Shaking My Head

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I posted.

Note, I checked all the links BEFORE I posted and they are all working at the time this was posted.

Another Note: The authors mentioned are by no means ALL the authors I read, they are just a mere selection. I will TRY to post more updates on stories as I get them. Unfortunately most of the updates come in while I’m at work and my phone’s being a right pain at present so updating from that can’t happen 😦 so I’ll try to remember to leave the update notifications in my inbox until I can get home and let everyone know.

I make all these promises then get caught up in something, in this case co-writing with MissPharao.

We’ve got this really awesome story going, Gotta Be Somebody, that is consuming my waking thoughts and an awful lot of my time in front of the computer.

The premise for GBS is totally, 100%, hers. I’ve added humour and a bit of plot but really, she’s totally awesome.

I know I’ve recommended, or at least mentioned, this story before and I’m mentioning it again because it really is totally awesome!

You’ve got Vampire Eric who still manages to be protective and loving, usually without going over the top or throwing the baby out with the bath water.

You’ve got part fairy Sookie who is in a transition phase from doting Grand daughter to a young woman on her own who has some strange things happening to her but she still manages to keep her life, her love and a job without losing who she is becoming in the process. I will tell you now this Sookie is not a drama queen nor does she give only lip service to her acceptance of the supernatural community, she actually accepts it and learns to live within it.

Then there’s California Kat; one of my all time favorite authors. Her Comfortably Numb series wrapped up last night with the epilogue to Burn Out the Pain but she’s still got other stories on the go. My favorite so far is the Un-iverse series and a close second is Who’s Your Daddy.

I’ll let you figure out Comfortably Numb since I think it’s the only one of her series I haven’t been able to get into for some reason. I’ll try again at a later date.

The Un-iverse sigh. Very vampire Eric, learning Fairy Sookie and a Fae bond between them which they are both struggling to accept and understand.

It starts out at the end of season 3 when Sookie is in the hospital after she’s attacked by Bill only it’s Eric who goes to her which changes everything.

Who’s Your Daddy:  For someone who isn’t fond of Vampire Sookie stories she is doing an awesome job so far of writing about it. Of course, Sookie has only been a risen vampire for one whole chapter, out of ten so far, but as usual California Kat does an awesome job of giving us insight into what the characters are really thinking.

I’m enjoying Gyllene’s Lover’s Trilogy, Black Friday, From the Rooftop To Love and the other stories she has on her site.

The Lover’s Trilogy is an in progress series with only the first story complete.

Sookie has amnesia, no it isn’t just a reverse of the usual amnesia story line since she’s showing no signs of regaining her memories which were lost because of a bad car accident, so Eric has to work to get her to fall in love with him all over again.

Kittyinaz has her stories on the go as well 🙂 and I’m really enjoying I Never…Did and All I Want. They aren’t updated nearly often enough for my tastes but, as she says, real life takes precedence over online life. I happen to agree with her.

Mistress Jessica’s stories…some I like, some I can’t get into, but really that’s one of the signs of a good author: their stories either grab you and suck you in or they don’t but even the ones that don’t are still good :).  The one I have read more than once, The Final Strand is a tribute to EricIzMine and took second place in Kittyinaz’s Angels writing challenge back in July.

I will end this lengthy post by saying EIM’s Multiverse, Sinners and Saints, Infinite and her one shots are still my go to reads when I need a pick me up.

It has been just over a year since Angela, EIM, passed from this world and into her own version of the Braid and I can honestly say that I miss her. I didn’t know her very well, really only through her stories and The Brat Pack on facebook, but what I saw I liked.

You are missed Angela, and not just because we’ll never get to read about the treasure hunt or what was in the vault or even how vampirey vampire Sookie was, but because I miss your humour and your honesty. I hope you are having fun writing your stories for the angels and they like them as much as us mere mortals do.

About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. I hope miss pharoah is doing ok

  2. Do you have a back story to answer to the master I am interested in it

  3. Am interested in the back story of answer to the master

  4. When the text chapter go be in gotta be somebody and I am interest in the back story of answer to the master

    • Unfortunately real life has happened with Miss Pharoah and is being a right bugger about it so we don’t know when the next chapter will happen.
      Glad you are liking it though.

  5. I am re-reading Saints and Sinners right now 🙂 those were wonderful words about EIM and a spot on review of the other writers and their stories. I agree some stories you cannot wait for an update and some you try later and maybe you like maybe you don’t LOL

  6. Love all of those stories too.
    EIM is still my go to when I find a day with no WP updates. Or few. Angelas humor lives on. I Remer the first time I read ‘Lemon Cart’ and ‘Salt in the Wound’. I had tears laughing so much!

  7. Nice to hear from you! I wanna just say that I’m loving “Gotta be somebody” The story you are cop-writing with misspharao is completely awesome! I’m loving it more and more…
    I really want to read other of your wonderful stories but RL gets in the way!
    I’m following California Kat too and her last trilogy finished yesterday! Sob Sob…
    The Confortably Numb was one of her stories that I loved the most!
    Hopefully I’ll find to time to read Baby Vamp Sookie: “Prelude to a Pledge” cuz the first story was so so good…
    So goodbye for now and take care

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