What Might Have Been

A/N: This interrupts Book 1 when Sookie’s in hospital after Renée’s attack.  I do have more of this one written and will post it if there is interest, either here or FFN.  Sorry about the length, I don’t know how to do chaptered stories on here.

WARNING! There is mention of rape and physical assault but that’s it, no graphics, so if you are easily offended there are other stories on my page and other authors.


She woke, feeling only slightly better than the last time she woke. The room wasn’t quite dark but it was dark enough to sleep, at least it would be if she weren’t in so much pain.

She slowly rolled over to try to get comfortable and saw Bill sitting in the chair by her bed reading by the light from the hallway.

She looked at him, a little upset. She was in massive pain and he hadn’t even bothered to return her phone calls during the time he had been gone. Her throat hurt badly so speaking was almost impossible but she tried any way, “Bill?” she croaked.

“Yes sweetheart?”

She motioned for a pen and paper to write on.

He produced a pen from his shirt pocket and a pad of paper from the dresser by the bed and handed them to her.

“Where were you? Why didn’t you return my calls?”

“Darling, I went to New Orleans to try to secure a position in our government to try and make it harder for Eric to take you from me, to make him leave us alone. I wanted to tell you in person, not as some voice on the other end of the phone.”

“How did you do?”

“I am now Investigator for Area 5.”

“That’s great, what does it entail?”

“I’ll explain more once you’re home.”

“Would you please teach me how to defend myself?”

“Why would you want to learn that? I’ll always be there for you.”

“Yeah, like you were there yesterday? No, thank you. I want to at least be able to debilitate them so I can get away to call for help.”

“Sookay, there’s not much to know. For vampires wear silver and I’ll be there for anyone else.”

“Have you lost your mind? There are some vampires who will brave the burning of silver so they can rip it off and either feed or drain me. I want to learn how to defend myself.”

“No Sookay. That’s my final word on the subject.”

“Fine. Good night Bill.”

She rolled over and closed her eyes but was a long way from sleep. She started forming a plan to learn self defence whether Mr. Wet Blanket liked it or not.

She went home the next day and spent the following weeks recuperating and plotting. Bill stopped by every night but was quiet and withdrawn which was fine with her. She didn’t feel like doing much any way and her brain was busy plotting how she was going to get her self defence lessons.

She was finally cleared to go back to work and was glad of it. She was getting bored just sitting at home reading and being not allowed to do much else.

She had trouble with her shields all shift but none of it was anything she hadn’t heard before. Sam was his usual kind and overbearing self, trying to get her to see how bad vampires were for her, that they would bring her nothing but more trouble. He knew better but since she had had so much time off he had forgotten just how volatile her temper was until he received the tongue lashing he so richly deserved.

Unfortunately she missed the void as she was walking to her car.

The void followed her all the way home. Once she got out of the car she felt something hit her hard on the head and she remembered nothing until she woke, groggy, in an unfamiliar place.

She tried to look around but her head was pounding so moving it was a very bad idea. She tried to feel for brains nearby but she couldn’t concentrate enough to do so.

She tried to move her arms and legs but they wouldn’t move either.

She heard a noise in the corner and tried to turn her head in that direction but it made her dizzy so she stopped.

“Sookay, you have defied me for the final time. You will be punished for talking back to me at the hospital and for implying that I couldn’t protect you.” He was looming over her, speaking in his oh so quiet voice. She was finally well and truly scared of him.

“You are finally scared of me Sookay, you should have been all along. You are going to learn your place. Once you learn your place you will be handed over to my Queen and I will never have to deal with these feelings I have for you, or your insolence, ever again. You will serve the Queen in whatever capacity she wishes, whenever she wishes, wherever she wishes.”

There were tears running down her face now. He had never loved her? She was just a job for him?

She tried to say something but her mouth was so dry she couldn’t get the words out.

He saw her struggling to speak and simply laughed a dry, humourless laugh. “You will get sustenance once you learn your place Sookay. The sooner you learn it the sooner you get sustenance.”

He untied her hands and feet and pulled her roughly from the bed she had been lying on and forced her to her knees. She tried to fight back but was too weak to do so.

He proceeded to beat and rape her to within an inch of oblivion. He tied her back to the bed, leaving her an abused and crumpled mess, unable to even cry. Every night for three weeks he would beat and rape her, giving her just enough blood, every other night, to keep her alive.

One day she woke in a different place although her vision was too hazy to recognize where she was. She sighed and went back into the darkness, grateful for it.

