WMHB chap 6

They soon landed on the church roof and she listened intently. “Master, there are nine patrolling the perimeter. They have guns with wooden bullets, stakes and plenty of silver to debilitate or kill us. There are about 150 civilians inside the sanctuary, both adult and child, for the sleep-in leading up to the sunrise service although none of them knows exactly what the Newlins really have planned. They know there are stakes hidden throughout the church. There are five humans in the office area and their thoughts are truly evil. One of them is Steve Newlin himself, founder of the FOTS and leader of this branch. Godric is in the basement and in pain. I can’t read his thoughts but I can feel his pain, can you?”

I can feel him my child. I am communicating with him, telling him he will soon be freed. He is anxious to meet you my Sookie. Come, let’s get into the forest to meet the rest of the force.”

He picked her up and lifted off again, landing inside the tree line, right beside the King.

He whispered, soft as the wind, what she had learned. Master, if there are enough here we can glamour the guards to let us pass in and back again and go in through the secret entrance on the south side of the building which is closest to the stairs leading to the basement.”

Well done.

“Majesty, Sookie has just told me of a secret entrance on the south side and it is closest to the stairs into the basement. She also suggests glamouring the guards to allow us to pass through and back again if there are enough of us.”

“Your child still holds close to her humanity. She will get along well with Godric. We brought fifteen, it will be so.”

They were all soon in place. The glamour message was quite simple, the guards would remember nothing of the following fifteen minutes.

As soon as the glamour was in place they made their way to the south entrance and walked in and straight to the basement door. Someone was coming up the stairs. They left Sookie walking past the door, since she looked the most human, and the rest waited just up the hallway. As soon as the door opened she had the man in her glamour and she had him lead them to Godric and unlock his chains then chained him up in Godric’s place, leaving him there. Someone handed Godric a bag of blood and he gratefully sank his fangs in so he could replenish his strength.

They soon worked their way out of the church and back to the nest with Eric and Sookie heading back to the hotel. They would meet with everyone the next night.

Once they were in their room, “Eric, that was actually fun. I like Stan and Isabel. They seem to care about those under their care, Godric and each other.”

“They do my love. Godric is a rare vampire. He cares about those around him, human and vampire alike. He will like you very much, as I’m sure Pam told you when you asked her about him.”

“Eric, I didn’t have any trouble with my shields tonight, I think your blood did the trick.

Now, I want to talk to you about something totally unrelated but just as close to my heart. After I rose the first night we both said we would like to take things further maybe. I asked you for time to get over Bill and my broken heart, time to heal. You gave me that. I’m ready when you are.”

“Are you sure Sookie? I don’t want you to feel rushed.”

“Positive Eric. I have been attracted to you since I first saw you that night. I was drawn to you, almost inexplicably. I want to try this Eric, with all my heart. Bill never was meant for me, no matter how much he wished it, no matter how much I wished it. It always was you, always. No matter how a romantic relationship ends up between us you will always be my beloved Maker and friend, only the death of one of us could end that and I have absolutely no intention of dying any time soon or allowing you to die either.”

“You are a remarkable vampire Sookie. You helped save my Maker tonight with ways which he would approve even though you’ve not yet met him. You’ve made me very happy by simply being yourself. As for a romantic relationship, I have been waiting for the day you would come to me, since even before you were turned.” With that he planted a spine tingling, toe curling kiss on her beautiful lips. She returned his kiss and surpassed his fervour. They had two hours of passionate love making, fervent fucking and much touching and kissing and petting. When the sun came up they were both sated and went to their death in each others arms.

When they rose the next night it was with smiles on their faces and arms around each other. “My lover, I do believe you were made just for me by the Gods, as I was made for you. We were meant to find each other.

Come, we must be at Godric’s in an hour. You wish to meet him do you not?”

“I do, could you call for a female redhead donor while I take a shower please?”

“Of course. She will be here when you are ready.” True to his word her dinner was waiting, sitting on the bed, when she emerged from the bathroom. He waited while she fed to make sure she wouldn’t need him then took his shower while she got dressed.

When they got to Godric’s nest there was quite a crowd, very different from the previous night. Tonight all the vampires had their humans with them, plus the random donors were on hand for those who didn’t have a human.

He was sitting in front of the fireplace and had a long line up of people wishing to speak with him. Once he saw Eric and Sookie he excused himself and led them to his private rooms.

Once the greetings were out of the way, not a difficult procedure in vampire society since most were quite direct and simply gave their name without all the chit chat and fluff associated with human introductions, Eric told him about what had been going on in his life and how Sookie came to be vampire.

“Sookie, how are you enjoying being a vampire?”

“Sir, I’ll need a few more years before I can give you a better answer but I’m finding it quite enjoyable for the most part.”

“Good. I understand you were instrumental in freeing me last night.”

“I don’t know about instrumental but I was there.”

“Instrumental. It was your telepathy which allowed them to come in without loss of lives on either side. In the last century or so I have become a pacifist, loss of life is abhorrent whether it is human, vampire or other.”

“I’m glad there were no lives lost but it was a team effort.”

He laughed and they went on to other topics. She slipped into down time and was roused when Eric brought some donors in for them. Once they had fed the topic came around to Hugo.

“Sookie, I understand the glamour was your idea. It was brilliant. The mixture of fear and the compulsion to please is perfect. He will be well cared for. One of our unattached nest mates has agreed to take him on as a pet until Isabel’s punishment is through.”

“Is he okay? Obviously I didn’t take too much but still, with me being so new…”

“He is fine. Why don’t we go see him so you can see what does happen when you drink so much from one person?”

Godric led them upstairs to a bedroom. When he opened the door Hugo ways lying in bed asleep. His pale complexion was greyish from the blood loss and his heartbeat was laboured, his breathing was shallow but steady. “This is what a nearly drained body looks like? Why did Isabel want me to incapacitate him like this?”

