The Choice: Chap 3 Contemplations

A/N:  I have more of this story posted at  I am working on making this blog more appealing and easier to find.  Under my pages you will find more of this story as well.  mwah


As he was draining her she saw her life, her human life, gallop past her. She had always known it would be fleeting. She just didn’t know how fleeting until Godric had accepted her offer.

Now, as she lay dead beside him, transforming, she saw what her life could be like walking before her. She saw laughter and happiness. She saw them laughing with her. She saw the centuries go by and them both still by her side. They were all smiling, laughing, happy. She had made the right choice.

They were digging their grave. She had given her greatest gift, her life, in order to save them. They would never meet another like her and yet had taken her life. True, she had offered it. Also true, they didn’t have to accept it but…they did.


Why did they accept her offer to become his child? His vampire child? It was not something she had ever expressed any interest in becoming yet she had offered it because she saw no other way to save THEM. She would rather everyone else survive than herself. She was too giving, too selfless, too compassionate. One death on her account was one death too many yet she had offered herself up on the block. She had given herself over to their keeping, safe in the knowledge they would be around for many more years.

There were many bloody tears shed as they dug, dug the grave for his child to finish her transformation from human to vampire.

Their sorrow hung heavy in the air, permeated the ground, ate at their very souls yet they continued to dig until it was big enough for the three of them: Godric and his children: Eric and Sookie.

When the grave was big enough they lowered her in, got in themselves, pulled the dirt in over them and got themselves situated, one on either side of her. One spooning her from the back, the other hugging her from the front.

If they didn’t know better they would swear they heard her sigh in contentment, saw her smile.


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I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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