The next time she woke she got quite a shock. There was a hobbit type creature staring down at her. She flinched and felt it through her whole body, causing her to wince.

“Don’t try to talk girly. Your larynx is severely bruised. I’m Dr. Ludwig.

There isn’t an inch on your body that isn’t bruised to some degree. You’ve also got bruised kidneys, several broken ribs and other broken bones, you were severely dehydrated and malnourished. I’m going to keep you here for several days, at least until you can speak.

I’m going to give you something to help you sleep so you won’t be in so much pain.” She didn’t even feel the pinch of the needle as she welcomed the darkness back again.

She woke, feeling more alert, several hours later to find Eric sitting beside her bed.

“Eric?” She tried to say but her throat hurt too bad so it came out as more of a groan.

He became alert at the sound, “Sookie, I understand you can’t speak right now. I would like to give you at least enough blood to enable you to talk and eat. Is this acceptable?”

She nodded her head in acquiescence so he bit into his wrist and held it over her mouth. As soon as the first drops hit her tongue she latched on and drank greedily until the wound closed.

“Water?” It didn’t hurt so much but she did sound froggy, still an improvement over not being able to speak at all.

He lifted her head a bit and held a cup with a straw to her lips so she could drink. It was the best water she had ever tasted.

“What happened? How did I get here?”

“I was hoping you could tell me what happened.

As for how you got here…your boss called me. He smelled you at Bill’s but was powerless to do anything about it other than call the vampire Sheriff to take care of things. I summoned Dr. Ludwig to help you and Bill’s fate rests in the Magister’s hands now. You’ve been here for a week and there has been someone with you at all hours since you arrived.”

“I’ve been out of it for a week?”

“Sookie, you’ve been out of it for a month. You’ve been here for a week, Bill had you for three.”

“A month? It took Sam that long to figure things out?”

“Apparently Bill kept calling you in as sick. Finally the shifter became suspicious and went to your house. When no one answered he followed a very old scent of yours to Bill’s where he smelled a more recent scent, tinged with blood and other body fluids When Bill wouldn’t acknowledge that you were there or that he even knew where you were he called me to take care of things.

When I got there Pam and Thalia subdued Bill while I found you and summoned Dr. Ludwig to take care of you. She got you stabilized and brought you here for more intensive care. Can you remember anything about what happened to you?”

“I remember coming home from work and then nothing until I woke in an unfamiliar place. When Bill rose he said he was going to punish me for defying him at the hospital and implying that he couldn’t protect me. He told me he wouldn’t be giving me any food or anything until I learned my place so he could hand me over to the Queen. Then he beat me to a pulp and raped me, repeatedly. Every night he would beat and rape me, giving me just enough blood to keep me alive, but not totally healed, so he could keep doing it.”

Eric’s face was a study in controlled anger. Fucking Compton! Fucking Queen!

“What did you do that he classified as defying him? Especially since you were in the hospital?”

“I asked him to teach me self defence. I wanted to get pro-active so what almost happened with Renée wouldn’t happen again. I was planning on coming to you and Pam to see if you would teach me as soon as I was healed. In fact I was planning on coming to you the night after he took me.

Eric, what can I do in order to get away from him, to keep him away from me if he gets away or is released or something?”

“Let me get Dr. Ludwig and then I will answer any questions you may have.” He was out the door and back so quickly she was hardly aware that he had left at all, the doctor at his heels.

“This better be good Northman. I have patients to tend to.”

“I am aware but for what Sookie is asking I need a witness so they will know I didn’t influence her in her decision in any way.”

“One of those cases. Very well, make it quick.”

“Sookie you have two options for keeping Bill away. You can renounce his claim on you and request protection from the local Vampire Authority, which would be me, or you can renounce his claim on you and let them know that you are Mine.”

“Eric, much as I appreciate the gesture I want some time to heal and get over Bill. I don’t want a rebound relationship or anything so I’m asking for protection from the Vampire Authorities please.”

“Granted. Dr. Ludwig, how long will she remain here?”

“She has had some of your blood I assume?” They nodded in unison. “She can leave tomorrow night then.”

“Very well. I will bring in the paperwork for the protection when I come to pick her up. I will need both of you to sign it.”

“Very well, be here as soon after first dark as possible. I have other patients.” With that she popped away leaving the two of them alone in the room.



“Once I’m well, yet again, will you teach me self defence?”

“I will. I will even get Pam to teach you some moves from the shorter person perspective if you would like.”