Eric looked at her and smiled, she always had good questions, “You needed the blood and had been very helpful so she wanted to repay you in some way so she didn’t owe you. She wanted him to stay put even though your glamour would have done the job. She also wanted to punish him for what he did. He was her human, you said he loves her and I believe she loves him as well. She couldn’t do the job because he would have then thought she was finally going to turn him even though he betrayed her trust in him and this nest.”

“Now what, exactly, is a nest?”

He laughed, but Godric answered. “A nest is a house of vampires and their humans. I am the elder, so not only am I the local Sheriff, as Eric is Sheriff in your area, I am also Master of this nest. I am responsible for all the vampires in this area. Even if I weren’t Sheriff I would still be responsible for the residents of this nest.”

“So, do you have a nest Eric?”

“Only with you.”

“Have you ever belonged to one?”

“Once, many centuries ago, with Godric.”

“That sounds like a very lonely existence.”

“It has been at times. Louisiana is the longest I have stayed in the same place since I was in that nest and you are the best thing to happen to me since I turned Pam over two hundred years ago. I’ve spent the majority of that time as a Sheriff to Sophie Anne although that is not the reason I came here. I came here from Europe because I wanted something new. Now I find I am wishing, no, longing, to show you the world. If I can arrange to leave behind my Sheriff duties would you travel with me? See my homeland, Pam’s homeland, maybe Godric’s homeland and many other places besides?”

“I would once I get a chance to see my friends and family so they know I truly am fine, that becoming vampire has not changed who I am way down deep inside, it has enhanced who I am but not made me what they fear it has, a monster who preys on the innocent and weak, who has no morals or values other than to kill or be killed.

Do you think Pam and Godric would come with us? I rarely get a chance to spend time with Pam and I would like to get to know Godric as well.”

Godric smiled. She had only just met him and wanted to know if he would travel with them. She truly did have a kind heart, rarely thought of herself or did things for herself. Yes, he thought, I would like to get to know her better as well. It was time he reconnected with his child, his only child, and his child’s other progeny as well. Yes, he would travel with them.

“I think that can be arranged my child’s child. I would need time to settle things here but travelling again does sound good. I have become too complacent here. It is time to get in touch with my roots again. Yes, we will travel together, see all the world has to offer.”

Just then Eric’s phone rang. Pam. “What is it Pam? I can feel your anxiety from here.”

“Master, Lorena managed to get free during the day yesterday. The word is out by those she has slighted in the one night she has been free that she is out for revenge. She is out for Sookie, wants her undead life to end and if she can get you and me at the same time it will be only sweeter for her.”

“Would you like to travel again? See our homelands again? Sookie, Godric and I were just talking about it and now would be the perfect time to do so.”

“Are you serious Master?”

“Very much so Pam. We feel the need to see the world, will you come?”

“Master, I would like nothing better. I am bored with the bloodbags here. There is no sport in taking what they so freely give. I miss hunting and staying in the shadows. Yes, I will come with you. What of Godric? He will come as well?”

“He will. He needs time to settle things here as I need time to settle things there.

Has the Queen called?”

“Nightly Master, several times a night, and Andre is about to drive me to distraction. I have told them nothing but they do want to know just where the hell Bill is. It seems he had a hidden agenda coming here, which we already knew was true.”

“We did. Very well, let me wrap things up here and I will be home soon. I will stop in New Orleans first to see what the Queen wants and then I will come home to settle things then we can leave.”

“Very well Master. I will see you soon.” They hung up.

“Master can we go to your office? There are things the three of us must speak of.”

Goodric waved for them to come with him.

Once they were seated, “Sookie, I must go see the Queen. I suspect she is after you for your telepathy, to make you her child. I do not want you anywhere near her until I can discern the truth. With Godric’s permission you will stay here with him until I send for you.”

“Of course she can stay here but I will leave her with Isabel and come with you. If all else fails I can tell her I have summoned you and your children to me. She can not interfere that way.”

“Yes Master but is Isabel worthy?”

“She is, my child. Despite the current trouble she has been my left hand for 300 years and I’m sure Sookie will be enough to keep her out of trouble. They will watch each other.

They will go to ground in friendly territories until we call them. Lorena will not find them. Isabel is over 600 years, she is quite capable of safeguarding your child.

I will leave the two of you alone for now. We will leave at first dark tonight so we can get this unpleasantness over with quickly and be on our way.”

He rose and closed the door behind him as he left to issue his orders to Isabel, take care of the issue with Hugo and talk to Stan about resigning.

Sookie was not happy. It was her life, well, her undead life, and everything was being decided for her. He could feel her rising anger so he picked up the phone and called for two donors.

When she was done feeding he asked one of the donors to have the house man brought in.

A minute later there was a knock at the door and a sickly looking vampire came in and Eric hissed, calling his Master to them.

Godric was there quickly. Just as he opened his mouth to ask what the matter was Eric enlightened him. “Master, you have another spy. This is Waldo, one of the Queen’s children.”

Godric hissed. “Thank you Eric. I will be back momentarily.” He grabbed Waldo by the scruff of the neck and carried him to another empty bedroom where he stripped his prisoner and silvered him to the wall.

He went back to his child and motioned for them to come with him. He led them outside and took to the air. Eric picked Sookie up and followed until they landed in an empty field.

“I will have the house swept for bugs today. Isabel and Sookie will leave with us today but there will be six coffins. Two will be you and I, two will be Sookie and Isabel and two will be empty. The empty ones will be coming with us. Isabel will take Sookie somewhere safe until we call for them.” As he finished speaking there was a loud boom off in the distance and a smoke cloud appeared. They took off without another word being said.

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