WMHB chap 9

Eric didn’t know it but his biggest problem was currently on her way to his neck of the woods. She had hired some Werewolves to transport her during the day. She despised them but they were good for day time security and transportation over land.

Fortunately he was several centuries older than her, even more fortunately he was several thousand times smarter than her. He had external cameras at Fangtasia which could be viewed from any of his many computers. He had external cameras at all of his resting places as well.

When he rose that night his intuition was telling him something wasn’t right, someone or something was where it shouldn’t be. He opened his laptop and logged into his video surveillance and sure enough, there she was standing outside the home he used most often.

He picked up his phone and dialed the Queen’s number, “Andre, if you want Lorena get someone over to 1215 Lark Drive immediately. She’s waiting outside my main residence. Fortunately I’m not there.”

“We’ll be there in five minutes. We will see you at the bar immediately after.”

They hung up and he got dressed, checking the cameras at the bar and where he currently was just to make sure she didn’t have someone outside waiting for him. Once he was sure the way was clear he, Godric and Pam took off for Fangtasia to ready the dungeon and transfer things over to Maxwell Lee.

While they were in transit he sent an email to his day man, “liquidate half of all American assets and deposit in Swiss account. Transfer half of remaining American accounts to European account. Done by Monday latest.”

He had Pam drop him off three blocks from Fangtasia so he could fly ahead to make sure there wasn’t an ambush waiting for them.

He groaned and sent Pam, Andre and Maxwell a text, “Were’s are waiting, go to the warehouse.”

He landed on the roof and listened intently. So far nothing coming from the inside. He lifted the roof hatch and listened some more. He sniffed, no unusual scents. He floated down to the floor, turning slowly as he descended to make sure there was no ambush.

In his office he gathered the papers and other information he needed for handing over Sheriff’s duties to Maxwell from the filing cabinet and important personal papers from the safe and left, arriving at the warehouse at the same time as the others.

André, the Queen and the Berts had Lorena in custody, chained in silver and gagged. He smiled, the gag was a lovely addition. He didn’t have to listen to her spewing her belief in Bill’s innocence and the error she thought the Magister had made.

Once they were inside the Queen had a question for him, “Did you, or did you not, give Sookie blood before granting protection.”

“Majesty, enough to heal her larynx so she could talk and eat. Before that she had not had any of my blood.”

“I am supposed to take your word for it then?”


What was Dr. Ludwig doing here?

“Sophie-Anne, if you are really that interested you can see the security tape from the night in question. All rooms have video and audio surveillance for my patients safety. He gave her enough blood to allow her to talk and eat, nothing more. Did you not receive my letter or the Magister’s?”

“What? You sent me mail? The Magister sent me correspondence? I never received it.”

“Well then, let me hand deliver both of them to you so they don’t ‘get lost’ this time. Northman, I believe your child has your copy of both correspondence.”

POP! She was gone.


She extended her hand with the correspondence in it. He opened the doctor’s letter first. It had Sookie’s medical records from the week Sookie was there. It stated that the only vampire blood she had in her system was trace amounts from a weak vampire until the night in question when the amount of blood spiked to 150 mg after ingesting his blood, just enough for minor healing. He could have jumped for joy.

Northman: I hope this helps. If you need it I can tell which vampire blood she had in her system at the time if you can get me a few drops of said vampire.

Congratulations on your new child.


The Magister’s letter was different altogether..


I hope your new child takes to her new life well.

Enclosed is the check from Compton. Since he didn’t have enough time to contact his lawyer I took the time to do so.

I regret to inform you Ms. Ball somehow managed to escape. If you should come across her you have my blessing to send her to her Maker with no repercussions. Once I receive confirmation of her final death I will have the check cut for Ms. Stackhouse from Ms. Ball’s estate. Oh yes, since all her assets go to your child William will be considered one of her assets. If the two of you wish it we can bond him to one of you as his Maker. Just something to think about.



Good news all the way around.

He dialed a number on his phone, “Magister’s office. How may I direct your call?”