“I would like. She and I are closer in height, a lot closer, than you and I are although I’m sure it could be quite fun when I can actually get you with a hit or something.

Would you stay with me please until I fall asleep? I don’t want to be alone.”

“I will Ms. Stackhouse. Do you have any questions?”

“I do but I will wait to ask them. I want to sleep and I can’t do that if my brain is actually whirring.”

“Very well.”

She heard him humming quietly, it soothed her so she was soon able to fall asleep, letting the darkness claim her yet again.

She woke feeling much better but she was still hooked up to stuff and she didn’t see a button to press for the nurse. “Can anyone hear me?”

“I’m here luv. How can I help you?”

“I need the washroom, a shower and food.”

“I’ll let the kitchen know you need food then I’ll help you with your other needs.”

She felt much better once all of that was taken care of. She whiled away the time waiting for Eric by reading, doing search-a-words, lots of sleeping. Finally, about an hour after dark Eric showed up with Dr. Ludwig.

“Well girly, it looks like you get to leave tonight.. You’re looking much better since you had the Viking’s blood. I would suggest another mouthful or two to clear up the rest of the bruising but that’s entirely up to you.

Northman, you have something for me to sign?”

He placed the paperwork in front of her. She gave it a quick glance and signed it, leaving them alone again.

“I need you to read it over and sign it as well Sookie. It simply states that you have renounced Bill’s claim on you and asked for my protection and I have granted it.”

As she was reading and signing his phone rang, “Master, the Magister’s office just called. They expect you and Sookie at the junkyard in two hours.”

“Fuck, it’ll take that long to get there from here. We’ll be on our way in a few minutes. Meet us there with clothes for Sookie.” He hung up without waiting for an answer.

“Sookie, we must hurry. We must appear before the Magister in two hours and it will take that long to get there.”

“I don’t have anything to wear except this hospital gown and anything that Dr. Ludwig may have in the lost and found.”

“You can wear my shirt for now, Pam will meet us there with something more appropriate for you.”

“I suppose it’s better than a hospital gown. Hand it over.”

He gave her his shirt and was surprised by the fact she sniffed his shirt as she put it on, showing a smile once her face was visible again. “I love the way you smell Eric. I never thought I could be turned on by someone’s scent but I guess I can be.”

He smirked, “Scent is a powerful emotive Sookie. Let’s find the Doctor to get a copy of your records for tonight and then we’ll be on our way.”

They found Dr. Ludwig and got a copy of her records and were on their way.

“Where is it we’re going and who is the Magister?”

“We’re going to the junkyard where he holds court in this area. The Magister is the vampire version of judge, jury and executioner. His word is law and there is no appeal.

I must warn you that if Bill receives any punishment at all I will be extremely surprised since humans are considered simply food for us, therefore beneath us, so he will most likely be set free. Unless the Magister forbids it it is within my rights to punish him once he gets back to Bon Temps.

You said something about his turning you over to the Queen?”

“That’s what he said but I was too scared and in shock to ask him about it. He said I would do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, where ever she wanted. I got the impression I wouldn’t like her version of life for me. I didn’t even know y’all had Queen’s and the like.

What do you mean he might not get any punishment? He beat me nearly to death, it probably would have been death if he hadn’t given me just enough blood to keep me alive!” She was fuming.

“Sookie, until the Revelation this wouldn’t have even made it as far as the local Sheriff, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything for you other than claim you as mine . I am trying to give you the freedom of choice even though every fibre in my being is shouting at me to claim you as mine.

Since you were his anything he did to you would have been allowed whether it was selling you to another vampire or other being, selling your body for sex, rape, beating you, not allowing you to eat, absolutely anything was allowed. Most of the vampire community wouldn’t have thought anything about it, some might have even joined in your torture.

Some would have said something to him about it, pointing out that what he was doing to you was detrimental to you and our community at large. Others who are older than him could have simply taken you from him and claimed you for themselves. They may, or may not, have treated you better.

Believe me Sookie, belonging to me is definitely the lesser of two evils although I won’t force myself on you in any way. All I ask is that you do what I ask of you, especially if it’s for your own safety.”

She was staring at him, aghast. The vampire world was simply beyond her ken and she was getting a crash course in it, a course she should have opted out of long ago. Unfortunately it was too late now. They knew of her telepathy and she, apparently, smelled and tasted too good for any of them to leave her alone for very long.

She heaved a deep sigh, “Alright Eric, it will be as you say.”

“Thank you. We are here and there is Pam with some clothes for you. I will wait for you just inside the door to give you some privacy.”

