Pam and her wonderful snark


Although TB Pam was far from Book Pam BFF to Sookie, she surely had the best lines bringing down Sokie a peg or two..

I’ll go along with that and totally avoid how HBO et al totally screwed us over!

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  1. FF Sookie…yeah…I love her but a lot of them don’t start out as book Sookie or TB Sookie did, as the naive young woman with a lot of misconceptions caused by her upbringing…ie. the definition of a kept woman has changed over time and she never truly learned that.
    I think most of us start our stories with the way we wanted Sookie to be from the beginning rather than the way she was and have her evolve. My favorites, True Favorites, are the ones where she knows all along that she’s a Fairy but still manages to get tangled up in the vampire world despite the warnings about what could happen.
    I love the loving and caring Eric but in my mind’s eye that isn’t all of who he is, yet that’s the side we see most often, we don’t often see a lot of his darker side (the side Sookie, despite her protests to the contrary, never truly accepted).

  2. I agree Book Pam was a totally different vampire…but Book Sookie was totally different too!
    But thanks to CH and to the two last seasons of TB I starting to dislike Sookie…at the end she was such a fickle character!
    the line ” I suppose I loved Eric in my own way”
    completely made Sookie look so bad to all us Eric/Sookie shippers…
    But I love FF Sookie….
    She is written how us shippers want…
    She has the same traits of Book/Tb Sookie but she is much more mature…
    FF Sookie learns from her mistakes!

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