Updates 2-15-15

Good morning all!

Happy day after and welcome to the Sunday (Sinday?) updates!

VictoryInTrouble gave us a new short story called Express To Forever. I like how her mind works, truly, I just wish I could come up with half the wonderful things she does!

The Darkest Falling Star gave us a new one shot Lune Voilé, a Twilight story. She also updated The Heart of a Fallen Goddess, a Twilight/Avengers Cross Over.

kleannhouse gave us New Life. Now matter how strange or funny that sounds New Life really is the title of the story.

Reinla updated Run Over You, her Twilight/True Blood Cross Over.

Dirty Lemons’ Unwritten

Harley’s A Crow In Search Of A Swan, a Twilight/Vampire Diaries Cross Over and her Twilight/Avenger Gama Love

Kelpie gave us an interview with Lara Kingsley and A Mortal Instruments Spotlight as well as one for OUAT.

Natsgirl gave us some more of Swimming To the Light. I seriously love this story!

I have serious love for Meridian’s The Moon too! And she updated Decisions. She also gave us a one shot called At Last. There is an attempted suicide trigger warning attached to this story so please listen and if that is one of your triggers don’t read it. I will tell you though that there is most definitely an E/S HEA so all is not lost.

The Incomparable California Kat gave us some of Inner

My Secret O gave us some more of Up All Night

Magpie Tales updated Crash and Burn

Buggyfiction, a new to me site, has an Originals/Twilight fiction called Sanctuaire.

Summary:  On a class trip to New Orleans, Bella stumbles upon history like she never anticipated. Learning about one’s self is never easy, but discovering new things is always an adventure to true independence.

The wonderful and hilarious Hisviks is giving us Beehl, The Constipated Cat. I linked to the introduction instead of the cartoon because seriously, her humour fits right in with mine most days and the warnings??? Lmfao!

Carol E. Stewart has been writing 100 word count stories and posting them for the last little while and I am now including them. As far as I know they are simply random bits of thought but I need to go back to the beginning to see if they are connected somehow. This one is Light Follows Dark.

You may remember a while back I linked to Queen of Area 5 and her Unconventional series. She posted another in the series called Wild and Wicked. Most definitely NSFW!

IDream3223 gave us a one shot, Happy Valentine’s Mr. Northman, from the Faux Universe. If you want smouldering this is the one for you :).

Kittyinaz updated her Mummy/Twilight story, Light Up the Path.

FairyTale Amber gave us some more of Dead and Loving It with a NSFW warning. She’s also got something new going on, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya. This is more of a ‘How would I have reacted in that situation’ type thing. I enjoyed it :D.

American Android updated Whispers In the Wind. When I read the title on the banner in Fanfiction Minions my brain must have been winding down or something because I read it as Whiskers In the Wind! Lmao! I had to do a double take and then laugh at myself. New glasses maybe? New brain? New eyes?

Kelly Belle has a story called Sympathy For the Devil.

Summary: Sookie is a 2,000 year old faery princess who gets tangled into the world of vampires, once again, when the vampire sheriff’s maker goes missing.


kardamon updated Forget Me Not as well.

Enjoy everyone :). That’s all until next time.

About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. VictoryInTrouble

    Thank you! Appreciated!

  2. So many stories!! Thank you again for sharing this.

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