He got out and went inside as Pam approached, “Sookie, I brought you some jeans, a t-shirt and some tennis shoes. I didn’t figure you wanted to get good clothes filthy in this place.”

“You are wonderful Pam! Thank you!” She got into her clothes and they went to meet Eric.

“Thank you Eric, here’s your shirt back.

I’m scared. What do I do here, how do I act?”

He put his shirt back on, “Sookie, you just stand there and say nothing, do nothing. If you are asked a question just answer, don’t embellish, don’t offer information, just state the facts as you know them and leave it at that. Do not lose your temper, don’t even whimper if you can help it. I know you have a good poker face, use it, don’t let them see your fear. They may be able to smell it but as long as you don’t run or show them you’re scared you’ll do fine.”

“Can I at least hold your hand for moral support?”

“Of course. I’m here for you. The complaint was submitted by me on your behalf so they are expecting you to be here with me.”

They entered the area where a vampire was having his fangs removed. The screaming was horrible but Sookie stood there quietly looking into midspace, trying not to seem to be paying attention to what was going on around her.

There was a man sitting in a chair, high atop an old school bus, smiling at the proceedings. He looked like he had been turned when he was in his sixties. He was thin and balding and he wasn’t the nicest looking vampire she had ever met.

“The next time someone tells you they belong to another vampire, listen! NEXT!

Ah yes, Stackhouse vs Compton with Stackhouse being backed by Northman and Ravenscroft.

Compton, it says here you beat a human beyond recognisability and kept her from friends, family and basic human needs for three weeks. Even before the Revelation beating your human was frowned upon, why would you think it would be allowed now? We are supposed to be trying to get along with humans, not antagonizing them.”

“Magister, she is mine to do with as I please, what others think or do is irrelevant.”

“Correction Compton. She WAS yours. She has renounced your claim on her and asked protection of her local vampire authority. She is now the responsibility of Sheriff Northman, you are to have nothing more to do with her. You are not to contact her, you are not to drop by her house, you are not to go to her place of work. In short, it would be best if you moved very far away from her.

As for your attitude, we are out to humans now, you’re not helping our cause so, as punishment, not only is Ms. Stackhouse no longer your human you will give her half last year’s gross to compensate her so she can pay her medical bills and you will spend the next six months in a coffin chained with silver so you can think over your actions and mend your ways. I assume your lawyer is Mr. Cataliades?”

“Yes Magister but she is…”

“ENOUGH! You have just added six months to your sentence.”

A female vampire ambled in then. She was dressed mighty fine for a place such as this. Her black hair was all in waves down to her shoulders. She was wearing a Rose Lace Knee-Length Cheongsam, “What has my child done Magister?”

“You are?”

“Lorena Ball, William’s Maker.”

“He beat a human repeatedly over several weeks, withholding necessities such as food and water, in order to teach her to heel, or so he says.”

“My William would never be so cruel.”

“According to the documents I read before we started there wasn’t an inch on her body not bruised, her larynx was nearly inoperable, many broken bones and she was found in his residence at death’s door, dehydrated and malnourished. Who else would have done this to her? Aliens?”

“Fine, I will serve the sentence for him.”

“He will serve the first six months and you will serve the rest.”

“Nooooooooooooooooo! William! You are not to serve your time!” She flew at Sookie, picking her up by the throat.

Eric growled and picked Lorena up by the throat, unfortunately she didn’t let go of Sookie.

“Ms. Ball, you will now each serve one year in a coffin wrapped in silver and you may not serve his time for him. When the two of you are released you are both banned from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma. You are not to be anywhere near her. Now let Ms. Stackhouse go and then Sheriff Northman will let you go.”

Unfortunately this only caused her to squeeze Sookie harder. She was struggling for breath and was about to lose consciousness but Eric dared not do anything for fear it would cause more damage to Sookie. Finally Sookie lost consciousness and went limp in Lorena’s hand. Once she was limp Lorena threw her at the Magister, hitting the side of the bus with a horrifying thud and crunch.

Eric and Pam were at her side instantly. Her neck and spine were broken, she was almost gone. Eric made a snap decision and fed her just enough of his blood so she wouldn’t slip away then drained her and fed her his blood to turn her. Pam stood guard while this was happening, forbidding anyone, especially Lorena, to come close. When it was done Eric stood, “Magister, I would like to lodge a complaint on behalf of my soon to be child.”

“I will see it in writing within the week then.”

