I will see you all again on Sunday for another update, if not before!

Voting for the You Want Blood Awards is open Until May 22!  That’s this coming Friday! You can vote once per day, up to 3 stories per category! Please, go. Read. Vote!

kelpie’s fanart Friday 1, fanart 2, fanart 3

kelpie’s Story Spotlight The Scientific Method (OUAT), Tales Of the Dead, Starting Over (MI), Northman Towers, Pictures In A Book (OUAT)

kelpie’s Sunday Sexiness 1, Sexiness 2

kelpie’s Tuesday Toss Up

kelpie’s Author Spotlight Virala

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness

Gyllene Lovers Always, At That Moment

Meridian The Moon, Decisions, The Purveyor (This is supposed to be a one shot. It IS weird though. It doesn’t feel complete, it’s AU as well.) Revealing Of Andre

makesmyheadspin Dark Was the Night

wannabewriter25 Spellbound

missaliceunsub Times A Waiting

pendragon94 Forgotten

kittyinaz Harry Potter/Twilight Such A Heavenly View, LOTR/Twilight The Sun Holds the Moon, Tinman This Is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End

California Kat United, From the Inside Out

kardamon Forget Me Not

inlovewitheric True Blood Season 7: The Right Way, Mind the Curve In the Road, Where Were You, Astral Arch

The Viking Trubie Big Mistakes

CaraNo The Bastard’s Girl (aka Are You Kidding Me and His Girl) and caranofiction for NSFW chapters (Twilight)

jc52185 Amnesia, My Wish Sneek Peak

Queen Of Area 5 Immortal Love, Ride the Lightening, Masque of the Red Death, Veiled Blood

MistressJessica1028 One and Only, Waking Up Dead, Picking Up the Pieces, The Boss

kinnik7102 Into the Blood

The Darkest Falling Star X-Men/Twilight When the Past Comes Knocking, Twilight X-Over Dreams Of Time, Heart Of a Fallen Goddess Outtake

The Non Canon Awards Review: Dying Heart, Bonded, California Kat

harley’s thoughts Twilight/Spiderman A Webcatchers Dream, Twilight/Avengers Gamma Love, Twilight/Avengers About Italy (prequel to Breaking Protocol), Twilight/X-Men Love Me Till It Hurts, Twilight/Vampire Diaries A Crow In Search Of A Swan, Twilight/Batman Chasing Images

Victory In Trouble Worth the Wait

hisviks 6 Months To Live, From Time Immemorial, Bonfire Of the Vanities

magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar

American Android Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole, Whispers On the Wind, Over 6 Feet Of Sin

Natsgirl The Far Reach, Sluagh Sidhe (The Wild Hunt) (American Android’s Historical Fiction contest)

Virala Finally

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be

reinla Just A Little Spark, Luck Of the Irish (Entry in American Android’s Historical Fiction Contest)

Laura Kingsley Dead Briefs: Tome 2

Bertie Bott Supernatural S10/Twilight Bad Medicine

magpie tales Crash and Burn

My Secret O Detox

unseenwonder Destined In Dallas

Biting My Thoughts Finding Myself With You (I’m not sure if that’s the title of the story or the chapter. Most authors put the title in the URL, along with the title of the chapter. Some even put what type of cross over it is. Any way, since I’m not sure, I thought I’d tell you.) Reaping, Twilight/Vampire Diaries Connected By the Soul

kleannhouse Meant To Be

faerytaleamber one shot The China Shop, My Heartbeat Song

Just Wandering, Never Lost Love Eternal, Save Me

TextCrazy2011 Rooftop Confessions

IDream3223 Night Vision, Some Things Change (Entry in American Android’s Historical Fiction Contest and came in 2nd! Congrats! It’s also completed!)

kjwrit About Last Night, Repossessed (this one is a ‘when I feel like it’ story so there won’t be regular updates. Interesting concept though.)

Mavrosal finally gave us the last in the Dying Trilogy. It’s a draft pieces because she lost her incentive/momentum and does not see herself tidying it up any 😦 Any way, here’s Dying Soul. I’m sorry to see it end but glad she gave us what she did. Enjoy.

mommy4thomas Spirits In the Mist (one of the FEW non-SVM/TB stories I read)

Jasper’sGoddessofWar Mine (Twilight)

About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Thanks Robin. Appreciate the call out

  2. Hard working and then some! Thanks for all that you do!

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