Updates 2-11-15

Terri Botta updated The Rain King which is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction.

jc51825 updated Everything

Dirty Lemons updated Unwritten

magsmacdonald updated Even the Dead Can Scar

MistressJessica1028 updated: A Queen’s Command and Bridal Party Woes. She also has two new one shots: I’ll Show You Mine, If You’ll Show Me Yours and Story of My Life which came in 2nd and first respectively in Kelpie’s Get Inked Contest. Congrats Mistress Jessica! They were both totally awesome!

Melusine10 has a story called Into the Mystic which was updated.

Natsgirl updated Swimming To the Light

kardamon updated Healed. There is one more chapter with a possible epilogue. This chapter IS a cliffie! 😦

Meridian updated Decisions

Reinla updated her Twilight/True Blood Cross Over Run Me Over and I am almost positive the girls go SHOPPING!

Victory In Trouble started a new very short story Express To Forever she also did a drabble which is a 100 word work of fiction to commemorate her 100th post!

This drabble inspired me! I will most likely be running a drabble contest in March or Aprile. Stayed tuned for details on that.

Kittyinaz updated All I Want

kinnik updated Into the Blood

IDream3223 started a new story, Small Magics.

Summary:  Eric Northman is a powerful warlock on the run from the Magic Council that wants to strip of his power and sentence him to death. He was framed for an assassination attempt on the Grand High, The Council’s leader by his lifelong best friend,  a man he considered his brother.  Worn down, hurt and staggering down a back road he is picked up by a carnival magician who might just be more than she seems at first glance.

Personally I think IDream is aspiring to be another California Kat; her stories are just that awesome!

Hisviks updated Bonfire Of the Vanities. Also, she, myself and a couple of others are getting together to make a sort of archive of SVM and TB stories so they can be easier to find. There will be other features as well but they haven’t been ironed out yet. We will update you as things progress.

Harley updated her Twilight/Vampire Diaries X-Over Crow In Search of A Swan

California Kat updated Inner

The Darkest Falling Star updated Not As It Seems.

Summary:  Not everything is as it seems, when Bella and her group of friends decide to stay at the old Whitlock home that has a history of disappearances and deaths, something will surely go wrong.

Ooshka updated her OUAT Kind Hearts and Cat Flaps


About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Again, thank you very much for adding me to your list of updates. It’s very appreciated!

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