“Yes Magister. May we be excused to finish what has been started?”

“You may. I will hear from you by the end of the week.”

He bowed, “Thank you Magister.” He picked up Sookie and the three of them left quickly. He took to the air while Pam drove back to Shreveport to meet him at one of his lesser used houses. He didn’t want anyone to find them until Sookie had risen and had a chance to come to terms with her new state of being.

He gently lay her down on the hard ground and dug a hole big enough for the both of them. He then lifted her and floated both of them down so as not to jar her. As soon as he lay her down again Pam appeared, “My child, I am depending on you to take care of things until she rises. Write up the complaint so I can sign it when we rise in three nights. Take care of my Sheriff’s duties and the bar. I will do anything which needs a face to face in a week.

If the Queen calls, as I’m sure she will, tell her I will speak with her in a week. Say nothing of Sookie. Only tell her about Bill and Lorena if she asks directly.

I want you back here in three nights at full dark with donors enough for a newborn and clean clothes for her.

I also want you to fill out her paperwork for her vampire ID so she can have it as soon as possible.

Cover us child, it will soon be dawn.”

She gave him a deep bow of respect, “Master, it will be as you wish. I will see you in three nights.”

She quickly covered them over and went to her death in the house since there wasn’t enough time to get to her own place.

He hoped his little spitfire wouldn’t be angry with him but he wasn’t betting on it. She wanted freedom of choice and this choice had been completely stripped from her. He was, however, hoping she would turn her anger toward Lorena and her child since they were the ones who had caused Sookie’s death in the first place.

He was spooned against her as they lay there. He waiting for her to rise and her transforming into something other, something she had been curious about but never thought about becoming.

Just before the sun rose he felt the little spark ignite which told him that she would rise in three nights. The spark which was the beginnings of the Maker/child bond. It would only grow stronger over the next three nights.

Even though she was dead she was in pain as her body repaired itself from its injuries. Unimaginable pain, pain she would not remember when she rose.

Her mind was working, reliving the last hour of her mortal life. She saw herself holding Eric’s hand, talking with him, looking scared. She heard the scream as the vampire’s fangs were ripped from his gums, felt the revulsion when she saw Bill across the open space, saw the look of disappointment cross his face when he saw she was already mostly healed. She knew she felt safe with Eric on one side and Pam on the other. The look of surprise on everyone’s face when Lorena showed up, the look of triumph on Bill’s face when she did. She felt the fear as she dangled from Lorena’s outstretched arm, saw the triumph in her eyes as she threw her at the bus. She heard the thud and crunch as her mortal body collided with an immovable object. She watched as Eric gripped Lorena’s throat to try to get her to release Sookie. She saw the Magister’s lips move although she heard no sound. She felt pride that she had showed no fear in the face of the terrifying, pride that she had chosen her protector well, that Eric was trying to protect her, then nothing but oblivion until she rose feeling the moist earth around her, smelled the scent of Eric beside her, heard the sound of nature above her.

Her throat felt like it was on fire.

She moved slightly and felt her Maker shift with her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling them out of the earth. As soon as they reached the surface she smelled something which would have had her salivating if she were still human, it smelled warm, of light and sun and a summer breeze, causing her fangs to run out. She sighed and looked around her. She saw Pam standing a few feet away with a shovel in her hand. She was wearing sneakers and a tracksuit, something she never thought she would ever see Pam wearing. She snickered, “Pam, it’s good to see you but I must say your wardrobe isn’t up to your usual standards.”

“It’s good to see you too Sookie. I’m glad you’re still with us.”

She turned to her Maker and smiled at him, fangs still down, “Eric, I’m so thirsty, please tell me there’s something to drink around here.”

“Of course there is my child. Pam will lead us to it.” She was awfully calm for Sookie, he suspected the storm would hit later in the night but he would enjoy the calm while it lasted.

They followed Pam into the house. Sookie started jittering, she could smell all the blood pounding through the donors veins in the next room and she wanted to get to it but he wouldn’t let her go even though she was straining to get away from him. “Sookie, you don’t want to hurt any of the donors, you would never forgive yourself, or me, if you did. I am going to teach you how to feed from them but you need to calm down so I can do so.”

“I’m trying Eric but I’m so thirsty…”

“I know you are child but we must go about this the right way or you will hurt someone.”

She sighed in frustration, she could hardly concentrate but she had to try if she wanted to eat. “Okay, I’m trying but can you please make it fast, my concentration isn’t very long right now.”