“I would like to leave a message for the Magister.”

“He is available, one moment.”

“Magister speaking.”

“Eric Northman speaking. I have Ms. Ball bound and gagged in front of me at my warehouse and The Queen and her children chomping at the bit. Would you you like to come and share in the festivities?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. I will be there in ten minutes.”

Eric smiled a ruthless, evil smile, “The Magister will be here in ten minutes. He requests we wait for him.

Majesty, are you satisfied that I gave her no blood until the night she requested protection?”

“I have no choice but to be satisfied with it.” She did not look happy about it though. She had so been looking forward to ending him and getting Sookie for herself. She didn’t believe for a minute that she had lost her telepathy. “Where is Ms. Stackhouse?”

“She has gone to ground until this business is taken care of.”

“I would think that, with her assailant in custody, she could come out.”

“There is still the matter of Bill and the fact I don’t know where she went to ground.”

“How could a Maker not know where his child went to ground?”

“I make it a habit to give my progeny privacy, Majesty. I commanded her to NOT let me know where she was.”

The Magister walked in with a huge smile on his face. “Ms. Ball, so kind of you to show me where the lapses in my security are. They have now been resolved so your child will NOT be escaping any time soon as I’m sure you had planned from the beginning.

Sophie-Anne, I am here to witness her final death since her assets will be going to Northman’s newest child as payment for any pain and suffering and they can’t go to her if her death can’t be confirmed.

I can assure you your Sheriff did everything he could to save the girl, unfortunately it wasn’t enough so he was forced to either let her die an extremely painful death or turn her. He chose to turn her and I have been assured by my sources that she is quite happy with him and her situation. As for where she is you have absolutely no need to know. She has not sworn fealty to you as they have not had the time to come see you for her to do so. Therefore she can go wherever she wishes with her Maker’s permission. Since he has clearly given his permission she is well within her rights to be where she is.

Now, I believe I am here to witness someone’s torture and final death? Would you mind if I taped it? I’m sure Ms. Stackhouse would love to watch it when her Maker feels she is ready so she can let go of her anger and resentment at the fact her right, as a HUMAN, to choose was taken from her.”

The Queen spluttered, finding no words to combat what the Magister had just said. She was infuriated but she was containing it, knowing there would come a time when she would be able to finally end the Viking’s time on this planet and take the telepath for her own. It may not be soon but they would eventually slip up. She still had family here, surely she would show herself if they were put in harms way? She cackled at her own musings. “Very well. Northman, I assume you have items of torture here?”

“Of course Majesty. This way to the torture chambers.” He led them to a large room. There were hooks in the ceiling, walls and floor, chains, tables with ordinary looking things: Things like knives and shoe horns.

Lorena found herself strung up between the ceiling and floor tight enough to allow no movement but not so tight as to harm her before they wished her to be harmed. Ultimately they all knew that this night would end with her final death. Even she knew that and she was as hardheaded as they came.

The Queen took the right to torture her and used it well. By the time she was through Lorena was begging for them to kill her, to end her, or she would have if the gag hadn’t effectively cut off her rantings. She had thought she was Mistress of torture, after all she had tortured William for years, but she was dead wrong on that account. The Queen had a couple of centuries on her and had used those centuries well.

In the end it was only a half hour before dawn when the Queen finally ended Lorena.

“Well done Sophie-Anne. Now that I have my proof, Northman I will have the check sent to your lawyer, yes?”

“Yes Magister. I will leave instructions with him on where to deposit it.”

The Magister turned to leave but had a last thought, “Sophie-Anne, only the Northman was given immunity for killing her. You can expect to hear from her Maker any night since he was not the one holding the stake that finally ended her.” With those words he was gone. They could hear him laughing to himself until he was about a block away.

Eric was on his phone emailing instructions to his day man to have the warehouse cleaned that day when she lunged at him. He sidestepped her, put his phone in his pocket, and glared at her. He picked up Pam and Maxwell and flew out through one of the escape hatches in the roof. He took them to his closest safe house and they entered with only seconds to spare before the first rays of sunlight broke over the horizon.

