Kittyinaz All I WantWisdom, Light Up the Path (The Mummy/Twilight X-Over)

Kelpie’s Korner spotlighted Meridian and Back and Forth and updated The Institute (This is a Mortal Instruments story)

Makesmyheadspin The Imposter

magsmacdonald Even The Dead Can Scar

Dirty Lemons Dirty Laundry (several chapters)

California Kat Inner (several chapters)

melodiousnocturn Moonlight Sonata

mommy4thomas A Christmas Dream This is one of very few non SVM/TB stories I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

kardamon Forget Me Not

Fairytaleamber Scratches

meridian Sookie Takes Charge (two chapters)

In Love With Eric Sookie Shorts It HAS been a while since she has posted anything so, if you want to go back to read the beginning.

Unseen Wonder Destined In Dallas Thanks to kittyinaz’s Reblog Page I have discovered a wonderful new author. The link takes you to the summary page where you can access all the chapters. I have read all that’s written for this story, it is a WIP, and I LOVE it! Sookie isn’t a wimp or a doormat. Instead she starts questioning her relationship with Bill and everything that lead up to the Rooftop in Dallas. Quite an enjoyable read, I assure you.

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

MySecretO Up All Night

Sarafina So Fell The Angels is a Supernatural FanFiction.

Eric Eric Eric pointed us in the direction of an ASkars interview at the Sundance Festival about his move Diary of A Teenage Girl.

Queen of Area 5 Lifting the Veil

Suki59 (Suki McMinn) has a book signing on January 31.

larakingsley Dead Briefs Tome 2

Edited to correct:  My bad, I erroneously credited Fairtytale Amber with Hisviks Time Immemorial. My apologies and thank you Hisviks for the correction. I guess that’s what happens when I do things at 5:00 am instead of a more humane 9:00 am!


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  1. I’m SO glad you like it, I am full on blushing right now from this review! I hope that you enjoy the update on Friday since we get to see more of non-doormat Sookie. I also hope you hate Bill because we (through Raaf) get to have LOTS of fun with him. Any ideas on what ‘fun’ you want to see?

    • I have always rather enjoyed the aspects of humiliations instead of full on torture :D. EIM has some doozies if I remember right…
      Perhaps Raaf has the unique ability to glamour vampire so can have him do any number of things and Bill will be helpless to do anything other than what he has been glamoured to do :D.
      Hmmm…perhaps ‘hostess’ in the hotel area and he has to begin everything he says with something like “I was a baaaaaaaaddddddd boy and did…” lol.
      CAn’t stand Bill, from the very first book, then when it all came out in NOLA it turned from dislike to full on hatred. Of course, by the end of the series they were all wimps who didn’t even deserve to live but that was the author’s fault *sigh*.

      • There WILL be PUBLIC humiliation, but that will come in later chapters. I agree Ericizmine did humiliation wonderfully. I will think about the hotel one since I just had a genius idea about that! Look out for your name in a future chapter since I will give you credit for inspiring me!
        I also agree about the author, Harris along with Alan Ball ruined a lot.

      • Glad I could help :D.

  2. Ehm you accredited my story to fairytaleamber… I know I left an evil cliffie on that story but no need to put that on another author 😉

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