“Very well. Pam, bring in the first human.”

She brought in a redhead female and Sookie heard, “She’s pretty and I’m her first meal. That’s a real honour.”

“Alright Sookie, what can you see that’s different from before?”

“I can see the blood pumping through her veins, I can hear her heartbeat, I can smell the warm blood running through her veins. I can smell something tangy as well, something which is drawing me to her, telling me to put my mouth or hand on her sex and have my way with her. I want to sample her Eric, may I?”

“You may child, once I’ve explained how. You don’t want the bite to hurt, or at least as little as possible. Kiss or lick the skin above the vein you’re going to feed from to bring it closer to the surface.” She kissed the girl’s neck and was amazed when the vein rose to meet her kiss. “Very good child, now nuzzle her neck a bit.” She nuzzled and felt the girl’s pulse increase a bit and her breathing became faster. “Very good, now sink your fangs into the vein gently and listen to the heartbeat, once it slows you stop.”

She sank her fangs into the girl’s neck and received a shock, she could feel the girl’s life force flowing into her, into her own blood stream. The warmth. Ambrosia, she was in heaven with her fangs sunk into the girl’s neck.

Suddenly her head was pulled back by the hair, “Listen to her heartbeat Sookie, is it as strong as it was before?”

Her “No,” was barely audible.

“That’s right, that’s when you stop, when the rate slows down a little bit.

Pam, bring in the next one.”

She took the girl back to the room with her and brought out a brunette male. “Wow! She’s beautiful! I wonder if she’ll have sex with me!”

Eric felt her stiffen, “Can you hear me Sookie?”

Yes Eric, although I don’t want to hear vampires.”

Good, this is a commonality with Maker/child bonds, they can communicate telepathically when they wish to. We’ll experiment with other vampires another time. What did you hear from him that upset you?”

He was wondering if I would have sex with him. Not a biggie, certainly not the worst I’ve ever heard but still unsettling.”

I am assuming you don’t want to have sex with any of them at the present time?”

Correct. I’ve only ever had sex with Bill,” she shuddered, “obviously not a smart choice. Any way I don’t want sex with any of the donors. There is only one I want sex with right now and he’s holding my head back.”

He smiled at her, “we will do that when you are ready for it my child. Now let’s get you fed.”

He turned to the donor, “You are here to feed my child, and only feed her, are you agreeable?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Sookie, do you remember the lesson from last time?”

“I do.”

“Good, then do as instructed.”

She licked the skin and nuzzled his neck. Once his pulse picked up and his breathing increased she bit him gently but managed to not get lost in the taste and feelings this time.

When she pulled away, “Good job Sookie. You pulled away at just the right time. I will be sharing the next one with you. Pam, the next one please.”

She went through five more donors, sharing two of them, and managed to control herself and pull away before she did any damage and didn’t hear any more upsetting thoughts.

Eric beamed at her, “I’m proud of you Sookie. I only had to pull you away from one donor, you managed to control yourself with the rest of them.”

“Can I get a shower and clean clothes now please? Sleeping in the dirt for three nights does not make for a clean Sookie.”

“Of course, come, I’ll show you where the bathroom and bedroom are.” He led her down the hall and into the biggest bedroom she had ever seen and the focal point was the huge bed which had obviously been made especially for Eric. The bathroom was definitely bigger than hers. It was HUGE! It had a shower, a jacuzzi and a sauna. She looked at him, “THIS is a bathroom? It’s bigger than my bedroom and bathroom combined!” Suddenly she felt sad and he mentally braced himself for the coming storm.

“Eric, will I be able to see my family and friends again?” Her tears were starting although without the anger and venom he had been expecting.

“Times are different now from when I was turned, Sookie. Once we’re sure you can control yourself around humans I will take you to see them. Would you like to call someone to let them know what’s happened so they can pass the word around so everyone will stop worrying?”

“Could I? Maybe after my shower and after you’ve explained to me what happened?”

He laughed, “I guess it would be easier to explain to them if you knew what happened in the first place. Go take your shower and I’ll explain things to you when you’re done.”

She sped into the bathroom and skidded to a stop, startled by her speed. The light in the bathroom was hurting her eyes. She looked around and saw the lights were on a dimmer switch so she turned them down so they were barely on and examined herself in the mirror. Her skin was flawless, she had even retained a little bit of her tan even though she hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. Her hair was soft, her eyes were bright. She still had curves in all the right places.

She turned on the shower and stripped down to nothing. She discovered why vampires liked hot showers though. Their bodies were cool to the touch and the heat of the water, or a human, warmed them up.