He managed to finish his email to Bobby and send his nightly text to Sookie before he succumbed to the dawn.

S. 3 Lorena finally dead. P fine, she didn’t have time before dawn to send txt. Until Monday.

“Izzy! Lorena’s dead! Finally dead! Please take my picture with my phone so I can send it to Master so he can see how happy I am?”

“Of course. Hand it here.” Sookie handed Isabel her phone and was soon sending it to her Maker with the message:

C how happy u have made me? 3

She sent it to Pam as well. She couldn’t wait until Monday when they would finally be together again.

“Now, I believe I promised you some Italian lessons?”

“Yes, please!”

“Buonasera is good evening.” They worked through common words and phrases for about an hour when Sookie called a break to feed.

“Michelle, do you know the legend behind how vampires were created?”

“No, although I’m assuming vampires are most definitely older than Dracula.”

“Millennia older actually. Vampires go right back to creation. No matter what your religion there is still the beginning where everything started.

Since you are Christian I will tell the tale with your Christ.

As you know God created everything, yes?” Sookie nodded, “He created all the animals, man and woman, the sun, the moon and the stars. Lucifer created as well. Lucifer created the vampire so they could wreak his havoc upon the world because he was forbidden to do so himself since it would negate free will. He had to give them free will as well though. Even creation has to follow the rules and the rule was that any sentient being put on the earth must have free will to decide for itself what it would do.

For the longest time the earliest vampires did exactly what Lucifer wanted, created mayhem. They ran into a problem though, all other sentient beings were able to procreate. As the vampires were killed their numbers were quickly decreasing and Lucifer couldn’t keep creating new ones. It took a lot of his majick which was quickly draining him, leaving him unable to defend himself if an enemy should come at him.

Even the earliest vampires had to drink human blood in order to survive. Since they were majickal beings they had to ingest other being’s majick to survive. One of them stumbled upon the solution to procreation one night. He accidentally drained someone, someone who was very dear to him, so he tried to feed her his blood in order to keep her alive. When she didn’t wake he buried her in secret so he could visit her grave sometimes to talk to her. He was kneeling on her grave on the third night when he got quite a surprise. A hand came up out of her grave, a hand which did not have the look or stench of decay, a hand which looked remarkably like his lover’s hand. He grabbed hold of that hand and pulled her to the surface. He was ecstatic. His lover wasn’t dead after all.

He sank his fangs into her but discovered that her blood no longer satisfied him. This confused him so he took her and they went to visit his Maker, Lucifer. He told his Maker what had occurred, how his lover had come to be as she was.

Lucifer examined her. He cut her and watched as she healed, he put a cup of human blood in front of her and she drank it all down in a gulp and begged for more, he touched her with silver and saw, and smelled, what the silver did to her. His child had created a child. It seemed the procreation problem was solved.

He passed the word on to the other vampires and the human population was nearly decimated from trial and error as they figured out how much blood to give one for the transformation, which humans not to pick, the best place for them to be during the transformation. It took centuries for them to get as near to perfection as possible to make another vampire. Creation still isn’t exact. They still don’t know why having the Maker lie with the new child during the transformation increases the success rate. It is still very much trial and error because there are still cases where the transformation doesn’t take or the child rises with some form of disability they didn’t have as a human. Some still have to be euthanized, disposed of, especially if they are a danger to themselves or the population at large.

That is the reason the child must stay with the Maker for at least a year after their first rising, so the Maker can teach them what they need to know in order to have a better than even chance of surviving into their second year.

The dawn is coming and I must call your Maker to arrange a meeting place before I go down so I’ll bid you a good day and will see you tonight.”

“Thank you Izzy, that’s an interesting story. I’ll see you tonight.”

Eric: happy u r happy. c u soon 3

Sookie to Eric, Pam and Godric: learned how vamps created tonight. interesting. miss u. c u soonest. 3

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