Updates: 5-17-15

First first: This update covers the month of April. To all the authors listed in this update: I am sorry about ALL the link approvals you’re doing but that is the only way I can link to you. There should be only one more mass update which SHOULD get us current up to this Wednesday, May 20. After that I am HOPING  to get back on track and do the updates twice a week. Once again, sorry for all the approvals you’ll be doing.

First I want to introduce you to something I had a small hand in getting off the ground. I have mentioned it a few times and then my life took a left turn at Albequerque and it’s taken me a while to get back in the groove. Fangbangers Anonymous. It’s a listing of authors in the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood Fandom who use WordPress to showcase their stories. There are a lot more authors than I actually realized, lol.

Next I want to show you Fanfiction Affliction which is a listing of different fandoms and stories in those fandoms. The site is live but the database is not complete yet so if anybody out there has any stories or is aware of any which are not listed you can contact the admins to see if they have it, know of it, etc.

Voting for The You Want Blood Awards is happening now! There is unlimited voting, once each day if you want, and is ongoing until May 22. I’m up for the Eagle Eye Award, Natsgirl is up for New Comer award and a couple of others, kardamon is up, kittyinaz, California Kat, kinnik, kleannhouse and a whole host of other awesome authors, banner artists and betas. Please, go vote and may the best in their category win!

Now, on with your (formerly) regularly scheduled update.

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness 1, Hotness 2, Hotness 3, Hotness 4, Hotness 5

Kelpies Story Spotlights: Be My Escape (Mortal Instruments), Once Upon A Birthday Party (OUAT), Wait, Chasing the Sun (MI), This Is Probably A Bad Time, But Marry Me (OUAT), Confessions, Dirt On A Window (MI), Couple’s Therapy, In the Welfare of War (MI), Captain Guyliner (OUAT), Tequila and What? (MI)

kelpie’s Fanart Friday 1, Fanart 2, Fanart 3, Fanart 4, Fanart 5

kelpie’s Sunday Sexiness 1, Sexiness 2, Sexiness 3, Sexiness 4

kelpie’s Author Spotlight, Sophie733

kittyinaz In the End, , Such A Heavenly View (HP), LOTR/Twilight The Sun Holds the Moon, True Blood/Twilight Put Your Feet Up To the Edge, Tin Man This is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End

California Cat Tenterhooks, Who’s Your Daddy, From the Inside Out (sequel to Inner), United

Lara Kingsley Dead Briefs Tome 2

Virala Finally

jc52185 started her own WordPress. Amnesia is there, as is Lips Of An Angel and a new one, My Wish

Mistress Jessica’s Waking Up Dead, Life In the Fast Lane, Fangtasia’s Writer’s Appreciation Night, Incentive (one shot), Picking Up the Pieces, Nymphomania

Non-Canon Awards Story Review: Getaway, La Vie En Rose, Dying For Love

Meridian The Moon, Decisions, Sookie Takes Charge, Eric Northman: After the Show

Magpie Tales one shot Stakes and Bones, Crash and Burn

The Viking Trubie In the Beginning

Queen of Area Five: Ride the Lightening, one shot Turning Corners, Fanfic Exchange?, Immortal Love Revised, Veiled Blood (sequel to Lifting the Veil), Masque Of Red Death (Sequel to Behind the Public Masks)

Elfchef87 is back! Twisted ‘n Turned 3

American Android Over Six Feet of Sin, Whispers In the Wind, Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Buggy Fiction The Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

Bertie Botts Twilight/Avengers Set My Soul Alight, Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

AlphaEn (alphafang) Abby’s Corner

Just Wandering, Never Lost Save me Prologue

Reinla Just A Little Spark

Victory In Trouble Northman’s Nanny, Number Love, Captive, Worth The Wait

My Fictional Musings is having issues with plagiarism

Harley’s Batman/Twilight Chasing Images, Twilight/Vampire Diaries Crow In Search Of A Swam, Twilight/Spiderman Webcatchers Dream, Twilight/Avengers Gamma Love, Twilight/Teenwolf Passing Of the Torch, Twilight/Avengers Breaking Protocol, Twilight/X-Men How It All Began (Superhero Contest entry)

hisviks Beehl, The Constipated Cat, 6 Months To Live, From Time Immemorial

kleannhouse Nite Lite, Meant To Be

traceyvamp1211 Saving Eric

My Secret O Up All Night, Fangbangers Anonymous

kardamon Forget Me Not

kjwrit The Venifca and the Vampire, Undateable (one shot)

kinnik Into the Blood

Ooshka Prairie Lullaby (OUAT)

Suki59 doesn’t write fanfiction any more but she IS a published author! She’s also still active on the Sookieverse over on FFN if you want to stop by and say hi.

The Darkest Falling Star Twilight Crossover Dreams Of Time, Originals/Vampire Diaries/Twilight Bits and Bobs, X-Men/Twilight When the Past Comes Knocking

Fairytale Amber Scratches, Dead and Loving It

magsmacdonald Even The Dead Can Scar

Gyllene Black Friday, Lovers Always

Sarafina So Fell The Angels (Supernatural)

IDream3223 one shot Things Happen, What Kind Of Man, one Shot Dust In the Wind, Constantine/Hellblazer Syncronicity (Superhero Contest entry), One Shot Renegades

Sitalia25 Supernatural one shot To Hell For Love

Missaliceunsub Time’s A Waiting

Natsgirl The Far Reach (sequel to Swimming To the Light)

Sashi Chopra Superheroes Are Born In Science Booths (an entry in Bertie Bott’s Superhero contest)

Sassy Mami Green Lantern/Twilight Superhero Contest entry Green With Love

Makesmyheadspin Dark Was the Night

I’m sorry if I missed anyone, there were just too many emails in my folder so I may have accidentally missed a few.

About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout!!! Also , Eric Northman after the show is Meridian, not me. 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out for my Best Newcomer nomination in the You Want Blood Awards! I really appreciate it!!
    Be well,

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