She could see each individual water drop, smell the chemicals used to treat it. She could taste the chemicals too. It felt so good, she could stay there all night.

“Sookie?” She jumped, she had been so immersed in her shower and her thoughts she didn’t hear him come in.


“You’ve been in there for nearly an hour. If you want a chance to call someone before they all go to bed you need to get out of the shower soon so I can explain things to you.”

“So long? WOW! It just feels so good I don’t ever want to get out.”

“I know how you feel but come, let’s get our talk done so you can make your phone call.”

She hurried through the rest of her shower and was soon wrapped in a fluffy robe and sitting in the bedroom with him while she brushed out her hair. He offered to brush her hair for her but she balked, “I’m not ready for that yet Eric.”

He looked puzzled, “Not ready to have someone brush your hair out for you?”

“Eric, that’s what Bill did before the first time we had…you know, sex.” She broke down in sobs, remembering the past months with Bill, how much she loved him, thought he loved her, the abuse, being near death over and over again, his Maker. She started shaking from the force of her sobs and her emotions.

“Eric, will you hold me please? I don’t think I’ll be making that call tonight.”

He sat down next to her and simply held her, let her feel what she needed to feel. When he could feel her sobs start to diminish he hummed an old Norse lullaby to her, letting her know he was there for her, whatever she needed.

“Are you ready to hear the story now or would you rather wait until tomorrow night?”

“I’d like to feed again. Crying drained me.”

He could feel her hunger, “Of course you would. We’ve got some bagged donor blood in the cooler in the kitchen. Come we’ll heat some up for you and get you fed again.”

He showed her the code to get out of the underground lair and led her to the kitchen. Apparently Pam had been to Sookie’s house. There were some suitcases and an overnight bag filled with her clothes and hygiene products. She smiled a little bit, “I’m going to have to do something nice for Pam soon. She didn’t have to do this, I could have done it myself.”

He got a bag of blood out of the cooler and put it in the microwave. As soon as it dinged she had it out and sank her fangs in but made a face and put it down. “I don’t like this one, it tastes off somehow. I don’t know how blood can taste off but it does.”

Eric picked it up and tasted it, “It’s fine Sookie. This is from a B+ donor, apparently you don’t like that type. Do you know what your blood type was?”


“Let’s try that then since your body should be used to it.”

He rummaged around in the cooler, brought out an O+ and heated it for her. “Try this one, see if it’s any better.” She drained the bag in seconds, “Much better, thank you. Could I have another one please?”

“Of course, as much as you need.” She went through three more bags before she felt sated.

“I think I’m ready to hear my story now Eric.”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

“I remember dangling from Lorena’s grasp, feeling pride in not showing my fear even though I was terrified, pride that you were trying to protect me without doing me more harm, the look of triumph in the bitch’s eyes, being thrown against the side of the bus and the sound of bones breaking then oblivion.”

“You felt pride in me? I felt horrible because I wasn’t able to protect you like you deserve to be protected.”

“Yes, I can remember feeling pride in the fact I had chosen my protector well, that he was trying to protect me.”

“Once you landed on the ground I dropped Lorena. Pam and I were instantly at your side. Your back and neck had been broken so I fed you enough of my blood to keep you from slipping away before I could drain you. I turned you Sookie. I realize you would have wanted the choice, unfortunately that choice was taken from you, I made it in the moment.”

“Eric, I’m not mad at you. You did the best you could in the heat of the moment, I can’t hold that against you. If I’m mad at anybody it’s her for forcing this choice on you in the first place. I’m not thrilled to be a vampire but at least this way I can get my revenge. I want to take down that bitch in the worst way.” Her fangs had come down in her anger but she went with her feelings any way, she couldn’t deal with them if she didn’t feel them.

“Do you see any papers in here Sookie? I asked Pam to write up your complaint for the Magister before we went to ground and I don’t see it here.”

“Maybe she thought you would have better things to do tonight than sign paperwork?”

He picked up his phone and dialed Pam, “Where is the paperwork for my complaint against Lorena?”

“Master, I put it in Sookie’s overnight bag. I didn’t want it to blow away as I brought everything in.”

“Okay, is everything else in order?”

“Yes Master. You have two face to face meetings in four nights and you need to call the Queen that night as well. I was able to take care of everything else myself.”

“Very well. I will see you then unless you stop by for a visit.”

“Of course Master.”

