Updates 2-8-15

Kelpie’s Korner gave us a new One Shot, Limes and Coconuts. It’s a funny little 1700 +/- word one shot which is simply fluffy. There’s no angst, no drama. It’s a feel good story.

She also did a Mortal Instruments Spotlight for Beauty Is the Beast and another in the Once Upon A Time Fandom called Theme Song.

Her Get Inked Contest voting Results are in and The Story Of My Life by MistressJessica1028 got first place.

Kelpie also started, as I posted earlier, Plot Bunny Palace.

Meridian gave us more of TwiFuckery. I’ll admit I don’t read this but her warning is hilarious so I’m linking to her post page so you can read that. Simply put it, like Slippy, Slappy Seal Sex is crack fic. Written to make us feel better, to give us a good laugh (or groan) and get some of the writer’s frustrations out.

She also updated Decisions and has a video up that 4padfoot made for her. Unfortunately my computer or ISP is being real you know what this morning so I can’t get back into the site to link it so please, go to one of the above links to get there. Both should be listed on the home page since they were recent posts. Hmmmm, okay so I can get into the site unless it’s to the video? Must be Youtube acting up then.

Natsgirl gave us two more chapters of Swimming To the Light. I forgot to mention to her yesterday, and since I know she follows me, I mentioned your story in the Kittyinaz facebook group Friday night and had several comment that they were already reading this story and enjoying it very much so…keep up the awesome work :).

Kardamon gave us another chapter of Forget Me Not.

California Kat gave us more chapters of Inner.

Magpie Tales posted more on Crash and Burn.

My Secret O gave us more Up All Night.

Kittyinaz let us know about the February Challenge which is a quote this month.

Hisviks updated From Time Immemorial and how it’s going on the SVM/TB site directory project so I’m linking the post.

Virala updated her story Finally. It’s an awesome story but the updates are slow in coming because, as with other authors, real life comes first.

Dirty Lemons has started a new story, Unwritten, which is apparently light on the lemons? Whoda thunk it?

Melodious Nocturn updated Loveless. There are four chapters so far but I linked to the title page so you can read the whole thing if you haven’t found it yet.


There is no greater gift than a child created out of love. When Sookie dies, she leaves behind her most precious treasure, one she created with Eric with all the love in the world.—  For sixteen years he has shut her out, and what she wants the most is to be able to feel her father’s love. [Angst/AU]

[This story starts out angsty, but with a E/S HEA in mind.]

Sassy Mami has a story called An Unknown Enemy. I think it’s a Twilight story.

Summary:  They thought they were finally going to get their happily ever after, but they thought too soon. Now an unknown enemy will come forward and try to take their happiness away. Will the enemy succeed or will the Whitlocks come out on top with the help of friends and the Volturi.

Reinla has a story called Run Me Over which is a TB/Twilight fic.

Summary:  It doesn’t have a summary but it is a Godric/Bella story.

Go, enjoy, READ!



About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. I check this site daily. It is a godsend and much appreciated.

    Here’s a tip in a wonderful story you may wish to add: Into the Mystic by Melusine10 on ff. It is a Godric and Eric, OC story incredibly well written and thoughtful. Godric is a total badass. I hope you check it out.

    Thanks again for the postings. I know it’s a bit of work but please know it is very very helpful. };p

    • I’m glad you like it :). It’s not a lot of work when it’s something you love and I love my E/S stories, lol, and Godric as well. It’s time consuming a couple of days a week but that’s about it since I put them into a folder as they hit my inbox so I don’t have to sift through my main email when I do the updates.
      I’ll check into the Mystic as well. I know she updated very recently, like the last day or two.

  2. Top of the morning and thank you for pulling this together.. It’s great to have a reading list!

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