They hung up and he got the paperwork out of the overnight bag and looked it over then had Sookie see if everything was as she remembered that night, there was just one thing, she didn’t know what she had done to anger Lorena.

“I can tell you what you did to anger Lorena, you took Bill’s attention from her. She released him decades ago but she is still obsessed with him and will do anything in her power to not have him face the music for any of his misdeeds so he will feel beholden to her and come running back, begging for forgiveness.”

He was tuned in to her emotions, gauging her reaction, and he felt sadness, anger, resignation, lust and hunger.

“Sookie, Merlotte’s is just closing so why don’t we get you some more blood and then you can call the Shifter and talk to him, get him to pass the message along that you are well and will come by in a month or so to talk to everyone.”

She eyed him, wondering how he knew she was hungry again. “How did you know I was hungry again?”

“Our Maker/child bond Sookie. I’m monitoring it, gauging your emotions, so I can be prepared if you should be angry or want to lash out. I will send you an emotion so you can know what it feels like.”

Her eyes went wide as she felt what he was sending her, pride, warmth, love. “You’re proud of me? You sent me warmth and love as well?”

“That’s right Sookie. I’m very proud of you. You’re taking this much better than I thought you would be. You did exceptionally well with your first feeding and as for the love…I love you my child, as my child, and I’m hoping more will come of that in time.”

She launched herself at him and caught him up in a bear hug and planted a kiss on his lips that left him flabbergasted!

“I love you too my Maker. I think I’ve had feelings since the first time I saw you but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else at the time and I would like something more to come of it as well but right now I want to eat, call Sam and start coming to terms with my new state of being and maybe plot the demise of Bill and his bitch of a Maker.”

He was surprised. Sookie wanted to plot someone’s, two someones, demise? Maybe becoming vampire was just what she needed in order to face her darker self.

“Very well, let’s get you fed then you can call him.”

Two bags of blood later and she was on the phone waiting for Sam to pick up.

He answered on the fourth ring, “Hello?”

“Sam? It’s Sookie, sorry for calling so late.”

“Cher, I’m so glad to hear from you! Is everything okay? When are you coming home?”

“I’m fine Sam, well as fine as a vampire can get any way. I don’t know when I’m coming home. Eric says he’ll bring me for a visit once we’re sure I won’t attack anyone.”

There was a thread of fear, anger and worry in his voice, “Vampire?”

“Yes Sam, vampire. It’s too long a story to go into this late at night but I will tell you the whole story once I’m able to visit but I really am ok with what I am now so please don’t go out on a vendetta on my account.”

“Oh Sookie, I told you…”

Her ire was up now, “Sam Merlotte! You can stop that line of talk right now! I’ve told you before that you do not run my life and have no right trying to do so and you have even less right now than you did a week ago! I’m a big girl, I make my own decisions and have to deal with the consequences myself.

Now, I would like to thank you for saving my life by contacting Eric about Bill and I won’t be able to work for you any more. Merlotte’s has been a huge part of my life but I just don’t think that Bon Temps is quite ready for a vampire waitress.”

“I’m sorry Cher, I’ll pass the word around that you’re doing fine and will be around soon to let us know what’s going on although I will let you tell them about being a vampire.”

“Thank you, that’s all I ask, and I would like our meeting to be on a night when Arlene isn’t working. Since I took up with vampires she’s been a lot less friendly and I don’t want to have to deal with her as well as my own emotions on top of everyone else’s as well.”

“Okay Sookie. You call me when you’re able to come and I’ll let you know what night she has off.”

“Sounds good, thanks for everything Sam. Bye.”

“Bye Cher.”

She hung up and just sat there, staring into space, bloody tears streaking down her face. Her life would never be the same again although she would make the best of it as she always had. Everything was changing and would continue to change. She would just have to change along with it.

She slowly became aware of a soft noise coming from behind her. It was soothing so she relaxed into the sound, let her thoughts go for another time. She turned her head to see Eric watching her and humming.

“Eric, what’s that you’re humming?”

“It’s a lullaby my Mother used to sing to me when I was just a small child.”

“I like it, will you hold me and keep humming for me please? It soothes my nerves and just makes me feel a little bit better.”

“Of course my child, let’s go get comfortable on the couch.” He led her to the living room, leaving the lights off, and sat down, pulling her onto his lap. She curled into him, resting her head on his shoulder, her hand on his other shoulder and let herself be carried away by his humming. She died in his lap, comforted by his presence and his voice.


Chapter 2:  https://tj6james6.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/wmhb-chap-2/


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